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Alligator Crushed by Tree—Here's How It Happened

View Images Crews clearing hurricane debris in the Wassaw National Wildlife Refuge recently came across this unusual sight. Photograph by Bert Wyatt, USFWS If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound? What if it lands right on top of an American alligator? The question is more than hypothetical ...

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300-Foot-Wide Ancient Altar Excavated in China

New Discovery: Sun-Worshippers Built This Massive Altar 3,000 Years Ago In a remote corner of northwest China, a recently excavated 3,000-year-old sun altar offers clues to how the region’s tribal cultures practiced religion thousands of years ago. The ruins were discovered in 1993, in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, but were not excavated until last year. Archaeologists can now confirm ...

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New Island Appears Off U.S. Coast

It appeared out of nowhere in April just off North Carolina’s Outer Banks—a new land mass poking through the surf, a brand new Atlantic Ocean island. Along this dynamic stretch of sea, where the cold, southbound Labrador Current churns and crashes into warmer Gulf Stream waters, it is not unusual for patches of ground to emerge and then quickly subside. ...

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Watch: Sea Turtle Snacks on Jellyfish Tentacles

See a Sea Turtle Devour a Jellyfish Like Spaghetti Humans aren’t the only animals to like their meals with a little bite—or a little sting, as the case may be. In this video, a young green sea turtle munches on a jellyfish in the shallow waters around Hook Island, Queensland, in Australia’s famous Great Barrier Reef. Though almost all of ...

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The Map That Popularized the Word ‘Gerrymander’

View Images In 1812, Massachusetts legislators carved out an odd-shaped district on the edges of Essex County that favored their party—and inspired the term “gerrymander.” Map reproduction courtesy of the Norman B. Leventhal Map Center at the Boston Public Library It was an abomination to democracy, critics said. The popular vote was nearly evenly split between the two parties, yet ...

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Hints of Skull Cult Found at World's Oldest Temple

View Images Göbekli Tepe, site of the possible skull cult, is considerd the world’s oldest temple. Photograph by Vincent Musi, National Geographic Creative Around 10,000 years ago, the already striking presence of Göbekli Tepe in southeastern Turkey could have been even more impressive—as human skulls might have dangled in what is considered the world’s oldest temple. According to new research ...

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In a First, Bird Uses Tools to Make Sweet Music

Cockatoos Become Drummers to Pick Up Chicks Male palm cockatoos just might be the rock stars of the animal kingdom—but unsurprisingly, they mainly just do it for the chicks. The Australian bird is the only animal other than humans known to use a custom-made tool to tap out a percussive beat, a new study says. While other animals, such as ...

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17 Celebrity Kids And Some Dogs On Private Jets Just To Make You Hate Your Life

[unable to retrieve full-text content] I hate my life. Saint West, in awe of his life and his father, Kanye, and feeling jubilant over the fact that he does not have to fly commercial…ever. Instagram: @kimkardashian Chelsea Handler’s dog Chunk, sitting pretty inside of his private jet, about to pop open a bottle of bubbly. Chelsea Handler / Instagram / ...

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This Girl Held A Maternity Photoshoot For Her Pregnant Dog

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Hedgehog had to be popped by vets after he blew up like a balloon

He inflated with air (Picture: Caters) A hedgehog had to be popped with a needle after he blew up like a balloon with too much air beneath his skin.  The poor little guy looked like a beach ball when he was brought to vets at the beginning of June, unable even to put one of his legs on the floor. ...

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