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GoPro in a Bucket Gives Charming Glimpse Into Drinking Animals

0SHARESShare The setup was simple: A waterproof GoPro submerged in a bucket of water, pointing up at the wide blue sky of southwestern Texas. While soothing music plays, the camera captures the snouts, beaks, and tongues of various animals that happen to stop by for a drink. Dubbed “The Bucket,” this odd, intimate video is the most popular that John ...

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What's The Perfect Dog For You, Based On Your Horoscope?

0SHARESShare You got: Shiba Inu This Japanese breed is keen and introspective, the perfect companion for the intelligent but soft-spoken Virgo. Just like its owner, a shiba loves using their mind to work through tough problems. So don’t be surprised if they find a way into your sock drawer no matter how many times you make sure it’s closed. Find ...

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‘Cow vigilantes’ force hotel to close after accusing it of throwing a beef party

Hotel Hayat Rabbani in Jaipur, which has been closed since March (Picture: Facebook) A hotel in India has been forced to stay closed after being falsely accused of throwing a beef party. Owners of the Hayat Rabbani hotel in Jaipur, Rajasthan, have said they’re frustrated that they haven’t been able to reopen, despite the rumours being disproven by police. Officers ...

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Did This Mysterious Ape-Human Once Live Alongside Our Ancestors?

A year and a half after adding a puzzling new member to the human family tree, a team of researchers working in South Africa have offered an additional twist: the species is far younger than its bizarrely primitive body would suggest, and may have shared the landscape with early Homo sapiens.First discovered in 2013 by two cavers exploring the Rising ...

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Incredible Pictures of 27 National Monuments Under Threat

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke is touring a pair of controversial national monuments in Utah on horseback this week at the behest of President Trump, who is reconsidering their merits. Zinke’s four-day visit will take in Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante in southern Utah, the main targets in a review of 27 large monuments Trump ordered last month. The president assigned ...

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Creepy Soviet Space Shuttles Are Sitting in a Kazakhstan Desert

0SHARESShare Tucked into a lonely hangar at Baikonur Cosmodrome on the Kazakh steppe, two Soviet-era space shuttles are quietly gathering dust, bird poop, and rust. They’re also attracting photographers eager to sneak around the ruins, such as Alexandar Kunas, who recently filmed part of his journey into the cavern where the derelict shuttles are housed. One shuttle, named Ptichka, never ...

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21 Wholesome And Pure Posts To Warm Your Increasingly Sad Soul

[unable to retrieve full-text content] There are some good things left in the world. This cat comforting this sad li’l pup: This closeup: Instagram: @cats_of_instagram This mum helping out her baby: This ukelele fan: Instagram: @cats_of_world_ View Entire List › Click here to Read from the source

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