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See the Stunning Waterfalls Created by Historic Floods

See how floodwaters transformed a quarry into a lake with flowing waterfalls. Seen from overhead, this large body of water with cascading waterfalls might appear to be a remote lake. But the recently captured drone footage actually shows a flooded industrial rock quarry just south of Burlington, Wisconsin. Heavy rains in the area have caused the area’s Fox River to ...

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Pretend You’re Picking Pets And We Can Tell How Old You Are

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Villagers freak out after ‘demonic half human goat’ is born

The birth of the goat shocked owner Gladys Oveido, who said she was left ‘deeply surprised’ (Picture: CEN) You’ve seen a half human, half devil lamb , and you know about the two headed piglet with four eyes and one body. But now, locals in a village are freaking out about something totally different. Boy, 10, eats rolls of toilet ...

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Bears Are Being Milked for Bile. Vietnam Pledges to Rescue Them.

View Images An Asiatic black bear searches for fruit and vegetables at a bear rescue center near Vietnam’s Tam Dao National Park. Vietnam plans to relocate bears remaining on bile farms to sanctuaries. Photograph by Roberto Schmidt, AFP/Getty Vietnam has agreed to rescue about a thousand bears from farms across the country in an effort to shut down the longstanding ...

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Cecil the Lion's Son Xanda Also Killed by Trophy Hunter

View Images Xanda, pictured, was killed in much the same way as his father Cecil. Photograph by Bert du Plessis Two years to the month after Cecil the Lion was killed in a controversial hunt in Zimbabwe, one of his sons has also been shot and killed in a legal trophy hunt, ringing similarities to the death of his father. ...

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Video Shows Sinkhole Swallowing Florida Homes

Watch: Sinkhole Destroys Homes in Florida On an average day in Land O’Lakes, Florida, the ground opened up and swallowed a house whole. The house was the latest victim of one of the many sinkholes plaguing Florida. According to Florida news outlet WFLA, two homes, a boat, a driveway, and a portion of the road was sucked into the ground. ...

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Massive Two-Ton Fish Species Discovered

View Images Marianne Nyegaard with a beached hoodwinker sunfish off Birdlings Flat near Christchurch, New Zealand, in May 2014. Photograph courtesy Marianne Nyegaard A new species of enormous ocean sunfish was discovered after an intensive search, making it the first species of this type of fish to be identified in 130 years. Despite being the largest bony fish in the ...

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Elephant Seals Recognize Their Rivals’ Voices—Hear Their Calls

New Discovery: These Seals Can Recognize Each Other’s ‘Voices’ Romance in the world of northern elephant seals is generally rough going. Males weighing upwards of 4,000 pounds duke it out in bloody battles to establish themselves as alphas. These males control access to females—in part by using a complex set of vocalizations—while beta males are generally left in the dust. ...

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Incredible video shows humpback whale breach totally out of water

Amazing (Picture: Craig Capehart) An incredible video shows a huge humpback whale breaching completely out of the water. The whale was filmed off the coast of Mbotyi in Pondoland, in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa, by Craig Capehart. Posting on YouTube, he described seeing the amazing animal leaping into the air while they were hunting for sardines – ...

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Goat with demonic facial features born in Argentina

The bizarre face shocked thousands (Picture: Central European News) Disturbing pictures of a baby goat born with a demon-like face have surfaced online. The kid had ‘protruding eyes’ and a flat, human-like face when it was born in San Luis province, central Argentina. Woman’s flight from heaven turns to flight from hell Owner Gladys Oveido says she was left ‘deeply surprised’ ...

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