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What Kind Of Dog Would You Be?

0SHARESShare You got: French bulldog You’re a small, mighty pup who has a great sense of humor. And you can be mischievous when you want to be! You love to party it up, but you also love just chillin’ at home, cuddled up on the couch. Let’s be real: You crave constant attention. But you deserve it! Just look at ...

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This Incredible Video Of A Gorilla Dancing And Splashing Around Is A Gift To Us All Today

0SHARESShare [unable to retrieve full-text content] “I need to feel what this gorilla is feeling.” This is Zola, a 14-year-old gorilla at the Dallas Zoo in Texas who arrived from the Calgary Zoo in 2013. Both zoos told BuzzFeed News they were struck by Zola’s unique and inspiring dancing abilities. Dallas Zoo Earlier this week, Zola showed zookeepers exactly what ...

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It's Take Your Dog To Work Day Today Which Is The Most Magical Day Of The Year

0SHARESShare [unable to retrieve full-text content] If it’s not taking your dog to work, well, consider your life choices. You guys, it’s Take Your Dog to Work Day, aka the best day. Twitter: @K9ComfortDogs Some people are lucky enough to take their pups to work every day. Twitter: @ausfedpolice And others work from home and have 24/7 dog access. Twitter: ...

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This 11-Year-Old Wrote A 6-Page Report To Try And Convince Her Parents To Get A Cat And It's Honestly Iconic

0SHARESShare Her essay lays out some great points, like cats can warn you about seizures, are good for kids, and there are many out there in shelters who could use a good home. Romesa even smartly incorporated religion into her argument, saying, “Prophet Muhammed always fed cats and helped them out, because he knew they were kind and clean animals.” ...

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19 Amazing Products You'll Want To Spoil Your Cat With Right Meow

0SHARESShare Promising Review: “We love this litter box. It helps keep my laundry room looking nice. The litter box is hidden, and I can put my cat’s food and dishes on top, away from the dogs. I would definitely recommend this to anybody who is tired of having their little box exposed for all to view.” —Megan Hexum Get it ...

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Meet Martha, The World's Ugliest Dog And Also Your New Icon

0SHARESShare “She’s 125 pounds of drooling, snoring, gassy, loud and silly girl,” her owners write of the 3-year-old Neapolitan Mastiff. “She knocks over every water bucket no matter how securely [it’s] attached to the fence. She bosses the other dogs around and makes sure all guests are suitably slimed on arrival.” 0SHARESShare Click here to Read from the source

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24 Cats That Are So Big It's Mildly Shocking

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This Town Elected A Pit Bull As Mayor And I'm Moving There Immediately

0SHARESShare When the town realized they didn’t really need a human mayor, they decided to open up their elections to some, well, furrier candidates. They charge a dollar to vote and use the proceeds to help local folks in need. According to People , Brynn’s win brought in $8,965 to help restore a local shop that had burned down. 0SHARESShare ...

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Loving, adorable, gentle giants – 23 things every St Bernard owner knows

It is tiring work being this adorable (Picture: Purple Collar Pet Photography/Getty) They are the gentle giants of the dog world, big fluffy and absolutely adorable. Wherever you go with a St Bernard you are going to turn heads and be stopped by passers by who have a lot of questions – usually the same questions over and over and over ...

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