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Corgi Mixed Breeds Just Look Like They've Gone Undercover And TBH It's Great

0SHARESShare [unable to retrieve full-text content] Double O Corgi! This is what a Corgi looks like: Getty Images Corgis are known for always appearing happy and smiling (and TBH a little naive). Kichigin / Getty Images As well as for their short legs and compact figure. But it becomes really funny when you cross them with other dogs. Getty Images ...

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Elderly penguin falls deeply in love with an anime cut-out

(Picture: AsiaWire) Who said love is dead? Hen weekends are the ultimate celebration of female friendship One penguin has fallen head over heels for a cardboard cut-out of an anime girl penguin named Hululu. Grape-kun, an elderly male penguin, fell hook, line and sinker for the cut-out after it was placed in his enclosure at Tobu Zoo in the town ...

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Watch: Why This Sea Lion Dragged a Girl Into the Sea

In a widely-shared video shot near a dock in British Columbia, Canada and published on Saturday, a sea lion can be seen leaping out of the water and pulling a small girl into the harbor by her dress. She was on the pier with several other people, many of whom can be seen throwing food into the water for the ...

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If These Animal Comics Don't Make You Laugh Nothing Will

0SHARESShare [unable to retrieve full-text content] The majesty of nature. Meet writer and illustrator Joshua Barkman who’s comics series Falseknees views animals in a new light. Via falseknees.com In his words, “I go for long walks every day and look at the birds and trees that are constantly changing around me. We share space with countless living things at all ...

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This Human-Sized Dog Is By Far The Best Thing You've Ever Seen On Instagram

0SHARESShare [unable to retrieve full-text content] A literal giant teddy bear. If you’ve seen the Netflix series Love, then you know who Paul Rust is. But, what you don’t know is who his dog is. paulrust / Via instagram.com This is his dog, Judy. paulrust / Via instagram.com And this is Judy hanging out in a tub. paulrust / Via ...

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Couple share their bed with skunk and pig in all-round smelly situation

Lovely (Picture: Mercury) If you thought your husband’s night-time farts were bad enough, imagine sharing your bed with an actual skunk. Jill and Scott Edwards regularly sleep with their two unusual pets – a pig called Rudy, and a skunk called Sophia. As you would expect, it stinks. It stinks so much they can’t even sleep. The couple, from Aberbargoed ...

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Horse miraculously survives being shot three times in the head

Terra the horse was found bleeding in his field (Picture: Masons/SWNS) A horse is lucky to be alive, after he was shot three times in the head in a cruel attack. Terra the horse was found dripping with blood in his field by owner Danielle Remblance. Theresa May drops ivory ban from Conservative Party manifesto The Welsh Cob sustained three circular airgun wounds ...

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Meet Fluffy McFluffyface, an adorable rare baby penguin

The fluffy new arrival (Picture: Hunstanton Sea Life Sanctuary/PA Wire) A sanctuary is celebrating the birth of a rare baby penguin – and they have called it ‘Fluffy McFluffyFace’. The adorable newborn is the first Humboltd penguin chick born at the Hunstanton Sea Life Sanctuary in Norfolk. Election campaigning suspended as MPs mark one year since Jo Cox died But staff will ...

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