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Exclusive: Jungle Puppies Captured on Film for the First Time

0SHARESShare A dark, medium-size dog walks straight toward the camera as we flip through photographs, plopped in a small clearing carved into a jungle in southeastern Peru.“Short-eared dog!” Daniel Couceiro says excitedly. An ecologist working with the ecotourism company Rainforest Expeditions, Couceiro is on a mission to find out as much as he can about the animals whose lives are ...

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Icy Moon May Have the Right Stuff to Fuel Life

0SHARESShare Something hot seems to be churning deep inside an icy moon, and NASA scientists think that it might be enough energy to fuel any hypothetical extraterrestrial life.The Cassini spacecraft had previously flown through the watery plumes coming out of Saturn’s moon Enceladus, “tasting” their contents and discovering that they are laced with salts, simple organic molecules, and ammonia—key building ...

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Behold North Korea’s Bizarrely Majestic Bus Stops

0SHARESShare In the same country that is often demonized for human rights abuses and that regularly threatens to launch nuclear missiles at the rest of the world, its citizens spend much of their time doing a familiar, mundane activity: waiting for a bus.These images by Ed Jones capture North Koreans as they wait at bus stops in the capital of ...

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People Have Discovered The Perfect Way To Mess With Your Cat

[unable to retrieve full-text content] Just in case you don’t know, this is genius. Twitter: @prograpslady Matheson’s mother had discovered a trick on the internet. She was told if she put a square on the floor, her cat would get into it. Twitter: @prograpslady It totally worked! Twitter: @prograpslady View Entire List ›

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How Much Do You Actually Know About Dogs?

Correct! Wrong! The tallest dog breed, on average, is the Irish Wolfhound ! However, though on average Irish Wolfhounds are the tallest, the tallest individual dog was a Great Dane called Zeus , who measured 44″ (or 1.118m) tall. Via Getty Images

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Man stung by stowaway scorpion on United Airlines flight

Richard Bell was eating his lunch when he felt something fall from above (Picture: Getty) United Airlines are not having a good week. The company have hit the headlines twice – once after a passenger was dragged from a plane because the airline had overbooked, and again when a disabled woman was ‘kicked out of her business class seat’. Fears of war as North ...

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17 Dicks You Wish You Could Get Your Hands On

[unable to retrieve full-text content] Dick pics come in all shapes and sizes. This cute little Dick : Twitter: @Kali_kitty_ And this cuddly little Dick . Twitter: @BabyNewport_ This Dick that likes to be pet: Twitter: @Vlog_Epicness And this erect Dick : Twitter: @1oldlostsoul View Entire List ›

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Watch: Geese Attempt to Save Their Eggs From a Baboon Thief

0SHARESShare Egg-Stealing Baboon Incurs Wrath of Geese Watch a hungry baboon fight off two geese to raid their nest for eggs in Kruger National Park, South Africa. Of the many ways baboons might remind us of humans, one characteristic we share is a tendency to be opportunistic. Footage from South Africa’s Kruger National Park shows the moment a hungry baboon ...

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Top 10 Most Endangered Rivers in the U.S.

0SHARESShare Water is life, yet climate change and certain public policies may be endangering its future in America, a nonprofit group warns in a new report. The stakes are high, with the current presidential administration having proposed budget cuts that may eliminate some safeguards for clean drinking water and rivers nationwide. That’s according to American Rivers, a Washington, D.C.-based conservation ...

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