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Straw Wars: The Fight to Rid the Oceans of Discarded Plastic

0SHARESShare View Images The equivalent of five grocery bags of plastic trash for every foot of coastline spills into the oceans annually. Here, on a remote island in the Caribbean Sea, discarded bottles, wrappers, and straws wash ashore and cover the beach. Photograph by Ethan Daniels, Alamy Of the eight million tons of plastic trash that flow every year into ...

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Here's Why Easter Is Bad for Bunnies

0SHARESShare It’s the Saturday before Easter weekend at Petland in Fairfax, Virginia. Sixteen baby bunnies sit in three open pens, all for sale. Two teenage girls reach into a pen, scoop one up, and plop down on the floor, squealing over its cuteness: “I need it!” The rabbits are all very young. No adult rabbits are for sale here. “What ...

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19 Subscription Boxes For People Who Love Their Dog More Than Life Itself

What You’ll Get: Two “innovative” toys, all-natural bags of treats, and a chew that’s made in the US or Canada. You chose the size of your dog and toys/treats matching that size will be in the box. Also, if your pup doesn’t like an item, BarkBox will replace it for free—your dog’s happiness is important, y’all. Price: $29 a box. ...

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Meet Mango, The Adorable Pomeranian Who Will Just Melt Your Heart

[unable to retrieve full-text content] Stare at me forever!! This dog is not a doll. @mynameis_mango / Via instagram.com It’s Mango, a three-year-old pomeranian who lives in South Korea. @mynameis_mango / Via instagram.com Mango’s upturned eyes are absolutely heart-melting. @mynameis_mango / Via instagram.com Oh… @mynameis_mango / Via instagram.com View Entire List ›

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Man discovers something horrific in his protein powder

The mouse was allegedly inside (Picture: MEN) Sometimes when buying protein, you get a free gift. Whether that be a shaker, some vitamins or even a packet of energy capsules. Southend United kit man apologises for trolling boy with cancer However, what you probably don’t expect to find when opening up your brand new bag of protein – is a ...

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Watch: This Is What Happens When a Lion Steals a GoPro

0SHARESShare POV: If A Lion Bit You, Here’s What You’d See If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be a lion cub carried around in mom’s mouth, now you know—it’s probably very slobbery. The two African lionesses in this video are four to six years old, meaning they’ve almost certainly reproduced at least once. In fact, the first lioness ...

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4 Stunning Comets Are Close to Earth Now—How to See Them

0SHARESShare This month is shaping up to be a comet-lover’s bonanza: Four icy interlopers are racing through the inner solar system right now, and they are all relatively easy to see with binoculars. Backyard astronomers around the world have been keeping tabs on these icy intruders as they approach the sun, and some of the comets show tantalizing signs that ...

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These Animals Spawn the Most Offspring in One Go

0SHARESShare With 2,000 babies to bear, seahorses seem to find it expedient to give birth like living confetti cannons. Male seahorses are the ones who give birth. Females insert their eggs into a male’s brood pouch, as few as 150 or as many as 2,000, depending on the species. It made Weird Animal Question of the Week wonder: “What are ...

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These 18 Autochrome Photos Will Transport You to Another Era

0SHARESShare August and Louis Lumière were pioneers in photography. Legend has it that in 1895, when they premiered their first motion picture film of a train entering a station, audiences fled in terror, fearing they would be flattened by a “moving” train. By 1907 they had turned their sights to color photography, inventing the first camera capable of capturing life ...

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81 Captivating Travel Photographs From Around the World

0SHARESShare As National Geographic prepares to announce its 2017 Travel Photographer of the Year contest, see some of our favorite entries from the 2016 contest. You Might Also Like Winners were announced in three categories: people, cities, and nature. You can see photographs from all three of those categories here. Editor’s Note: Captions provided by the photographer. 0SHARESShare

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