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16 Dog Breeds Anyone Who Lives In An Apartment Should Consider

Last year I adopted a super-active, highly-energetic Australian Shepherd while living in an apartment. I quickly realized he needed and deserved more space. Not all dog breeds do well in small spaces, but here are a few that do. View this image › Brianna Holt Now Shiloh is living the good life with my mom back in Texas in a ...

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This Is What Really Killed The Famous Swimming Pigs

Swimming Pigs Rule This Tropical Island The Bahamas are famous for sun, sand—and swimming pigs. Seven of the feral animals, which are popular as a tourist attraction, have been found dead on Big Major Cay, one of the islands, according to the Bahamas Humane Society. The death toll may be up to 10, which leaves eight or nine of the ...

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Do Zebras Have Stripes On Their Skin?

View Images Zebras (such as this Burchell’s zebra, photographed at Zoo Atlanta) have black skin under their striped coats. Photograph by Joel Sartore, National Geographic Photo Ark Spring is coming, and as some of us prepare to trade snowsuits for swimsuits, we may find a few extra pounds under our winter coats. Animals are smart. They never take their coats ...

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Fleas Hitch Ride on Earwigs to Suck Bat Blood

View Images A male (top) and female bat flea, Lagaropsylla signata, at a scale of 0.2 millimeters. Photograph courtesy Michael Hastriter In 2006, a team of entomologists trekked deep into the heart of Deer Cave in Malaysia’s Gunung Mulu National Park. They had come to survey the cave’s insects, but the earwigs crawling all over the walls quickly caught their ...

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Past Disasters Reveal Terrifying Future of Climate Change

View Images Devastating bush fires in Australia have been linked to climate change. Photograph by Campbell Brodie, Newspix, Getty Images Human activity is altering our climate. The vast majority of scientists agree on that. But there is disagreement about the rate at which it is happening and how it will impact us. Surprisingly, the answers to what our future holds ...

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This Dad Gave Their Family's Dog A "Mohawk" Haircut And Everyone Is Horrified

1. This is 17-year-old Beau Braden from Vancouver, Washington, with his family. And that’s their floofy dog, Cooper. Beau Braden Beau Braden 2. Beau told BuzzFeed News his dad, Jody, is usually the one who takes Cooper to the dog groomer. On Tuesday, his dad decided to ask the groomer to give their dog a “new look.” View this image ...

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Why Did These Turkeys Circle Around a Dead Cat?

A Massachusetts resident on his way to work stumbled across a bizarre scene: a group of wild turkeys marching in a circle around a dead cat. “I’ve got three dogs and four fish tanks at home… I enjoy nature, I enjoy wildlife,” says Jonathan Davis of Randolph, Massachusetts, who filmed the scene on his phone on March 2. “It’s not ...

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Photos Reveal How Climate Change Affects the High Andes

View Images On expedition with the American Climber Science Program, the team of researchers made high camp at just over 16,000 feet above the foot of the Maparaju glacier (right). Here some of the student volunteers take in the view of Cayesh across the valley, and settle into the evening to prepare for the 4 a.m. alpine start. Photograph by ...

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Historical Atlases Rescued from the Trash Could be a Boon to Historians

View Images This 1888 fire insurance map of Los Angeles’s Chinatown shows gambling dens, a joss house, and a row of “female boarding” houses that were probably brothels. Map courtesy CSUN Geography Map Library The story has become something of a legend in certain circles. Sometime in the early 1970s, geographers at California State University, Northridge (CSUN) got a tip ...

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