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18 Cats Who Waited All Day For You To Get Home

13. “WAIT, I just remembered. You have to leave again tomorrow, don’t you?” View this image › Check out more articles on BuzzFeed.com! 0SHARESShare Tweet

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18 Sweet Doggos Who Are The Best Car Passengers Ever

3. This doggo, who hopes he heard correctly when you said you were going to the dog park: View this image › 4. This wide-eyed floof, who suddenly realized this was the way to the vet: View this image › 7. This little blep, who hopes you meant it when you said you were taking him to his forever home: ...

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Striking Photos Show People vs. Climate Change

An incredibly complex web of cause and effect that’s global in scope, climate change is like light itself: enormously present, yet difficult to directly perceive. It’s just as likely to make its presence known in overly tough goat meat in Kenya as it is in a terrifying “gateway to hell” in Sibera. But where do we, as individuals, come across ...

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Siberia's Growing 'Doorway to Hell' Offers Clues on Climate Change

An aerial photograph of the Batagaika crater in Siberia. Photograph by Alexander Gabyshev, Research Institute of Applied Ecology of the North Some call it a doorway to hell. Or a portal to the underworld. Scientists call it a crater. But everyone agrees that it’s getting bigger. The Batagiaka crater in eastern Siberia, already the largest of its kind, has been ...

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20 Pussy Pics To Send Instead Of Taking Your Own

15. You can’t help but admire them while they’re getting their beauty rest. View this image › 16. Don’t these pussies make you want to just plant yourself between them? View this image › 20. …you can’t help but fall in love when a pussy is staring you right in the face. View this image › Thumbnail credit: Getty Images ...

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This May Be the Oldest Known Sign of Life on Earth

View Images Seen under a microscope, these iron-rich tubes may be the oldest known fossils on the planet. Photograph Courtesy Matthew Dodd Stalks of iron-rich minerals, each a fraction the size of an eyelash, may be evidence of the earliest life-forms to inhabit the newborn planet Earth. The tiny hematite tubes are as much as 4.28 billion years old, according ...

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