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Helen Mirren Zings Donald Trump In Most Badass Commencement Speech Of 2017

0SHARESShare Helen Mirren  peppered her address to graduating students at Tulane University in New Orleans on Saturday with the occasional risqué joke and dig at President Donald Trump . The Academy Award winner  also explained her road to becoming a “declared feminist” and shared her own “top five rules for a happy life” ― from ignoring people who judge the ...

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Billy Bush Says He Let Donald Trump's Lewd Comments Slide Because He Was Insecure

0SHARESShare Former “Today” co-host Billy Bush blamed his own insecurities for that conversation with President Donald Trump in which he bragged about groping women . “People also say, ‘You should have stopped it,’” Bush told ABC’s “Good Morning America” co-anchor Robin Roberts in an interview that aired Wednesday. “I didn’t have the strength of character at the time to do that. ...

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Hillary Just Publicly Humiliated Trump For His Cuts to Children’s Healthcare

Share this story If President Donald Trump thought he’d seen the last of Hillary Clinton after his electoral college victory in the 2016 presidential election secured the White House for him, he was badly mistaken. After a brief post-election hiatus, the former Secretary of State has been making frequent appearances in public and on social media, and she appears as determined as ever ...

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Trump Decided Not To Fire His Nazi Advisor. He Just Did Something Worse Instead

Share this story Despite rumors that alt-right, anti-Muslim, anti-terrorist expert Sebastian Gorka – who has acknowledged ties to a neo-Nazi group in Hungary – will soon be forced out,  he is still on the job. Instead, only days after President Trump said in Saudi Arabia that he wants close ties to Muslims, if they are not “terrorists,” his Department of ...

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Greenpeace Just Trolled Trump By Projecting An Epic Message On The Vatican

Share this story President Trump has traveled to Italy for the third leg of his tour of the world’s largest Abrahamic religions and is due to visit the seat of the Catholic Church in Vatican City for a meeting with his Holiness Pope Francis at any moment now. The environmental activist group Greenpeace’s Italian and German offices teamed up to send ...

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David Letterman Just Gave Trump The Perfect Label

Share this story Former The Late Show host David Letterman had some harsh words for President Donald Trump yesterday. His condemnation of the President can be found in Monday’s issue of GQ, and the comedian did not hold back. “I’m disappointed that this man is representing me and my country. It makes me sick.” However, Letterman also has no regrets about having ...

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Stephen Colbert Just Gave The Perfect Response To Trump’s Cruel Budget

Share this story Late Show host Stephen Colbert was in top form in his most recent episode, taking on the heartless budget proposal released this week from President Trump. If the reckless policies of the Trump regime serve no positive purpose but to provide comedians with late night fodder, Colbert is certainly making the most of the opportunity. In just three minutes, he skewers ...

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The Pope Just Called Out Trump’s Cowardice With The PERFECT Gift

Share this story Today, President Trump met Pope Francis for the first time, but the ocean of separation has not stopped the two from exchanging sharp words during the preceding year. While this was a time for building alliances on a formal world stage, the Pope still found a classy way to stand up for his values. He gave Trump a gift. ...

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Experts Just Revealed The Staggering Number Of People Trump’s Budget Would Kill

Share this story President Donald Trump’s tenure is going to be a disaster for health care. Republicans with Trump’s backing have already passed Trumpcare with a very thin majority, removing health insurance for millions of Americans and making it more expensive for the rest. Trump has also single-handedly raised premiums  on existing health insurance plans because of the uncertainty surrounding ...

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Trump Just Got Caught Praising A Despot For Systematic Mass Murder

Share this story It is safe to say that President Donald Trump is a fan of dictators, despots and strong-men. He has praised Russian President Vladimir Putin, complemented North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un and applauded former Libyan dictator Muammar Qaddafi. Now Trump can add another one to his list of idols. Politico reports that last month President Trump phoned his ...

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