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“If You’ve Never Been in Combat, You Can’t Even Imagine”

White House chief of staff John Kelly speaks during a White House briefing Thursday.Win McNamee/Getty Images Retired Marine Gen. John Kelly gave a remarkable performance at Thursday’s White House press briefing, deploying his record of service and sacrifice to defend President Trump’s clumsy handling of condolences to the families of four U.S. Army soldiers killed in Niger. Any mistakes by ...

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Three No Trump

You don’t have to love Bush, McCain, or Romney to heed their words.Photo illustration by Slate. Photos by Alex Wong/Getty Images, William Thomas Cain/Getty Images, and Alex Wong/Getty Images. On Monday, Sen. John McCain denounced President Trump’s philosophy, agenda, and conduct . On Thursday, former President George W. Bush did the same thing . Neither mentioned Trump by name, but ...

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Choose 10 Disney Halloween Movies And We'll Reveal Which Character You Are

Choose 10 Disney Halloween Movies And We’ll Reveal Which Character You Are You got: Max from Hocus Pocus You’re loyal and will protect your loved ones no matter the cost. Disney Take quizzes and chill with the BuzzFeed app. Get the app You got: Marnie Piper from Halloweentown You have many passions and you’re fearless! Disney Take quizzes and chill ...

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What Is The Most Fucked-Up Movie Scene You've Ever Seen?

0SHARESShare [unable to retrieve full-text content] Which scene is almost too insane to watch? We’ve all been there. You’re watching a movie… youtube.com …and all of a sudden, there’s that scene. It’s fucked up, it’s insane, and you can barely look at it. Bravo Maybe it’s the scene from Evil Dead, where a man is repeatedly stabbed in the face ...

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Which Of These Sitcom Moments Made You Emotional As Heck?

Oops. Something went wrong. Please try again later Looks like we are having a problem on the server. Which moment made you more emotional? vote votes Monica and Chandler’s engagement vote votes Ross and Rachel’s first kiss Click here to Read from the source

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Of Dogs and Mailmen

0SHARESShare Listen to Episode No. 171 of Live at Politics and Prose: On this episode of Live at Politics and Prose, Eileen Myles discusses her new book, Afterglow (a Dog Memoir) . Advertisement You can also watch a video of this discussion or see a playlist of videos from other readings that have featured in this podcast feed. Live at ...

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