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Understanding Excel's conditional formatting rules can help prevent unintended results

0SHARESShare Image: iStockphoto.com/scanrail Excel’s conditional formatting is a powerful and versatile tool that lets you dynamically control formatting. For instance, you might implement a rule that displays a value in red if it reaches a threshold of 500 or greater. Or you might display an entire record in yellow when an order date is older than two weeks. But sometimes ...

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How ArcaOS 5.0 Blue Lion attempts to drag OS/2 into 2017

0SHARESShare Image: ArcaOS In the 20 years since IBM announced the cessation of active development of OS/2, the niche OS has had a curiously long afterlife, prolonged by the needs of IBM’s enterprise customers. Following the end of IBM’s support in December 2006, development has continued under license by third-party organizations. Arca Noae , a company which provides device drivers ...

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Video: How to navigate the dark web with the Tails Linux distro

0SHARESShare Video: How to navigate the dark web with the Tails Linux distro – TechRepublichttps://tr3.cbsistatic.com/fly/bundles/techrepubliccore/js/libs/html5shiv.js Video: How to navigate the dark web with the Tails Linux distro Related Most Recent 0SHARESShare Click here to Read from the source

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Video: How to stream Apple events from Safari and other platforms

Video: How to stream Apple events from Safari and other platforms – TechRepublichttps://tr3.cbsistatic.com/fly/bundles/techrepubliccore/js/libs/html5shiv.js Video: How to stream Apple events from Safari and other platforms Related Most Recent Click here to Read from the source

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Windows 10: Microsoft bricks smartphones for Windows Insiders with buggy update

Microsoft broke a number of Windows 10 smartphones yesterday by pushing out a buggy release of the OS. The internal build of Windows 10 was accidentally sent to people signed up to test early releases of the OS under the Windows Insider program. However the version released yesterday, Build 16212, was not ready for public use, and Dona Sarkar, head ...

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How to use the Fresh Start feature in Windows 10 Creators Update

0SHARESShare Image: iStockphoto.com/robertsrob In the article How to take advantage of the new Windows Defender Security Center , I showed you around one of the Creators Update’s new features: the Windows Defender Security Center. A dramatic update to the old Windows Defender, this tool’s new interface offers several enhanced and repackaged tools, as well as a new component, called Device ...

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Machine learning comes to Google Sheets, boosting data visualization for users

0SHARESShare On Thursday, Google announced in a blog post that its Google Sheets spreadsheet application would be getting a machine learning upgrade, allowing users to more easily and quickly visualize and share their data. The new features could also help users find useful insights in their data, making it more valuable to the business in the process. More about Innovation ...

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Anti-Gay Bigot Tried To Marry His Laptop, Attorney Has Hilarious Response

The Supreme Court’s landmark ruling on same-sex marriage will be two years old on June 26, but dissenting voices remain.   This week, a repeat offender is raising eyebrows once again. Chris Sevier, who has reportedly worked as an attorney and an EDM producer at varying points in his career, filed a lawsuit against the state of Utah, arguing that ...

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These Were The Cutest Kids On 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' This Season

0SHARESShare Ellen DeGeneres is known for featuring some pretty awesome kids on her show. This week, one of her favorites ― the “apparently kid,” Noah Ritter ― helped Ellen host the show, and he presented an awesome montage of adorable, hilarious and impressive clips featuring children from this season. Watch the video above for the best kid moments from season 14 ...

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These T.Rex Prom Photos Prove True Love Is Not Extinct

0SHARESShare These prom photos are dino-mite.  Not content to go the standard corsage-and-embrace route, 19-year-old Hannah Benton and boyfriend Jones Willingham decided to include a T. rex suit in their photos for Willingham’s senior prom. The pics, taken by their friend Josey Hardman at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens in Alabama, are super romantic: This is what a T-Rex in love looks ...

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