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Your Apple Watch Could Someday Detect This Risky Heart Condition

The Apple Watch’s heart rate sensors come in handy for knowing how hard your blood is pumping at the gym. But a new, if preliminary, study suggests that the smartwatch also has the potential to spot a much more serious medical condition: an irregular heart rate, known as atrial fibrillation.The study’s researchers first trained an algorithm to recognize instances of ...

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Why Is A Top Harvard Law Professor Sharing Anti-Trump Conspiracy Theories?

0SHARESShare Democrats and the mainstream media have spent the months since Donald Trump’s election fixated on the the flood of unconfirmed reports, half-truths, and outright propaganda that accompanied his rise.But some of the country’s leading liberal lights — respected figures including elected officials, prominent legal scholars, members of the media and celebrities — are themselves sharing wild allegations about the ...

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Judge Asks Federal Prosecutors to Investigate Uber's Self-Driving Car Program

0SHARESShare The judge presiding over Waymo’s high-profile lawsuit against Uber has asked federal prosecutors to investigate Uber and one of its top self-driving vehicle leaders for potential theft of trade secrets from the Alphabet-owned autonomous car company.The referral of the lawsuit to the United States attorney was among a handful of setbacks encountered by Uber today in a ruling from ...

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IS-linked propaganda outlet moves to Instagram

0SHARESShare A propaganda arm of the so-called Islamic State group (IS) has for the first time set up an account on Instagram. The outlet, called Nashir News Agency, promoted the new Instagram account via its established channels on the Telegram messaging app on 11 May. It said it set up the account as an experiment in spreading information about IS. ...

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Smartphones that charge in five minutes 'could arrive next year'

0SHARESShare Smartphones with batteries that fully charge in five minutes could be available to consumers next year. The technology was first shown off in 2015, when Israeli start-up StoreDot demonstrated its FlashBattery at the CES tech show in Las Vegas. Chief executive Doron Myersdorf told the BBC it is now expected to enter production in early 2018. However, Ben Wood, ...

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Psychedelic Video Explains The History Of The Entire World In Under 20 Minutes

0SHARESShare It’s a trippy, whistle-stop lesson on the history of the world. YouTuber Bill Wurtz takes just under 20 minutes to chronicle our planet’s entire past in a new psychedelic video that’s going viral online. At breakneck speed, he takes viewers on the rollercoaster ride that is the creation of the universe to the Cold War and the invention of ...

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Thailand warns Facebook to block content critical of the monarchy

0SHARESShare Authorities in Thailand have warned Facebook to take down content critical of the monarchy, or face legal action. The social media giant has been given until next Tuesday to remove more than 130 items from pages viewable in Thailand. Facebook says it does consider requests from governments to block material, and will comply if it breaks local laws. Any ...

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How to add words and phrases to the Android personal dictionary

You know when you’re typing on Android and the system suggests words as you type? Those words come from a built-in dictionary that can learn as you type. Android also happens to come with what it calls a Personal Dictionary and you should be making use of it. With this personal dictionary you can add your own special words, phrases, ...

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How to use the Personal Dictionary feature on Android

How to use the Personal Dictionary feature on Android Length: 1:00 | May 11, 2017 The Personal Dictionary on Android devices is meant to make typing as efficient as possible by recognizing words and phrases you use often. Here’s how to take advantage of it. Click here to Read from the source

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Man to pay $300,000 in damages for hacking employer

0SHARESShare A former private security officer in California must pay nearly $319,000 (£248,000) in damages for attacking his employer’s computer systems. Yovan Garcia accessed payroll records at Security Specialists, which provides private security patrols, to inflate the number of hours he had worked. He later hacked the firm’s servers to steal data and defaced its website. District Judge Michael Fitzgerald ...

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