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Male Tennis Fan Dons Skirt To Play Wimbledon Women After Shouting Advice

Wimbledon fans were served a fit of laughter on Friday when a male tennis fan was invited to join an all-female match, but not before squeezing into a white skirt and top. The women were playing invitation doubles, a more relaxed event, when Belgium’s four-time Grand Slam champion Kim Clijsters began soliciting serving advice from the stadium. Apparently not one to ...

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Virtual Reality Is Medical Training's Next Frontier

There’s a baby boy on a stretcher in a children’s hospital emergency room. His mother is standing nearby, begging the doctors to do something, as her baby lies there. He is drooling and shaking; his diaper is soaked; he is making a disturbing snoring noise. An EMT comes in and says, “Doctor, this is a one-year-old male found by the ...

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Love Was Literally In The Air For This Kissing Skydiving Couple

This gives new meaning to the phrase “air kiss.” Andy Godwin, 49, smooched nonstop with girlfriend Katy Eady, 39, while suspended on a 70 mph bed of air at the iFLY indoor skydiving center in Milton Keynes in June. Video of their stunt went viral this week. “Katy and I have been together just a few months so this was ...

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Redditors Splendidly Spoof Snap Of Bill Clinton Hiding Between The Bushes

Former President Bill Clinton posed for a cheeky snap at the George W. Bush Presidential Library in Dallas on Thursday night: The photo of Clinton poking his head out from between statues of former Presidents George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush soon went viral as Twitter users piled on . Redditors began reimagining the scene in equally hilarious ways, such as ...

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Ravens Are Ridiculously Smart, Seem To Be Able To Plan For The Future

The new “Planet of the Apes” movie has people imagining what an ape-ruled world with human underlings would really look like , but maybe ravens are the animals we should be keeping an eye on. The dazzling intelligence of corvids — the family that includes ravens and crows — is well-documented. Studies have suggested that corvids rival chimps in cognitive ...

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How to take advantage of the Dynamic Lock feature in Windows 10

The Creators Update brought a host of new features to the Windows 10 operating system. While a lot of these features are noteworthy and are touted everywhere you look, other features are less well known and remain in the shadows. Such is the case with the Dynamic Lock feature, which is designed to improve security by automatically locking your computer ...

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Thousands Of Slime Eels Spill Onto Oregon Highway In Gross, Gooey Crash

Police in Oregon were in a slimy situation on Thursday after a truck carrying 7,500 pounds of live hagfish failed to stop at a construction site and spilled its contents onto the highway and over surrounding cars. Oregon State Police and the Depoe Bay Fire Department shared pictures on Twitter of the bizarre accident, which took place on Highway 101. ...

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Presenting: The Rants Of InfoWars' Alex Jones As A Bon Iver Song

Alex Jones and Bon Iver : Name a more iconic collaboration. We dare you. In a beautiful marriage that could only happen on the internet, the wonderfully weird entertainment company Super Deluxe made a compilation video of Infowars’ host Alex Jones amidst is seemingly constant ranting. However, the blathering is not in Jones’ usual cacophonous tones. It’s in the style ...

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Vet Reunites With Wild Turtle Whose Shell She Once Repaired

Years after helping treat a badly injured turtle in a feat of medical engineering, an Ohio veterinarian had the unexpected pleasure to reunite with her old patient. “Several years ago, a client brought me a box turtle that had been hit by a car,” Shannon Moore, owner of Hocking Hills Animal Clinic  in Logan, Ohio, wrote on Facebook last week. “I ...

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'Jeopardy!' Contestant's Baseball Fail Is A Big Swing And A Miss

We will try to forgive your baseball ignorance, Gavin Borchert. The “Jeopardy!” contestant committed a pretty glaring error ― at least to fans of our national pastime ― on an episode that aired Wednesday.  The clue indicated that the Cubs’ Hack Wilson had 191 of these in 1930. Borchert answered, “What is home runs?” Sara-Jane Whitaker chimed in with the ...

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