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Uber And Google Are Fighting Over Very Old “Lidar” Technology. Here’s Why.

Noah Berger / AFP / Getty Images A self-driving car at Google’s headquarters. The most high-stakes lawsuit in Silicon Valley, a nasty battle for the first commercial self-driving car, centers on a 54-year-old technology called Lidar.Alphabet (Google’s parent company) claims that Uber stole Lidar-related intellectual property from its self-driving car company, Waymo, by hiring one of Waymo’s leading engineers, Anthony ...

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The Sexual Harassment Allegations Against This Virtual Reality Startup Are Really Gross

Some of the biggest companies in the tech world have been marked by sexual harassment and gender discrimination allegations over the last few years: from engineer Susan Fowler exposing an allegedly “systemic problem” at Uber, to Ellen Pao suing the venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins for discrimination, to the female engineers at Facebook claiming gender bias. The latest allegations concern ...

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Instagram Adds Face Filters, Snapchat Cloning Complete

Here’s an idea for a fun social app: It starts with a camera. First, you take a picture or video. Then you add fun effects — masks that hew to your face, or crowns that rest at your hairline. You can send these images or videos to friends via a direct message, or share them with all your contacts via ...

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Indian teen builds world's 'lightest satellite'

An Indian teenager has built what is thought could be the world’s lightest satellite, which will be put into orbit at a Nasa facility in the US in June. Rifath Shaarook’s 64-gram (0.14 lb) device was selected as the winner in a competition co-sponsored by Nasa. The 18-year-old says its main purpose was to demonstrate the performance of 3-D printed ...

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Thailand backs off lese-majeste Facebook ban threat

Facebook is still accessible in Thailand despite a deadline passing for it to remove material the authorities had deemed critical of the monarchy. The social media giant had been given until 10:00 local time (04:00 GMT) to remove 131 pages that Thailand said violated its strict lese-majeste laws. More than 100 people have been charged under the law since the ...

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HTC unveils 'squeezy' phone for selfies

HTC has unveiled what it calls a “squeezy” smartphone with a pressure-sensitive edge, which triggers the phone’s camera when squeezed. The BBC’s Chris Foxx asked HTC’s head of global product marketing Darren Sng whether the feature was game-changing or just a gimmick. Click here to Read from the source

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Ukraine's Poroshenko to block Russian social networks

0SHARESShare Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko has imposed a ban on Russia’s biggest social media networks and internet services popular with millions. His decision is a significant ramping up of sanctions on Ukraine’s neighbour for its annexation of Crimea and the continuing conflict in eastern Ukraine. Those targeted include social networks VK.com and Odnoklassniki, search engine Yandex and the Mail.ru email ...

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Researchers See Possible North Korea Link To Global Cyber Attack

0SHARESShare Cyber security researchers have found technical evidence they said could link North Korea with the global WannaCry “ransomware” cyber attack that has infected more than 300,000 computers in 150 countries since Friday. Symantec (SYMC.O ) and Kaspersky Lab said on Monday that some code in an earlier version of the WannaCry software had also appeared in programs used by ...

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John Oliver Updates Us On His Effective GoFCCYourself.com Campaign

0SHARESShare During the May 7 episode of “Last Week Tonight,” John Oliver introduced a website he created called GoFCCYourself.com.  It directed users to the FCC website, where they could leave comments urging the FCC chairman to uphold net neutrality. The campaign turned out to be a big success and more than a million people commented on the FCC website. But some ...

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Delta Wants To Replace Human Check-In Agents With Facial Recognition Kiosks

0SHARESShare Delta Air Lines  announced on Monday that it’s testing a check-in kiosk that uses facial recognition  to ensure passengers’ faces match their passport photos. If all goes well, the new kiosk could replace check-in agents altogether.  The kiosk will be one of four to debut at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport this summer. Each will allow passengers to print their ...

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