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Stars Of Netflix's 'The Crown’ Reveal True Meanings Of Polite British Phrases

Claire Foy  and Matt Smith  ― who portray Queen Elizabeth II  and her husband Prince Philip , the Duke of Edinburgh, in Netflix ’s royal drama ― reveal the real meaning of polite British phrases in a new video posted online. Find out what the British really mean when they say things like, “It’s not quite what I had in mind,” and, ...

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Cop Responds To 911 Fight Call, Ends Up In Epic Dance-Off

This cop in Ontario, Canada, has some seriously arresting dance moves. Jarrod Singh showed off his slick steps after the fight he was called out to police in downtown Oshawa on Sunday night turned out to be a group of University of Ontario Institute of Technology students shooting a music video. “I saw eight people gathered around one person , so ...

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MLB Player Shows What #DadLife Is All About With Viral Tweet

It’s common knowledge that parents are multitasking experts, but this professional baseball player is showing just how well he has mastered the art. On Thursday, Pittsburgh Pirates relief pitcher Daniel Hudson tweeted two photos of himself practicing at a local high school … with a special spectator in tow. When you’re all about that #DadLife but you gotta get one ...

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The Struggle To Figure Out How A Song In A Kids' Book Really Goes

Sometimes when you read a book to a child, you reach a part that’s meant to be sung. But what do you do when you don’t know the intended tune and don’t see any sheet music on the page? According to the funny moms of the BreakWomb, you just make it up. In their latest comedy video , the ladies debate ...

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Chinese Officials Investigated For Allegedly Serving Endangered Pangolin At Banquet

Chinese authorities have launched an investigation into whether government officials dined on pangolin, the world’s most trafficked mammal , at a banquet in Guangxi province in 2015. The investigation was prompted by a resurgence of social media interest in a series of photographs of the meal, first published in 2015. The photos were posted by Weibo user Ah_cal, who claimed ...

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Pepe The Frog Artist Continues On His Mission To Make Frogs Chill Again

Frogs are, as far as the animal kingdom goes, pretty peaceful creatures. With slimy bodies and bulging eyes, they enjoy chilling by ponds in groups of frog friends, croaking during mating season, and using their sticky tongues to catch slugs, spiders or whatever they can grab. By all accounts, pretty damn chill, with no latent predilection for racist jokes.  These ...

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Can I trust a fertility app to stop me getting pregnant?

Sexual health experts say more research is needed into the effectiveness of fertility tracking apps in preventing pregnancy. The warning comes after the first such app – Natural Cycles – was given an official approval as a method of contraception. In 2015 a clinical study showed that the app was as effective as the pill. The app works by getting ...

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NBA creates e-sports league for basketball

The National Basketball Association has teamed up with video game publisher Take-Two Interactive to create an e-sports league in the US. It represents one of the biggest tie-ups between video gaming and a major sports league. Eventually all of the 30 NBA teams will have an e-sports division, but initially only a few will be chosen. In England, Premier League ...

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Apple 'optimistic' about post-Brexit UK

Technology giant Apple is “very optimistic” about the UK’s future post-Brexit, its boss has told the prime minister. Apple’s chief executive Tim Cook met Theresa May at Downing Street and said he thought the UK would be “just fine”‘ outside the European Union. The company plans to build a new UK headquarters in London. His comments came as the US ...

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Google coding champion whose Cameroon hometown is cut off from the internet

The first African winner in Google’s annual coding competition is 370km (230 miles) from home, sitting outside his cousins’ house in the Cameroonian capital, Yaounde, because the government has cut off his hometown from the internet. As cocks crow in the background, 17-year-old Nji Collins Gbah tells the BBC about the series of complex technical tasks he completed for Google ...

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