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Microsoft launches new Surface Pro

Microsoft has launched a “faster, more powerful” Surface Pro tablet, with a battery life of 13.5 hours. The device, which weighs 770g (1.69lb) and has a 31cm (12.3in) screen, will cost from $799 in the US and £799 in the UK. Microsoft Surface boss Panos Panay told the BBC it had been “completely redesigned inside out”, and would be more ...

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Trump's Interior Secretary Took Time To Discuss The Border Wall With A Far-Right Troll

0SHARESShare WASHINGTON — Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke held a video call in April with an infamous right-wing internet troll and a virtual reality entrepreneur to discuss the Trump administration’s plans to construct a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.  Zinke’s half-hour call with Charles “Chuck” Johnson, the CEO and founder of Gotnews.com, and Palmer Luckey , the founder of Oculus VR, ...

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Why Bitdefender Antivirus is a wise choice for Mac users

Image: Bitdefender A new ransomware variant known as WannaCry or WannaCrypt downed computer systems in dozens of countries . While the recent malicious data-encrypting infection plagued some Windows systems , Mac users are not immune, especially considering many Macs run Windows either within a Boot Camp configuration or a dedicated virtual machine. While I haven’t read of such Windows infections ...

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Apple's WWDC 2017: Predictions and tips on how to watch the developer event

0SHARESShare Apple, Inc. Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) has become a major event for developers to meet and learn about the latest in Apple software, APIs, and sometimes hardware. This year’s conference has been shrouded in secrecy: There have been no leaks about what’s coming out, no leaks on the new operating systems, and very minor details about what we ...

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Gain quick window snapping sizes on your Chromebook with Dualless

0SHARESShare Image: Jack Wallen There are times when the standard Chromebook desktop isn’t quite as efficient as I’d like. When I want to work with two apps (or web pages) simultaneously, I have to take the time to snap the windows to either side of the display and then resize them as needed. In an incredibly busy day, that takes ...

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'Goat Yoga' Has People Flocking To New Hampshire Farm

0SHARESShare Eight people dressed in bright-colored athletic tops and soft pants sat on foam mats and stretched until five tiny Nigerian Dwarf goats, the size of small dogs, pranced into the studio and their goat yoga class began. Tucked away in a wooded corner of southern New Hampshire, Jenness Farm is the latest small U.S. agricultural operation to cash in ...

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Let's Make Neil Gaiman Dramatically Read The Entire Cheesecake Factory Menu

The Cheesecake Factory ’s menu is the In Search of Lost Time of the restaurant industry, in that it is far too long and probably includes a madeleine or two.  Neil Gaiman is a very famous author (American Gods, Stardust, Coraline) with a notably soothing British accent, who has nothing to do with the Cheesecake Factory but has been dared to read ...

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Travelers Chant 'Lock Him Up' As Man In Trump Hat Is Removed From United Plane

Passengers chanted “lock him up” as United Airlines  had a man sporting a Donald Trump  “Make America Great Again” campaign hat removed from a flight in Shanghai. The man delayed takeoff for hours as he was escorted from the flight for being belligerent, the airline confirmed in a statement Monday.  The incident is the latest in a slew of mid-air confrontations  this ...

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Suspected Drunk Driver Crashes Car Into Sheriff's New Anti-DUI Vehicle

He got the message, but apparently only once it was too late. He then slammed his car into a patrol car, pushing it 30 feet into another cruiser which was emblazoned with the slogan “a cop or a cab, you decide” ― the rear of which was made to look like a taxi. “The irony!” the office wrote on Facebook. ...

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Man Whose Hand Was Sewn Into Abdomen Is On The Road To Recovery

Carlos Mariotti’s life changed forever in March 2016.  The machine operator in São Ludgero, Brazil, suffered a horrific accident to his left hand when it was trapped in a machine used to make plastic tableware. The skin of the hand was torn off and the bones and tendons were exposed, according to Barcroft TV. Some doctors who looked at Mariotti thought amputation ...

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