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Beyond the fingerprint: IBM bolsters enterprise app security with behavioral biometrics

0SHARESShare Image: iStockphoto/NicoElNino IBM’s MobileFirst Platform Foundation users are gaining a new level of security: Biometric authentication. On Wednesday, the company announced a partnership with SecuredTouch, a behavioral biometrics provider, to add the technology as a primary authentication option for the platform. The MobileFirst Platform Foundation allows enterprises to develop, test, connect, run, and manage mobile applications either on premises ...

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How to quickly scan a document to your Dropbox account with Android

0SHARESShare Image: Jack Wallen For a while now, iOS devices have had the ability to scan files directly to their associated Dropbox cloud accounts. This means you could point your mobile device to a receipt, a file, a whiteboard, or whatever it is you need to get quickly scanned and uploaded and save it directly to your Dropbox account. The ...

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Retro tech: When the pager was king

Vodafone has announced plans to close down its pager business in the UK. The company said it would try to “minimise the impact on the 1,000 or so customers still using the service”. This video takes a look a clips from the BBC Archive, from when the pager was the new “must have” gadget. Click here to Read from the ...

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Tiffany & Co. Has A Powerful Message For Donald Trump

Within the next few days, President Trump may make a decision about whether or not to withdraw from the Paris Agreement , a 2015 climate deal brokered between 195 nations to cut greenhouse gas emissions and combat climate change . But before Trump comes to a conclusion, Tiffany & Co has an important message for him.  The jewelry company blasted out a ...

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Stephen King’s Anti-Trump Tweets Are Amazingly Relentless

0SHARESShare If Stephen King ― inventor of gutter clowns , ghostly twins and blood-smeared teens ― is feeling spooked, you know something’s amiss. Wednesday, on the tails of President Donald Trump ’s decision to fire FBI director James Comey , the writer tweeted, “Donald Trump: A remarkable combination of unhinged and dumb as dirt. Time to start talking impeachment. Really. ...

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Google Is Surreptitiously Making Amazing Movies From People’s Cat Photos

0SHARESShare If you use Google Photos, you’ve probably experienced the app’s “assistant” feature taking the liberty of creating suggested collages, stories or mini-movies out of your pictures. If you’re like most people, you usually ignore these suggestions. If you’re a cat lover, however, you may be getting a suggestion soon that you definitely won’t want to ignore. That’s because Google may ...

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News Roundup for May 10, 2017

0SHARESShare Hello to y’all newsreaders, American democracy is in flames. 1. Donald Trump fired FBI Director James Comey yesterday afternoon. Comey was the man leading (one of) the investigations on Trump’s ties to Russia. So absolutely no cause for concern, right? Right? More here . 2. Sean Spicer hid in some bushes to avoid reporters. Then he answered questions in ...

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Vodafone to close down pager business after CMA shock

0SHARESShare Vodafone has pulled the sale of its paging business to Capita and will shut it down after the competition watchdog threatened to investigate the deal. Vodafone and Capita run the UK’s last two paging businesses and agreed the sale in February. But the Competition and Markets Authority said it was concerned customers may now face price rises. Vodafone said ...

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​Bye-bye files and folders: Is the file system about to be killed off by Google AI?

0SHARESShare For decades we’ve tidied computer files into folders, neatly organizing our digital lives so our documents and photos are close at hand. But could the busywork of rooting through files and folders be on its way out, destined to become a relic of computing, as unfamiliar to the average user as the command line and resolving IRQ conflicts? The ...

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Video: Google's vision for machine learning in its G Suite

0SHARESShare Video: Google’s vision for machine learning in its G Suite – TechRepublichttps://tr3.cbsistatic.com/fly/bundles/techrepubliccore/js/libs/html5shiv.js Video: Google’s vision for machine learning in its G Suite Related Most Recent 0SHARESShare Click here to Read from the source

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