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John Oliver Rallies ‘Time-Wasters And Troublemakers’ To Fight The FCC

0SHARESShare John Oliver is calling on everyone who’s ever wasted time on the Internet ― even trolls ― to unite for a common cause: net neutrality . On Sunday, the host of HBO ’s “Last Week Tonight ” explained the issue and shared how important it was for everyone who uses the Internet. Since the Trump administration hasn’t made it ...

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The Next Phase Of Human Evolution Could Include Immortality

0SHARESShare [unable to retrieve full-text content] What will humans be like in 1,000 years? They will likely be taller, bionic and maybe even immortal.  TechInsider looked at the possible future of the human race  after another 10 centuries of evolution and found people and machines could literally join together  ― assuming we don’t wipe ourselves out first. Check it out in ...

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Facebook publishes fake news ads in UK papers

0SHARESShare Facebook has broadened its campaign to raise awareness about fake news, by publishing adverts in the UK press. The ads, in papers including The Times, The Guardian and Daily Telegraph, carry a list of 10 things to look out for when deciding if a story is genuine. They include checking the article date and website address, as well as ...

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Cloned cars sold in Greater Manchester eBay scam

0SHARESShare Criminals are using eBay to sell stolen and cloned cars, a BBC investigation has revealed. The vehicles were being sold in Greater Manchester via at least three accounts after having their details switched with legitimate cars. Among the victims was a retired police officer who lost £17,000 buying a Mercedes from a seller in Rochdale. He said he reported ...

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Scientists Record Deer Gnawing On Human Remains For The First Time

0SHARESShare Deer are nothing if not symbols of wide-eyed innocence — surely you’ve heard the term “doe-eyed” or have seen the film “Bambi”? Turns out, we’ve underestimated deer. A study published in the Journal of Forensic Sciences this week reveals that deer — yes, those pictures of guileless natural beauty — have been caught chowing down on human remains. “Herein, we ...

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Man Allegedly Shoots Squirrel With Bow And Arrow For 'Giving Him A Look'

0SHARESShare A man from Staten Island, New York City , is facing animal cruelty charges after prosecutors say he killed a squirrel with a bow and arrow for a patently absurd reason. Jonathan Mangia told investigators that he shot and killed the animal on Tuesday because it “gave him a look,” according to a criminal complaint that DNAInfo obtained. He ...

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Elon Musk Tweeted About Naming His New Boring Machine. You Know What Went Down.

People online just love to name things, and here’s yet more proof. Elon Musk tweeted Friday about what to call his new tunneling machine ― and was immediately inundated with amusing pun-packed ideas. Thinking about a name for our first tunneling machine … — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) May 5, 2017 Boaty McBoatface , the people’s choice of moniker for a new ...

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How to colorize Windows 10 in the Creators Update

Image: iStockphoto.com/etesaloutos I know that it has been almost three years since Windows 10 first came on the scene, but as you may recall the first iteration of the operating system was pretty bland when it came to color. In fact, the only color in the title bars was white. That was frustrating for the mere fact that we’ve been ...

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Google G Suite: 10 new features heading your way in 2017

Google’s overview of updates to the G Suite in 2017. Image: Google Google plans to add an array of new features to its G Suite of cloud-based work applications in 2017. At the Google Cloud Next event in London this week, the firm revealed the biggest changes in the pipeline and when they’ll arrive. Improvements are planned across G Suite—including ...

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25 Hilariously Honest Mother's Day Cards To Give Your Partner In Parenting

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and the pressure is on to pick out the perfect gift and card. On the card front, it can be hard to find a message that captures what you really want to say to the mother of your children. But we scoured Etsy to find some creative options.  Here are 25 funny, sweet and totally ...

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