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How to record your iPhone and iPad screens with iOS 11

Apple used to make it very difficult to record the screen on iOS devices. This process got a bit easier with OS X Yosemite and iOS 8 and the introduction of recording on your computer through QuickTime Player. Before that, this task wasn’t possible without turning to AirPlay recording software like X-Mirage or Reflector on your computer, which was not ...

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How to reinstall App Store apps on Macs and iOS devices

Staging a new computer or wiping and reloading new phones and tablets used to require locating original installation media or old purchase confirmation messages, license keys, and registration codes before previously purchased programs could be reinstalled. No more. Ever since Apple introduced the App Store and tied Apple IDs to software, music, and video purchases, Mac and iOS users’ previous ...

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Microsoft offers a free assessment of your enterprise's GDPR readiness

Image: Microsoft News All business is global. It doesn’t matter if you sell homemade jewelry on eBay or billion-dollar aircraft to an international airline, if your enterprise uses the internet, it is a global business. And as a global business, it is subject to a plethora of international laws and regulations regarding the safekeeping of all data it collects on ...

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This Creepy Clown Motel Can Now Be Yours

It’s a concept that is both Pennywise and pound foolish: A motel in the middle of nowhere dedicated to clowns in all their creepy glory. The aptly named “Clown Motel” is located in Tonopah, Nevada (population: 2,478) and has a reputation as “the scariest motel in America.” Maybe it’s because many of the rooms feature clown dolls dangling over the ...

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D'oh! Truck Carrying Dough Overflows After Heat Makes It Rise

It was a scene you knead to see to believe. A dump truck carrying dough spilled its contents on a Washington interstate on Monday after authorities said the heat caused the dough to rise. “Whole-y grain Batman! It’s messy but it’s not a hazard. I’m on a roll,” she captioned one photo. In another tweet, she shared a photo of herself ...

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This Photographer Fights Rat-Phobia With Irresistibly Cute Pictures

Get ready to squeee rather than scream. Diane Özdamar, a 32-year-old photographer from Montréal, Canada, takes incredibly cute photos of rescue rats (yup, that’s right, you can adopt them ). Diane Ozdamar And she’s been snapping adorable photos of what she likes to call these “amazing little fluffballs” since 2008 for a pretty sweet reason. “I began taking photos of rats I fostered ...

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DC Cop Turns VW Camper Van Into Really Trippy Vehicle

If you see Jeff Bloch driving by in his camper van, you’re to be forgiven if you think you’re suddenly on LSD. The VW van looks like something straight out of the Summer of Love, but with one big difference: the van looks like it’s sideways. Don’t worry ― Bloch isn’t an exceedingly bad driver, but a very good designer ...

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Now You Can Complain About Your Uber Ride Without Lowering The Driver's Rating

Uber’s trying to make its five-star rating system a little more fair.The rating system, which uses customer feedback to determine driver performance, is a pain point for many drivers, who run the risk of getting kicked off the platform if their scores fall too low.But starting today, Uber is rolling out a new interface aimed at preventing experiences that are ...

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After Four Years, Uber Is Still Fighting A Class-Action Lawsuit From Drivers

Four years after attorney Shannon Liss-Riordan first took legal action against Uber for allegedly misclassifying its driver workforce as independent contractors, the company is still fighting her class action lawsuit. And now, Uber is taking action against Liss-Riordan directly.Uber is currently attempting a tectonic culture shift after a series of scandals. In February, a former employee’s viral blog post about ...

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Your Roomba Is Making A Map Of Your House, And It Might Sell It

The CEO of iRobot, which makes the automatic vacuum, told Reuters that his company is considering selling the data Roombas have collected in customers’ homes to companies like Google, Apple, and Amazon.iRobot’s actually been mapping your house since 2015, when it released the Roomba 980. That smart vacuum creates its own map of your house so it won’t knock over ...

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