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London attack: PM's condemnation of tech firms criticised

0SHARESShare Prime Minister Theresa May has been warned that her promise to tighten regulation on tech firms after the London attacks will not work. Mrs May said areas of the internet must be closed because tech giants provided a “safe space” for terrorist ideology. But the Open Rights Group said social media firms were not the problem, while an expert ...

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Google to let publishers charge users for ad-blockers

0SHARESShare Google will let publishers ask people who use ad-blockers to either enable advertising or make a payment to view content without ads. “Funding Choices” will roll out first in North America, UK, Germany, Australia and New Zealand, Google said in a blog. Google is also working on an ad-blocker of its own, which will function in its Chrome browser. ...

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Uber Fights To Put Driver Safety At Risk

0SHARESShare What kind of company would fight attempts to limit its workers from working excessively long hours, then turn around and try to sell disability insurance policies to those same workers?  Uber, of course. Uber is fighting, in its inimitable tooth and nail style, a proposal in Massachusetts that would limit drivers to a mere 12 consecutive hours, or 16 ...

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JetBlue Could Soon Let You Scan Your Face To Board Planes

Facial recognition boarding is about to take off.  JetBlue is offering the technology to customers flying between Boston and the Caribbean island of Aruba  this month. The airline announced on Wednesday that it would test the new software on the route from Boston’s Logan International Airport in partnership with Customs and Border Protection . The process begins after customers check in ...

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J.K. Rowling Shuts Down Homophobic Twitter Troll Perfectly

J.K. Rowling Shuts Down Homophobic Twitter Troll Perfectly | HuffPost Once again, J.K. Rowling has no time for homophobia.  The Harry Potter author, who has never shied away from expressing her political views on social media, found herself the target of an anti-gay Twitter troll on Tuesday. The user blasted the 51-year-old scribe for criticizing President Donald Trump when he ...

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Let This Puppet Teach You How To Behave On Social Media

Social media is good for keeping in touch for friends and really good for fighting with them. “If you talk like this at someone’s birthday party, everyone is gonna think that you’re an a**hole,” a puppet named Johnny T explains. It’s really that simple. Click here to Read from the source

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Instagram's Latest Colorful Move For LGBTQ People Is A Must-See

Instagram is kicking Pride month off with a colorful new initiative that aims to encourage support for queer people around the world. On Wednesday, the app transformed the all-pink, oft-photographed facade of Paul Smith’s Los Angeles store into the first of its five “rainbow walls.” The wall was unveiled by Mayor Eric Garcetti at an evening ceremony that was attended ...

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Why Wonder Woman's Sword Is Actually The Sharpest Object In The Universe

When talking about Wonder Woman , the tendency is to focus on her sweet bullet-deflecting gauntlets or her truth-seeking lasso. But actually, her sword is potentially the coolest. Based on some fascinating dialogue in the graphic novel Kingdom Come, Nerdist’s Kyle Hill  explains (with science!) why Wonder Woman’s sword would be the sharpest object in the universe. Click here to ...

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Our Data Could Be The Biggest Monopoly Ever

Imagine a commodity that immediately creates an unstoppable, ridiculously lucrative industry force that invades every aspect of our socio-economic infrastructure. If I asked you this in 1920 at a corner speakeasy, you’d tell me that oil was the product in question. Fast-forward nearly a century, and we’ve seen the very same degree of monopolistic dominance brought about by an entirely ...

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Stephen Colbert Leads 360-Degree Tour Of His Studio For The Superfans

Stephen Colbert has become a very popular late-night host. Just last month, the comedian officially won the ratings battle between the various late shows, besting the Jimmys in an upset. Most of this new audience has come for the Donald Trump jokes, which Colbert has made his current specialty. As such, YouTube clips from “The Late Show” often gain a ...

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