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This Is What Climate Change Really Looks Like Around The World

0SHARESShare Grossglockner, Austria A sign near the melting,-covered Pasterze glacier in Heiligenblut am Grossglockner, Austria, indicates where the foot of the glacier reached in 2015. The glacier is Austria’s largest and is shrinking rapidly, having receded in length by at least three kilometers since the19th century. While glaciers across Europe have been receding since approximately the 1870s, the process has ...

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This Is How European Governments Reacted To Trump's Decision To Pull Out Of The Paris Climate Accord

0SHARESShare Saul Loeb / AFP / Getty Images European governments reacted with dismay at US President Donald Trump’s decision on Thursday to pull out of the Paris climate agreement. “Today is a sad day for the global community, as a key partner turns its back on the fight against climate change,” the European Union’s Climate Action and Energy Commissioner Miguel ...

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China May Have To Pick Up The Slack After Trump’s Climate Decision — Whether It Wants To Or Not

0SHARESShare Pool / Getty Images BEIJING — President Donald Trump’s decision to pull out of the Paris climate change agreement has thrown China, notorious for the noxious air pollution clogging many of its cities, into the unlikely position of global leadership on climate change — whether it wants the job or not. Environmentalists in the country condemned Trump’s decision on ...

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France Is Trolling Trump For Pulling Out Of The Paris Agreement

0SHARESShare “Make Our Planet Great Again” President Trump announced on Thursday he was pulling the US out of the Paris climate agreement, a move criticized by many European leaders. Andrew Harnik / AP View Entire List › 0SHARESShare Click here to Read from the source

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Everyone In Spain Has Become Really Angry At This Very Confused Japanese Man

0SHARESShare Leave @tas alone. On Thursday, a ban preventing Spanish football team Atlético Madrid from signing players until January 2018 was upheld by Court of Arbitration for Sport, or ‘TAS’ for short. It was a pretty big story in Spain. Denis Doyle / Getty Images TAS is a mediation organization based in Switzerland. They are not Tasuku Okawa, editor of ...

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Men In Japan Think There Should Be Men-Only Trains So Women Can't Accuse Them Of Sexual Assault

0SHARESShare Japanese Twitter trolls have kickstarted a massive debate about rape culture on public transportation after two men died trying to run from authorities after being accused of molesting women on trains. Earlier this month, a man was killed at Aobadai Station in Yokohama, Japan. He was accused of molesting a woman. The female passenger told station workers that she ...

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This Is The Fake News Being Spread About The London Bridge Terror Attack

0SHARESShare Fake posts began appearing on social media minutes after news of the suspected terror attack in London broke, claiming to show pictures of suspects and possible victims. People are posting fake pictures of alleged suspects. As happened during the Manchester Arena terror attack , trolls immediately took advantage of the terror incidents at London Bridge and Borough Market to ...

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The ISIS Killers: The Men Leading the Battle For Mosul Might Be Wiped Out Along the Way

0SHARESShare In an abandoned house on the banks of northern Iraq’s Great Zab River, a soldier known as Ahmed the Bullet giggles like a child as he waves me over to see the secret cache of photos that he keeps on his phone. The burly special forces veteran has been collecting images of death throughout the long war with ISIS, ...

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Sadiq Khan Says He "Has More Important Things To Do" Than Respond To Donald Trump's Tweets

0SHARESShare Win Mcnamee / Getty Images Donald Trump has criticised London mayor Sadiq Khan for saying residents of the capital city have “no reason to be alarmed” in the aftermath of the London Bridge terror attack . The President of the United States also attacked “politically correct” responses to security issues and called for US courts to support his proposed ...

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