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Do We Need To Worry About Our Coconut Water Having Saturated Fat?

Last week, the American Heart Association  released a report that warned of  coconut oil’s high saturated fat content. The report riled many people up about the actual link between saturated fat and heart disease , while others were left wondering: what does this mean for coconut water and its health claims? We’re going to clear it all up, right here, ...

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This Is One Of America's Most Craveable Sandwiches

All month long we’re giving you behind-the-scenes access to the country’s top pitmasters, hog farmers, sauce makers, smoke experts and meat connoisseurs and capturing it all live across Zagat and HuffPost social channels. Tune in every day to ask questions, learn BBQ tips and keep tabs on the action. Have a favorite ’cue joint of your own? Instagram it with ...

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Guy Fieri Gets Defensive At Accusation That He Promotes Unhealthy Food

Food Network host and chef Guy Fieri is famous for his frosted tips , his ability to eat endless deep-fried foods and his references to Flavortown , but he’s also just as well known for his Donkey Sauce. It’s generously served on top of or on the side of many of his dishes at his (in)famous Times Square restaurant Guy’s American Kitchen And ...

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9 Times International McDonald's Schooled Us With Their Superior Menu Items

We here at HuffPost aren’t generally big fast food consumers. We’re advocates for homemade food (when possible) made with fresh ingredients that we’ll actually feel good about eating. But sometimes a new fast food menu item pops up and ― well, it beckons us. Usually those menu offerings happen overseas, and they’re often made by ― gasp ― McDonald’s . In ...

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Luke From 'Gilmore Girls' Is Getting His Own Line Of Coffee

That’s right, Luke of Luke’s Diner in “Gilmore Girls” will be slinging coffee once again. Only this time he’ll be doing it as himself, Scott Patterson, and he won’t be serving it but roasting it. In an interview with Wealth Management , Patterson shared that he is developing his own coffee brand to be released very soon. And it is going ...

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'Pico De Lettuce' Is A Genius Use For Using Up Old, Wilted Greens

If you haven’t had the pleasure of eating at Tyler Kord’s No.7 Sub in New York City, you’ve been missing out on some seriously good sandwiches . These are not the kind of sandwiches you normally make at home, because each ingredient used to make them is spectacular all on its own.  But here’s the thing, these are the kinds of ...

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Caroline Wozniacki Strips Down For Her Nude ESPN Body Issue

Caroline Wozniacki  looks strong and powerful on the cover of ESPN’s 2017 Body Issue.  The 26-year-old tennis superstar told fans she is “proud and excited” about the cover on her various social media accounts. In the issue, she opens up about the criticism she’s faced from people over the course of her tennis career.  “I think I’ve heard a bit ...

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