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The Bachelorette's Style Is Even More Relatable Than You Think

It’s not easy to dress like a celebrity.  They tend to have full-time stylists, big budgets and gorgeous clothes on loan from designers, while most of us don’t have the kind of money or connections to come up with an A-list closet. Occasionally, though, a star wears a piece of clothing or an accessory that’s in our price range. On ...

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Preemie home after Cancun hospital allegedly extorted over $30K from family

A newborn baby is home in Indiana after being born prematurely in a Mexican hospital where his relatives said his parents were being extorted for thousands of dollars. While vacationing in Cancun, Mexico , expectant parents Michaela Smith and Larry Ralph Jr. of Martinsville, Indiana, rushed to Hospiten Cancun when Michaela Smith started to feel contractions. On the afternoon of ...

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Boots is selling all these other things that could be used ‘inappropriately’

(Picture: Getty) We dug out a whole host of things Boots is selling cheaper than the morning-after pill that could well promote irresponsible use. Don’t mention it. What your Greggs lunch order says about you Boots attempted to defend keeping its unnecessarily high price for emergency contraception this week, by saying it acts as a deterrent against women using it ...

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Trooper’s ‘wobbly cat syndrome’ makes him fall down over thirty times a day

(Picture: wobblycats/Instagram) Trooper really lives up to his name. When he falls down, he gets back up again. Self-watering vertical gardens are the lazy way to make your home more Instagram-worthy Which is a bigger deal that it sounds, because Trooper falls down over thirty times a day. Trooper has a rare neurological condition called feline cerebellar hypoplasia – also ...

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I hate Zoella but I love her products and can’t seem to stop buying them

(Picture: Zoella Beauty) ‘But…but you hate Zoella,’ my friend said, looking at my makeup bag and laughing. My excuse was that it was the only decent one in the shop at the time. But in reality, I’d bought it because I liked it. Zoella is a new breed of celebrity, and people just need to get used to it To ...

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British Asians have a complex relationship with the sun and it’s time we changed this

It’s a love/hate relationship (Picture: Erin Aniker for Metro.co.uk) Looking at me, you would fairly assume that I love nothing more than catching the sun and topping up my natural brown skin colour. But you’re wrong. For many British Asians, our relationship with the sun, our skin colour and how this relates to ideals of beauty and attractiveness is complex. ...

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11 surprising challenges of booking a wedding venue

The venue is the priciest – and most important – element of the wedding (Picture: Getty) I got engaged last month and I’ve been on a steep learning curve ever since. 11 wedding shows to visit in England if you’re planning your wedding There are so many decisions to make, so many potential venues, so many other couples willing to ...

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Adult women do not need dress codes, especially not in sport

But how short is her skirt? (Picture: Getty) I’ve written before about how sexist, patronising and frustrating school dress codes can be.   As someone who spent their whole childhood being told to put a jumper back on, lest she distract a male teacher with her chest, I can’t understand how blaming a woman for distracting someone by having a ...

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Here's Why Heirloom Tomatoes Are Worth The Extra Money

Tomato season is upon us and that means we’re about to see our favorite fruit in a whole plethora of shades, shapes and sizes. Sure, these days you can find tomatoes at the grocery store year round. But those perfectly round, usually bland, tomatoes have been genetically modified over the years to highlight certain qualities that help make them available any ...

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The 3 Best Revelations About The Supreme Court Cafeteria

As the newest Supreme Court justice, Neil Gorsuch is now tasked with decision-making at the highest level: matters of the stomach.  Each incoming rookie justice is appointed to the committee that oversees the court’s cafeteria , since no veteran SCOTUS members want the apparently horrible task. It’s a lesser known, less glamorous aspect of the big gig, but a new article in ...

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