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Freeze-Dried Placenta Pills Linked to Newborn's Dangerous Bacterial Infection

In a certain corner of the alternative health movement, fueled by celebrity buzz, it’s become en vogue for new mothers to consume their placentas after giving birth. Companies have sprouted up offering to turn placentas into smoothies, truffles, and freeze-dried pills, claiming that placental eating—practiced by many mammal species—can give recovering moms a boost of vitamins and nutrients, and help ...

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Heat Will Hit America's Poorest Worst

In President Trump’s June 1stspeech withdrawing the U.S. from the Paris Climate Accord , he claimed the climate agreement was costing American workers . In a whole lot of ways: “In terms of lost jobs, lower wages, shuttered factories, and vastly diminished economic production.” Of course, doing nothing about climate change is an option. But what is the economic price…of ...

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Newly Isolated Nutmeg Compound Out-Cools Menthol

Rinsing with menthol-flavored mouthwash causes a tingly, cooling sensation because the compound triggers a cold-sensitive ion channel in sensory neurons. Now scientists have found a compound that is even more chilling. Isolated from nutmeg, the chemical is the most potent activator of the cooling channel yet found in nature (ACS Med. Chem. Lett. 2017, DOI: 10.1021/acsmedchemlett.7b00104 ). l-Menthol, which comes ...

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An Atlas for the End of the World

Seen from 28,000 miles away, Earth is beautiful. But its beauty is deceptive. We don’t see the five billion tons of surplus carbon we pump into the atmosphere every year, our toxic waterways or our sprawling megacities and the vast fossil-fueled monocultures of cattle and corn that feed them. Most importantly, we don’t see the global archipelago of protected areas ...

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Wild ducks caught on camera snacking on small birds

Wild mallard ducks have been observed attacking and eating migratory birds. This has never been documented before and is probably a new behaviour, say scientists. Zoologists at the University of Cambridge filmed a group of mallard ducks hunting other birds on a reservoir in Romania. Two fledglings – a grey wagtail and a black redstart – were chased and swallowed ...

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Korean Scientists Are Making Kimchi Less Smelly For Westerners, And People Are Pissed

Kimchi is synonymous with South Korea. Though it’s only a side dish, the mix of fermented vegetables and spices is so common in Korean households that a South Korean-born chef once told NPR it is “like air in Korea .” Kimchi’s unique taste is what makes people love it or loathe it. The dish, a red-hued, tangy mix of vegetables and ...

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Utah Lawmaker Blames 'Treehuggers' And 'Rock-Lickers' For Wildfires

A state lawmaker in Utah has blamed a raging wildfire on federal logging regulations and “bunny-loving” environmentalists, saying a spate of beetle infestations has only fueled a blaze that’s forced the evacuation of nearly 1,500 people. Utah state Rep. Mike Noel on Monday linked the huge Brian Head fire  that scorched some 54,000 acres to a lack of logging in ...

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Science Explains Why Fake News Goes Viral

People’s limited attention spans, plus the sheer overload of information on social media may combine to make fake news  and hoaxes  go viral, according to a new study. Understanding why and how fake news spreads may one day help researchers develop tools to combat its spread, the researchers said. For example, the new research points toward curbing the use of social bots ...

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Can We Ditch Dark Energy By Better Understanding General Relativity?

A renewed suggestion that dark energy may not be real — dispensing with 70% of the stuff in the universe — has reignited a longstanding debate . Dark energy and dark matter are theoretical inventions that explain observations we cannot otherwise understand. On the scale of galaxies, gravity appears to be stronger than we can account for using only particles ...

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By 2090, The Paris Climate Pact Could Save Thousands Of U.S. Lives Each Year

WASHINGTON — As climate change drives up global temperatures, sweltering summer heat is becoming increasingly dangerous. And for thousands of city-dwelling Americans, world leaders’ willingness to meet the targets of the historic Paris climate pact could mean the difference between life and death. That’s according to a new analysis by the Natural Resources Defense Council  that describes some potential local effects of ...

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