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Ultra-tough antibiotic to fight superbugs

0SHARESShare US scientists have re-engineered a vital antibiotic in a bid to wipe out one of the world’s most threatening superbugs. Their new version of vancomycin is designed to be ultra-tough and appears to be a thousand times more potent than the old drug, PNAS journal reports. It fights bacteria in three different ways, making it much less likely that ...

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Paris climate deal: EU and China rebuff Trump

0SHARESShare Chinese and EU leaders are to agree a joint statement on the Paris climate agreement saying it is “an imperative more important than ever”. A draft of the document, seen by the BBC, stresses the “highest political commitment” to implement the deal. It will be widely seen as a rebuff to the US, as President Trump prepares to announce ...

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Antarctic ice crack takes major turn

0SHARESShare There has been an important development in the big crack cutting across the Larsen C Ice Shelf in Antarctica. The fissure, which threatens to spawn one of the biggest bergs ever seen, has dramatically changed direction. “The rift has propagated a further 16km, with a significant apparent right turn towards the end, moving the tip 13km from the ice ...

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Gravitational waves: Third detection of deep space warping

0SHARESShare Scientists are reporting yet another burst of gravitational waves. The signals were picked up by the Advanced LIGO facilities in the US and are determined to have come from the merger of two huge black holes some three billion light-years from Earth. It is the third time now that the labs’ laser instruments have been perturbed by the warping ...

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Faces recreated from monkey brain signals

0SHARESShare Scientists in the US have accurately reconstructed images of human faces by monitoring the responses of monkey brain cells. The brains of primates can resolve different faces with remarkable speed and reliability, but the underlying mechanisms are not fully understood. The researchers showed pictures of human faces to macaques and then recorded patterns of brain activity. The work could ...

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Beaver return 'benefits environment'

0SHARESShare Media playback is unsupported on your device Beavers should be re-introduced to England to improve water supplies, prevent floods and tackle soil loss, a researcher says. New results from a trial in Devon show muddy water entering a beaver wetland is three times cleaner when it leaves. The farmers’ union, NFU, warns that beavers brought back to Scotland have ...

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Trump 'does believe in climate change', says US ambassador to UN

0SHARESShare US President Donald Trump “believes the climate is changing and he believes pollutants are part of the equation,” says the US ambassador to the UN. He knows “the US has to be responsible for it and that’s what we’re going to do,” said Nikki Haley. The president provoked widespread condemnation when he announced on Thursday the US would withdraw ...

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Trump climate deal: Modi vows to go beyond Paris accord

0SHARESShare Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has vowed his country will go “above and beyond” the 2015 Paris accord on combating climate change. Speaking at a news conference with French President Emmanuel Macron, Mr Modi described the agreement as part of “our duty to protect Mother Earth”. Several global leaders have criticised President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw the US ...

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Earth-observing companies push for more-advanced science satellites

Satellogic The commercial remote-sensing firm Satellogic captured this hyperspectral view of the countryside surrounding Buenos Aires. Never have so many private eyes looked down at Earth. In the past decade, about a dozen companies have formed to launch Earth-observing satellites. Few have sought to compete with sophisticated government-built instruments, but that is changing. Private firms have begun to develop satellite ...

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Drop in cases of Zika threatens large-scale trials

Mauricio Lima/NYT/eyevine Zika infection in pregnancy can cause birth defects, but a fall in cases means risks may not be understood. Studies of thousands of pregnant women that were set up to probe the link between Zika and birth defects may not provide definitive answers because of a sharp drop in the number of new cases, researchers have warned. The ...

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