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All three chicks at Cairngorms osprey nest die

0SHARESShare All three chicks being raised by a well-known female osprey in the Cairngorms have died, RSPB Scotland has confirmed. EJ has weathered a snow storm and harassment from rival ospreys while incubating her clutch of three eggs. All hatched over the past few days. The RSPB suspects mate Odin, who was bringing fish to the chicks, was frightened off ...

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Brexit barriers 'would harm science', say universities

0SHARESShare Barriers to research collaboration in Europe as a result of Brexit would harm scientific progress, says a group of leading UK universities. Science and research should be a priority in the talks between the UK and the EU, says the Russell Group of research intensive universities. Any barriers “would be bad for the UK and bad for Europe”, said ...

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Paleo Profile: The "Need Helmet" Dinosaur

A new species of dinosaur is named about every two weeks. That’s the latest statistic for the breakneck speed of dinosaur paleontology these days, but the announcements aren’t evenly spread. Some weeks there will be no new dinosaurs at all and others you’ll be flooded by an array of novel names. That’s what happened earlier this month. On the same day ...

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37 Years Ago, America's Relationship with Volcanoes Changed Forever

Many of you probably hadn’t even been born when Mount St. Helens erupted on May 18th, 1980. You’ve never lived in an America that basically didn’t expect exciting eruptions to happen in the lower 48. So it may be hard to imagine a time when most Americans were utterly astonished that one of our backyard volcanoes roared to life and ...

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A Radical Approach against Superbugs: Learn to Live with Them

LA JOLLA, Calif.—As her father lay dying of sepsis , Janelle Ayres spent nine agonizing days at his bedside. When he didn’t beat the virulent bloodstream infection, she grieved. And then she got frustrated. She knew there had to be a better way to help patients like her dad. In fact, she was working on one in her lab. Ayres, ...

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The Terrible Leaf Walker Frog

Regular readers will know that I try and cover anuran diversity as and when possible (anurans = frogs and toads). I’m always chronically limited by the availability of imagery: it’s really hard to write about obscure amphibians (and reptiles too), at least when you like your articles to be accompanied with a reasonable array of images. Captive P. terribilis. Proof ...

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NASA Calls for Europa Mission Instrument Ideas

0SHARESShare It’s time for scientists to start thinking about the instruments they’d like to put on a potential life-hunting lander mission to Jupiter’s ocean-harboring moon Europa, NASA officials said. Yesterday (May 17), the space agency issued a “community announcement” about the possible Europa lander mission , telling researchers to get ready for an upcoming science-instrument competition. “The possibility of placing a ...

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The Extraordinary Evolution of Cichlid Fishes

0SHARESShare Africa’s Lake Victoria is home to one of evolution’s greatest experiments. In its waters, what began as a single lineage belonging to the cichlid family of fishes has since given rise to a dazzling array of forms. Like Charles Darwin’s famous finches, which evolved a wide range of beak shapes and sizes to exploit the different foods available in ...

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Mount Everest's famous Hillary Step destroyed, mountaineers confirm

0SHARESShare A famous feature of Mount Everest has collapsed, potentially making the world’s highest peak even more dangerous to climbers. Mountaineers said the Hillary Step may have fallen victim to Nepal’s devastating 2015 earthquake. The near-vertical 12-metre (39 ft) rocky outcrop stood on the mountain’s southeast ridge, and was the last great challenge before the top. It was named after ...

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Norway to boost protection of Arctic seed vault from climate change

0SHARESShare Norway is boosting the flood defences of its Global Seed Vault on the Arctic archipelago of Svalbard after water entered the entrance tunnel last year. The storage facility, deep inside a mountain, is designed to preserve the world’s crops from future disasters. Unseasonably high temperatures last year caused the permafrost to melt, sending water into the access tunnel. No ...

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