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Build Your Perfect Beach Day And We'll Tell You Where To Travel Next

0SHARESShare You got: Santorini, Greece Romantic, relaxing and completely stunning, Santorini is the perfect getaway for you. Bask in the sun from the patio of your villa, looking out upon miles of the cerulean blue Aegean sea. Getty Images Take quizzes and chill with the BuzzFeed app. Get the app You got: Amalfi Coast, Italy Pack your bags and head ...

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19 Life-Changing Wild Adventures Everyone Must Try In Scotland

0SHARESShare Fisherfield, also known as the Great Wilderness, is a huge, mysterious, and remote area in Wester Ross, home to secretive Scottish wild cats and deer. It takes three days to hike across it, and the only accommodation on offer is a semi-ruined bothy, so it might be a good idea to take a tent (or a hammock). 0SHARESShare Click ...

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7 Insane Scottish Tree Houses That Look Like Something Out Of A Fantasy Novel

0SHARESShare Sadly, this ambitious tree house isn’t available as a holiday home (yet), but it’s certainly worth a mention. It was designed by Gordon Brown, a talented Scottish designer who was asked to create a treehouse in the grounds of a grand estate in Fife for the owner’s children. It’s built in an ancient cedar, it has a tree deck ...

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24 Photos That Prove Glasgow Is The Ugliest City In Scotland

[unable to retrieve full-text content] It’s an architectural armpit, basically. As everyone knows, Glasgow is ugly and industrial. Finnieston Crane and the River Clyde at night. Flickr: 99408200@N05 / Creative Commons It doesn’t have any sweet or rustic hidden corners. Ruthven Lane, off Byres Road. Flickr: slack12 / Creative Commons Nope, there are no secluded or tranquil spots at all. ...

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Why You MUST See The Mona Lisa If You're In Paris

0SHARESShare [unable to retrieve full-text content] If you didn’t see the Mona Lisa, did you even go to France? We all know the Mona Lisa. factsforkids.net The saucy minx who soft-smiled her way into the Louvre. history.com Yeah, dis gurl. history.com / Via history.com Just imagine. You’re in Paris, one of the greatest cities in the world! And there are ...

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20 Photos That Prove Barcelona Is Basically Heaven On Earth

0SHARESShare [unable to retrieve full-text content] *Packs bags and books flight* Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed Fact: Barcelona is the greatest city in the world*. *IMHO, that is. But seriously? Between the Mediterranean sunshine, the mouthwatering tapas and the fact that water is more expensive than wine (seriously)— Barcelona is downright magical. Here are 21 reasons to pack your bags and ...

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Here's The Most Beautiful College Campus In Every Single State

Where: WilliamstownDate founded: 1793Fun fact: This small liberal arts college in New England has an impressive list of alumni, including 7 Pulitzer Prize winners, a Nobel Prize Laureate, over 50 U.S. Congressmen, 18 governors, and former U.S. President, James Garfield. Click here to Read from the source

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30 Of The Most Breathtaking Destinations On Earth

0SHARESShare [unable to retrieve full-text content] BRB, booking plane tickets. See Iguazu Falls from both Argentina and Brazil. —rsh85 These massive waterfalls, over 270 in total, form the boundary between Argentina and Brazil. The tallest of the falls, called Devil’s Throat, cascades about 250 feet. Elnavegante / Getty Images Travel to the Maldives. “You wake up to sea turtles, fish, ...

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These Pictures Prove That Humans Physically Can't Function Properly On Airplanes

0SHARESShare [unable to retrieve full-text content] There’s something toxic in the peanuts. Ma’am, your footprints are going to ruin the television screen. Instagram: @passengershaming Somebody became a feminist mid-flight. Instagram: @passengershaming A+ for effort. Instagram: @passengershaming View Entire List › 0SHARESShare Click here to Read from the source

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We Got Wasted At A "Walking Dead" Bar And It Was Unnerving As Fuck

…but without the smoke grenades, braying crowds, or fights to the death. Linden Wilkinson, one of the founders of The Pop Up Geeks, told BuzzFeed: “We’re huge fans of the show and the comics, so we were really excited to bring them to life. Coming up with the drinks was interesting – when we did the Game of Thrones bar ...

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