Flying wheel misses windscreen by inches in dashcam footage

It missed the windscreen by inches (Picture: SWNS)

A flying wheel misses a van’s windscreen by inches in this heart-stopping footage.

Dashcam footage captured the moment a wheel suddenly fell off a car driving through Mansfield, Nottinghamshire.

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The loose wheel then flew straight towards the Fiat van being driven by Darren Marriott, missing the windscreen but bouncing off the vehicle’s roof.

Darren was driving his son Oliver home from nearby college when the incident happened, and the 12-year-old can be heard shouting ‘oh my god’ seconds afterwards.

Darren said: ‘It was a real heart-in-mouth moment.

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flying wheel

The wheel took a freak bounce straight towards them (Picture: SWNS)

‘There was no suggestion that it was going to come off at all – all we heard was the thud of the tyre against the garden wall. Then it just hurtled towards us.

‘For a second or two it looked like it was going to go through the windscreen. If it had of done, I doubt I’d have been able to live to tell the tale.’

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But incredibly, no one was hurt.

The 46-year-old said a woman in her late 20s was driving the black Mitsubishi, and had a young child in the back during the terrifying incident last month.

She claimed the tyre had been fitted at a local garage earlier that day.

flying wheel

No one was hurt (Picture: SWNS)

Darren added: ‘Oliver and I both feel very lucky that it missed the windscreen and hit the top of my van.

‘She said that the tyre had been fitted earlier in the day, and that they might well have put the nuts and bolts on incorrectly.

‘I was going to stay and help, but she said that her husband was nearby, and that he’d come and help her.

‘It’s not something that you see everyday, but I’m just relieved that it didn’t turn out the way that it could have.’