What Are Your Camp Counselor Horror Stories?

3. Ever been in the pool when one of your adorable little campers decided to take a shit and YOU were the one that had to clean it? View this image › Paramount Pictures 4. Or have your phone stolen only for a kid to find pictures that no one else was supposed to see? View this image › Universal ...

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The Hardest Finnish "Harry Potter" Vocab Test You'll Literally Ever Take

Hogsmeade Hogwarts Hog’s Head Professor Quirrell Professor Snape Professor Karkaroff Kaato Ryhmy Sieppi Anturajalka Kuutamo Sarvihaara Matohäntä Expecto Patronum Wingardium Leviosa Locomotor Mortis Accio Lumos Imperio Kääpiöpallura Kirskuristaja Pokkuroija Pimento Punurmio Voro Sudenmyrkkyjuoma Monijuomaliemi Totuusseerumi Moody Flitwick Shacklebolt The Hardest Finnish “Harry Potter” Vocab Test You’ll Literally Ever Take SHARE YOUR RESULTS Check out more articles on BuzzFeed.com! Share this ...

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Roche cancer drug taking bite out of Bristol's Opdivo

The office tower of the headquarters of Swiss drugmaker Roche is seen in Basel, Switzerland, December 15, 2016. REUTERS/Arnd Wiegmann Share this : Email Related 0SHARESShare Tweet

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Stronger malpractice laws may not prevent surgical complications

By Lisa Rapaport (This Jan. 13 story corrects spelling of Mello, from Mellow, in paragraphs 12 and 13) By Lisa Rapaport (Reuters Health) – More aggressive malpractice climates don’t necessarily protect patients from surgical complications, a new study suggests Supporters of medical malpractice laws that make it easier for patients to sue doctors say these protections are necessary to improve ...

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EU food safety body to look again at palm oil health risks

The European Food Safety Authority will re-examine its warning on health risks stemming from palm and other vegetable oils, a spokeswoman at the European body said in light of a recent study expressing less concern than EFSA. Food producers across Europe are closely monitoring independent authorities’ indications on health risks related to palm oil, a low-cost ingredient which is used ...

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YouTube videos on contraceptive implants mostly accurate, mostly positive

By Madeline Kennedy (Reuters Health) – The internet is not necessarily a bad place to find information about long-term birth control implants, a study suggests. Young women looking online for information about these devices are likely to find YouTube videos that are fairly accurate and mostly recount positive experiences by implant users, researchers report. Information from internet sites like YouTube ...

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