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Unfair Eviction Screening Policies Are Disproportionately Blacklisting Black Women

Five years ago, Nikita Smith’s landlord filed an eviction case against her. They worked it out, and Ms. Smith was never evicted. Little did she know that years later, the eviction filing would continue to haunt her. When she applied for another apartment in Renton, Washington, just outside Seattle, the property’s management company shut her out from the chance to ...

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Local Leaders Should Know the Constitutional and Public Safety Risks of Joining Trump’s Deportation Force

You may have heard how Trump is trying to bully local police departments into becoming part of his deportation force. ACLU affiliates across the country are fighting back. Right now, we’re sending letters to law enforcement and other local leaders in a dozen states across the country—in Alaska, Delaware , Florida, Hawaii, Idaho, Maine , Minnesota, Ohio, South Carolina, Rhode ...

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President Trump’s Campaign Promises Stick With Us — They Should Stick With Him, Too

This piece originally appeared at Just Security .  The ongoing travel ban litigation has triggered intense debate on whether an assessment of the ban’s constitutionality must be limited to the“four corners” of President Trump’s revised executive order. This is partly because there is little else to discuss. Given the Trump Administration’s many anti-Muslim statements, it’s hard to imagine how the ban ...

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A Border Agent Took My Sister and Me Into a Closet and Sexually Assaulted Us

This piece originally appeared on ACLU of Northern California’s Blog . Warning: This piece contains descriptions of sexual abuse experienced by the author by a U.S. immigration officer. I had heard rumors about the challenges faced at the U.S. border, and I understood the consequences of choosing to cross in hopes of a better future. None of that mattered, though. ...

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Un Oficial de Inmigración Nos Metió a Mi Hermana y a Mí en Un Armario y Nos Agredió Sexualmente

Advertencia: Este escrito contiene descripciones de asalto sexual sufridos por la autora por un oficial de inmigración. Había oído rumores sobre los retos a enfrentarse en la frontera de Estados Unidos, y entendía las consecuencias si decidiera cruzar para encontrar un futuro mejor. Aunque nada de eso importaba. Mi hermana y yo estábamos determinadas a huir de Guatemala. Luego de ...

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Congress: Medicaid Allows Me to Have a Job and Live Independently

As part of the one of five Americans living with a disability, I am happy to be gainfully employed. I am able to file and pay my taxes in a timely manner and can be considered a responsible adult. But this is only possible because I have the support I need to get out of bed each morning. And in ...

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Arkansas’s Reckless Plan to Execute 8 Men in 10 Days Could End in State-Sanctioned Torture Before Death

Between April 17 and 27, Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson plans on doing what should be inconceivable: executing eight prisoners in ten days . After killing no prisoners in the last 12 years, the state is rushing to execute these eight men before the controversial execution drug it needs to carry them out expires on April 30. The drug, Midazolam, has ...

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In an Unprecedented No-Show, the U.S. Pulls Out of Planned Human Rights Hearing

The United States has pulled its participation from hearings planned for today by a regional human rights body that has enjoyed the support of every U.S. administration since its founding. The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights is meeting in Washington, D.C., for a regular session covering human rights issues spanning North and South America. The hearings today are scheduled to ...

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The Government Is Trying to Name and Shame Local and State Police Departments That Won’t Do Their Bidding

Immigration and Customs Enforcement yesterday released its first report attempting to name and shame police departments that require more than ICE’s say-so in order to hold someone in jail. This is just the Trump administration’s latest attempt to smear sanctuary cities, but it’s also a trap for local law enforcement—ICE could be shaming them into violating your rights. In the ...

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What Does Nonpartisanship Look Like in the Age of Trump?

Last Saturday, this organization marked a radical departure from how we have done things in the past. At 2,200 events around the country, some 200,000 people across the country joined the ACLU to learn how they can fight the Trump agenda . For the first time in our 97-year history, we are organizing a grassroots resistance to unconstitutional policies for ...

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