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Federal Court Calls Trump’s Threats to Defund Sanctuary Cities Unconstitutional

0SHARESShare For months, the Trump administration has tried to bully local communities into signing up to become extensions of the federal deportation system. That campaign of threats and public shaming based on flawed data — which has been mostly unsuccessful — suffered another major blow yesterday. A federal court in San Francisco ruled in two cases that the president’s threats ...

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We All Need to Defend Speech We Hate

0SHARESShare This piece originally appeared at Inside Sources .  Controversial, critical, confrontational, and challenging speech is an essential part of any successful college education. Without it, institutions of higher education cannot truly be said to be preparing students for the world outside of the ivory tower. For many, a college campus is the last stop on the train to true adulthood. ...

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Anti-LGBT Forces in Congress Are Giving Trump Very Bad Advice

0SHARESShare Several dozen Republican members of the House of Representatives are urging President Trump to issue an unconstitutional executive order that would authorize wide-ranging, taxpayer-funded discrimination against LGBT people, women, and religious minorities. A draft of the EO that leaked earlier this year would allow federal employees, contractors, and grantees a “reasonable accommodation” to act pursuant to their beliefs that ...

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In Its Rush to Kill, Arkansas May Have Executed an Innocent Man

0SHARESShare Ledell Lee’s first hard-knock moment came even before he was born. His mom, 16 and on her third pregnancy by a man years older than she was, drank and smoked through his pregnancy. Because of her substance abuse, Ledell was born with a fetal alcohol syndrome disorder, a medical condition that left him with brain dysfunction and intellectual disability. ...

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In Time for the Reform Debate, New Documents Shed Light on the Government’s Surveillance of Americans

0SHARESShare The ACLU today released more than a dozen new documents concerning the government’s warrantless surveillance of millions of Americans. They were obtained from several intelligence agencies in an ongoing Freedom of Information Act lawsuit and relate to Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, the law that the government relies on to conduct its PRISM and Upstream spying ...

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Donald Trump Has Free Speech Rights, Too

0SHARESShare Few organizations have been more engaged in fighting President Donald Trump’s attacks on civil liberties and civil rights than the ACLU. But it’s important to remember that political candidates — including Donald Trump — have constitutional rights, too. A judge recently held that Donald Trump may have committed incitement when, at a campaign rally in Kentucky last year, he ...

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I Spent More Than 6 Years in Prison. Now I’m Deputy Director of the ACLU’s Campaign for Smart Justice.

In January 2000, I was released from a Pennsylvania state prison after serving six-and-a-half years. In 1994, I had pled guilty to criminal charges of robbery, kidnapping, criminal conspiracy, and violation of the Uniformed Firearms Act. In January 2017, I accepted an offer to serve as the ACLU’s deputy director for the Smart Justice Campaign. Did you just do a ...

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Teens Who Engage in ‘Sexting’ Should Not Be Prosecuted as Sex Offenders

0SHARESShare In an early episode of the television series “Girls,” Adam sends Hannah a photo of his penis and then a text message: “SRY that wasn’t for you.” Hannah and her friends debate the intention of Adam’s actions, but one thing is clear: The explicit photo he sent isn’t unusual, and it certainly isn’t criminal. Had he lived in the ...

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With North Carolina, the NBA, and the NCAA Caving on Trans Rights, Texas Finds New Momentum for Discrimination

0SHARESShare Last month, North Carolina lawmakers passed what they called a “compromise repeal” of the state’s notoriously costly and discriminatory anti-LGBT law, House Bill 2. HB2 mandated statewide discrimination against trans people in schools and other government buildings and restricted the ability of localities from passing nondiscrimination ordinances protecting against sexual orientation and gender-identity-based discrimination. But the HB2 replacement, House ...

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The Entire Massachusetts Criminal Justice System Is Tainted, Not Just the Dookhan Convictions

This blog originally appeared on the ACLU of Massachusetts website. What state saddled its residents with 23,000 wrongful drug convictions, then dedicated millions of taxpayer dollars and years of public labor opposing efforts to get justice for the wrongfully convicted? Surprise, it’s progressive Massachusetts. Massachusetts is seriously regressive on criminal justice issues. Despite massive scandals at the Hinton and Amherst ...

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