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Two Courts Find That, Yes, It Was a Muslim Ban All Along

The federal courts have dealt two more blows to President Trump’s ongoing attempt to ban Muslims from entering the United States. The two rulings, issued yesterday in separate lawsuits in Hawaii and Maryland, made clear that the president’s second Muslim ban executive order is just as unconstitutional as the first . The first blow came yesterday from a federal court ...

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Secretary Price, Don’t Mess With People With Disabilities' Freedom

Imagine a life where every part of your day is defined, regimented, controlled by someone other than you. Where even basic decisions, like what to eat, where to go, or who to spend time with are denied you. For people with disabilities living in many residential facilities, this is the reality. Basic choices, from decisions about where to live to ...

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Trump Is Considering Expanding Killing Powers Abroad. The Consequences for Civilians Will Be Disastrous.

When the Obama administration put in place guidelines meant to restrain lethal drone and other killings abroad, we were concerned that they set too low a bar, and that even that low bar could easily be overturned. Now, our worst fears are coming to a head. According to a recent New York Times report , the Trump administration is considering ...

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Kalief Browder’s Tragic Death and the Criminal Injustice of Our Bail System

Over the last two weeks, Americans have revisited the tragic details of the death of 22-year-old Kalief Browder. The documentary series “Time: The Kalief Browder Story,” airs its third of six episodes tonight about Kalief, who spent three years in jail without ever being convicted of the crime with which he was charged. Kalief’s story matters. It matters for his ...

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The “Freedom Cities” Campaign: Resistance through Progress at the Local Level

On Saturday night, people at more than 2,200 events around the nation tuned in for the inaugural event of People Power , a new platform harnessing nationwide grassroots resistance to the Trump administration’s assault on our Constitution and our values. At the event, we announced “Freedom Cities,” a campaign that provides a concrete plan for the People Power team to ...

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Why is DHS Labeling Protesters “Domestic Terrorists”?

This blog originally appeared on the ACLU of Oregon’s website . The United States government considered Nelson Mandela a terrorist until 2008. Mandela was a designated terrorist 18 years after he was released from prison, 15 years after he won the Nobel peace prize, and 14 years after he was elected president of South Africa. Let that sink in for ...

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In a First, the Trump Administration Moves to Invoke Secrecy Claims in Torture Lawsuit

Suleiman Abdullah Salim, an ACLU client suing the two psychologists behind the CIA torture program. As a landmark case surrounding the CIA’s Bush-era torture program approaches its trial date, the government is seeking to block the release of certain information it claims must be kept secret. Yet unlike previous cases in which the government successfully blocked torture lawsuits from moving ...

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Texas Looking to Follow North Carolina’s Shameful Lead in Targeting Transgender People

Hundreds of transgender Texans, alongside their families, friends, and colleagues, gathered in Austin on Tuesday to testify against Senate Bill 6 — a bill targeting transgender individuals. The measure, which passed the out of the Senate State Affairs Committee after a hearing that went through the night, closely resembles North Carolina’s controversial law, HB 2 , which was passed last ...

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On International Women’s Day, Here’s How the ACLU Is Fighting for Women’s Rights in the Face of the Most Anti-Woman Agenda in History

Today, as women across the world celebrate International Women’s Day, many here in the U.S. will be participating in “A Day Without a Woman ,” a follow-on to the Women’s March on inauguration weekend that drew millions to rally in Washington, D.C., as well as in cities around the country and around the world. For many of us who work ...

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This Letter Is Why the ACLU Protects the Constitutional Rights of Everyone in This Country

Sometimes you’re reminded of why you do the work you do. I received that reminder recently when a friend of mine passed a letter to me after we convinced a federal judge to block President Trump’s first Muslim ban. When I opened it and read it, I cried. But these were tears of joy, a humbling reminder that principled dissent ...

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