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ACLU and Other Groups Ask for Emergency Hearing on the Muslim Ban from International Human Rights Body

The ACLU, joined by more than 40 other groups, is taking the fight against President Trump’s immoral and unconstitutional Muslim ban to the international stage. Since the implementation of the ban just over two weeks ago, refugee and human rights officials around the world have been quick to remind the president that fear and xenophobia are no excuse for discrimination ...

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Social Networking Powerhouse Facebook Steps Forward to Bar Discriminatory Advertising on Its Site

Online advertisers wield immense power. With any given ad, they can reach the consumers they have in mind by targeting specific groups of people with exquisite detail. Such personalization has serious consequences for civil rights. It’s entirely possible for a property manager to show ads for available apartments only to white men who watched the Super Bowl. That could be ...

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Flying Home From Abroad, a Border Agent Stopped and Questioned Me … About My Work for the ACLU

Last week, I was flying home from a work trip and faced Customs and Border Protection questioning unlike anything I’ve ever experienced in over 25 years of travel into and out of this country, including more than 10 years of travel for my work as an attorney with the American Civil Liberties Union and other rights groups. Compared to the ...

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Court Leaders Nationwide Send Message to Debtors’ Prisons: Courts Are Not ATMs.

Last week, state court leaders from across the nation took critically important action against debtors’ prisons to ensure that people are not locked up simply because they are poor. Following reports of the devastating effects of debtors’ prisons across the country —  including in Ferguson , Georgia , Washington , Michigan , Mississippi , and Colorado — the top national organizations of state ...

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Trump's Muslim Ban Flies in the Face of International Law and Treaties the US Has Ratified

This piece originally ran at Al Jazeera English .  The day after US President Donald Trump signed his now notorious Muslim ban, he spoke with Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel. Over the phone, she reportedly “explained” to Trump the United States’ obligations under international refugee law, which requires the international community to take in war refugees on humanitarian grounds. It’s hardly surprising ...

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Supreme Court Nominee Neil Gorsuch Has a Troubling History When Ruling on Disability Rights Cases

President Donald Trump with Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch at the White House. (Photo: The White House) On Tuesday night, President Trump nominated Neil Gorsuch, a federal appellate judge, as his nominee to replace the late Antonin Scalia to the Supreme Court. As journalists and activists scour through Gorsuch’s judicial record, they would do well to pay attention to his ...

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Racial Disparities in Student Arrests Is An Epidemic Affecting Children Nationwide

Black students make up 15.5 percent of school enrollment nationwide but a staggering 33.4 percent of students arrested. This alarming finding comes from Education Week’s analysis of the latest federal Civil Rights Data Collection from the 2013-2014 school year. This is a problem for all parts of our country. As Education Week reports, racial disparities are found in 43 of ...

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If We Care About Abortion, Asking Judge Neil Gorsuch His Opinion on Roe v. Wade Is Not Enough

Now that President Trump has nominated federal judge Neil Gorsuch to be considered for the Supreme Court, one question on everyone’s mind is, “What’s his position on Roe v. Wade?”  That is a shorthand way of asking, “Does he believe that a woman has a constitutional right to abortion.” That is a critically important question, but often it’s not the ...

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Don’t Let Trump Normalize Guantánamo

There has been much talk lately about the dangers of normalizing President Trump’s extreme policy ideas and behavior. As a third presidential administration takes over Guantánamo, the idea that men will be imprisoned forever without charge or trial is also at risk of becoming “normal.” That is something that we cannot let happen because it is completely at odds with ...

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Should Your Boss’s Religious Beliefs Dictate Your Health Insurance Coverage? Supreme Court Nominee Judge Gorsuch Thinks So

One of the most popular components of the Affordable Care Act is the requirement that health insurance companies cover birth control without a co-pay.  Over 55 million women have benefitted from the coverage.  Nevertheless, over the last several years there has been an onslaught of court challenges to the birth control benefit by employers with religious objections to including the ...

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