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This State Representative Wants to Round Up Non-English Speaking Kids at School and Deport Them If They’re Undocumented. Here’s Why That’s Unconstitutional.

The state of Oklahoma is facing one of the worst budget crises in its history in the form of a nearly $900 million dollar budget shortfall . Legislators and the governor are scrambling to figure out how to get the state out of the red. But one state representative last week offered a plan that is as cruel as it ...

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Home Is Where My Fear Lives. Here’s My Story of Being Black in Madison County, Mississippi.

Early one summer morning, I heard a loud, intense banging on my front door. Alarmed, I asked who it was, but there was no answer. After a brief moment of silence and confusion, the banging continued. More concerned, I asked again who it was. This time someone yelled, “POLICE!” I opened my door to find six Madison County Sheriff’s Department ...

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Frontier Airlines Made Me Choose Between Breastfeeding My Daughter or Doing My Job

0SHARESShare I have been a flight attendant for 16 years, and I love flying. The thrill of take offs, the turbulence that gives me butterflies in my stomach, the anticipation of visiting new and familiar places. My dad, who was a private pilot, would take me out flying when I was younger, practicing touch-and-go landings and sharing his passion for ...

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The Firing of an Officer Who Didn’t Shoot First and Ask Questions Later Reveals The Greater Failings of Law Enforcement in the US

0SHARESShare “I am not going to shoot you, brother.”  In what world do those words being said by a police officer result in that officer being fired? You don’t have to go down the rabbit hole in search of a place where up is down, left is right, and war is peace.  All you need do is go to Weirton, ...

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Supreme Court's Decision Maintains Ruling that Discrimination Has No Place at the Polls

The Supreme Court announced today that it would not review a North Carolina law that, if enacted, would have deprived thousands of Americans of their right to vote. The decision effectively shuts the door on the state’s last available option to resuscitate the 2013 Voter Identification Verification Act, which an appeals court struck down last year as intentionally discriminatory against ...

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We’re Demanding Records on Comey’s Dismissal. Here’s Why.

0SHARESShare The ACLU today submitted a request to the Department of Justice and the FBI asking for the release of all documents relating to President Donald Trump’s decision to remove FBI Director James Comey from office. The cloud of uncertainty swirling over Comey’s dismissal, along with indications that the president may have gravely abused his power, demands a public accounting. ...

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After Seven Years in Custody, Chelsea Manning Will Soon Be Free

0SHARESShare Chelsea Manning almost died on our watch. She suffered at the hands of our government, and the toll of her incarceration nearly killed her. But she survived. Through long stretches of solitary confinement, the systemic denial of health care, relentless abuse, and a lifetime of consequences, she will have a chance to live. On Tuesday, January 17, 2017, President ...

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The Other Shoe Didn’t Drop on Birth Control Coverage Last Week, But Trump Greenlighted It

0SHARESShare The religious exemption executive order that President Trump signed last week was largely smoke and mirrors . But no one should be fooled by the illusion. The executive order paves the way for the administration’s vision for allowing religion to be used as a license to discriminate, including allowing employers to use their religious beliefs to block insurance coverage ...

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Kris Kobach, the ‘King of Voter Suppression,’ Will Lead Trump’s Sham Voter Fraud Commission. Be Afraid, Very Afraid.

0SHARESShare President Trump signed an executive order yesterday forming a commission to investigate voter fraud and voter suppression after repeatedly claiming, without evidence, that the United States has a “major problem” with illegal voting. In response to the executive order, the ACLU’s Voting Rights Project immediately filed a Freedom of Information Act request demanding that the government release any “evidence” ...

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Attorney General Jeff Sessions Has Just Doubled Down on the Immoral, Racist, and Counterproductive War on Drugs

0SHARESShare Attorney General Jeff Sessions knows that the United States is the world’s leading incarcerator . We imprison more people than any other nation in the world. But apparently he likes that distinction because he just doubled down on it, guaranteeing that more people will be locked up for drug offenses in America’s federal prisons. Yesterday Sessions issued a new ...

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