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The ‘Magna Carta’ of Cyberspace Turns 20: An Interview With the ACLU Lawyer Who Helped Save the Internet

0SHARESShare In the mid-1990s, as average American households were increasingly getting online, a “Great Internet Sex Panic ” threatened to severely restrict the most significant communications medium of our time. The Communications Decency Act was introduced in Congress in 1995 to address the fabricated threat that pornography was taking over the web and imperiling our children. “The information superhighway should ...

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It’s Time for Congressman Issa to Come Down From the Roof and Support the First Amendment

On May 30, Rep. Darrell Issa’s San Diego County constituents saw a different side of the nine-term member of Congress. Angry at peaceful protesters outside his district office building in Vista, California, the congressman took to the roof to express his frustration. Looking down upon the protesters, he phoned a local newspaper reporter to explain he was on the roof ...

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Jeff Sessions Wants a New War on Drugs. It Won't Work.

0SHARESShare This piece originally appeared on The Washington Post .  Attorney General Jeff Sessions is right to be concerned about recent increases in violent crime in some of our nation’s largest cities, as well as a tragic rise in drug overdoses nationwide [“Lax drug enforcement means more violence ,” op-ed, June 18]. But there is little reason to believe that ...

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We're Demanding Answers on U.S. Involvement in Torture at Secret UAE Prison Network

Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis meeting with the United Arab Emirates’ Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan in Abu Dhabi, UAE in February 2017. This week, thanks to excellent reporting by The Associated Press , we learned of horrific conditions and brutal torture at 18 prisons around Yemen that are run by the United Arab Emirates, a ...

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Ruthelle Frank, ACLU Plaintiff, Friend, and Voting Rights Champion, Passes Away at 89. The Fight for Every American’s Vote to be Counted Continues.

Attorneys from the American Civil Liberties Union first met Ruthelle Frank in 2011, when the then-84-year-old was fed up with her home state of Wisconsin’s attempts to infringe upon her right to vote. This month, we received the sad news that Ruthelle had passed away at the age of 89. Ruthelle cared deeply about community participation and leading by example. ...

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New Jersey Argued That a Calm Manner Could Be Used Against You in Police Interrogations. Luckily, It Lost.

0SHARESShare “That’s all I got to say.” This sounds like an assertion of the right to remain silent, doesn’t it? In a unanimous decision on Wednesday, the New Jersey Supreme Court ruled that, in fact, it is. The defendant in New Jersey v. S.S., charged with sexually assaulting his daughter, was interrogated about the alleged offense for about an hour ...

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Louisiana Locks Up More of Its Citizens Than Any Other State in the Nation, but Reform Is Coming

0SHARESShare Gov. Edwards signs historic justice reinvestment legislation in a room full of advocates. I was in the room last week when Gov. Jon Bel Edwards signed a package of 10 bills, passing the most aggressive criminal justice reform the state — and possibly the region — has ever seen. “We knew we needed to be bold, and think big, ...

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Can businesses turn LGBT people away because of who they are? That’s up to the Supreme Court now.

0SHARESShare The United States Supreme Court just agreed to decide a case about whether a business can refuse to sell commercial goods to a gay couple because of the business owner’s religious beliefs.  A win for the business could gut the nation’s civil rights laws, licensing discrimination not just against lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people, but against anyone protected ...

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I’m Suing Texas Because the Legislature Passed a Bill that Discriminates Against My Town

0SHARESShare I was born in Corpus Christi and I first came to live in the border town of El Cenizo as a 9-year-old kid. At that time, the place had just incorporated as a town after being a colonia, an informal community without running water or electricity. Most of the people I grew up with were U.S. citizens, like me, ...

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‘Clear Victory’ for President Trump on Muslim Ban 2.0? Hardly.

0SHARESShare After the Supreme Court ruled today that it would hear arguments on the Muslim ban that a number of lower courts have ruled against, the president claimed “clear victory.” Hardly. In fact, the court handed the government a sweeping, but not complete, defeat. It rejected the government’s blanket ban and recognized what all the lower courts in two separate ...

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