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What Is Your Spirit Animal?

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Watch This Dog Drive His Toddler in a Power Wheels Jeep

When you’re too young for your driver’s license, it’s always good to have a pal who can take the wheel. This young tike knows that very well. These two best friends look super fly riding in their Power Wheels Jeep. They’re definitely ready to take on any mountain, hill, and valley together. Watch this dog drive his toddler as they hit the open road! ...

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This Toddler in the Rain is Pure Joy

We did not know true, unadulterated joy until we witnessed this toddler in the rain. Seriously! Look at this boy’s wonder and awe as he takes in the feeling of drizzling rain on his outspread fingers. He doesn’t let a sopping wet onesie get in his way! Nor does he listen to the pleas of his mother to come indoors ...

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Yikes! Little Girl Goes Cross-Eyed Trying to Get Banana Off Her Face

Seeing this little girl with banana on her forehead is funny enough, but wait until you see her eyes dance! As she’s trying her hardest to clean it off, she goes cross-eyed. What’s weird is this kind of reaction to food is actually more common than you would think: Oh the mystery of what we can’t see unless we cross our ...

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Baby Girl Has THE Most Shocking Reaction To Her Bottle

By the looks of this baby girl’s face, we would’ve thought she’d seen a ghost! What was the cause of her shocking reaction? None other than her bottle. There are so many things about this video that we love: her all pink ensemble that matches her pink throne, her enthusiasm upon first laying eyes on the clear, plastic bottle, her full-body ...

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Mom Freaks Out Over Baby’s First Word

Oh, the thrills of parenthood! Check out this mom’s extremely ecstatic reaction to hearing her baby’s first word. And let’s be honest, who wouldn’t be freaking out? A child’s first step, first word, first “poopie” are monumental milestones in any kid’s (and parent’s) life! Though, it looks like she takes her excitement a liiiiittle too far… and her baby does not approve! Between the mom’s enthusiasm and ...

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Toddler and Dog Fight Over Stuffed Animal

Sharing is hard to do, whether you walk on two legs or four! Don’t believe us? Just ask this dynamic duo as they play a game of tug-a-war. Watch this toddler and dog fight over stuffed animal, and be impressed by the little girl’s tenacity (er… her ability to hang on!) as the dog comes out victorious. Well, that probably depends on your ...

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Baby Silences Dad So He Can Sing “Let It Go”

As with all good music, it is of the utmost importance to maintain its integrity, originality, and quality. Whether it’s a concerto by Mozart or a sonata by Beethoven, music must be treated as the art form that it is. This rule is doubly important for Disney songs! This poor dad can’t sing more than one line of “Let it Go” before baby silences dad. ...

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This Little Boy’s Got Moves Like Janet Jackson

Moves like Jagger? More like moves like Janet Jackson! This boy’s got grace. He’s got talent. He’s got star potential. Don’t believe us? Check out his sweet moves, and be sure to wait for his grand finale floor-drop! Yep, you heard us. It is a grand finale floor-drop, an intentional dance move. Definitely not an accidental wipeout. With dancing feet like ...

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Summer Bucket List Item: Go To An Amusement Park

Summer is here, and it’s time to officially get this party started. But how exactly should we do that? We’re glad you asked! We all know no summer is complete without a trip to an amusement park, and we want you to have the fullest, most fun, most awesomely epic summer of your lives (until next summer, of course). So we challenge you to go ...

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