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Grieving mum says Doppler device gave 'false reassurance'

A grieving mother has warned pregnant women not to use a home foetal listening device that gave her “false reassurance” her unborn baby was alive. Vicki McNelly, 29, thought she heard the baby moving when she used the Doppler kit but her daughter was stillborn the following day. Manufacturers say the kits are safe and should not be linked to ...

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Swansea tidal lagoon review head Charles Hendry 'hopeful'

The author of an independent review into the planned Swansea Bay tidal lagoon said he remains hopeful the UK government will back the scheme. It is now six months since ex-energy minister Charles Hendry’s report was published, concluding that the £1.3bn lagoon would be a “no regrets” option. The UK government is yet to respond to his findings but said ...

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TV airwaves to plug US rural broadband gap

Microsoft has laid out an ambitious plan to improve broadband services in rural America, using TV white space. The US Federal Communications Commission says 34 million Americans – 23.4 million of whom are in rural areas – lack a broadband net connection. Microsoft pledged to “eliminate” the problem in five years’ time, using spectrum freed up by the move to ...

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Russian security firm Kaspersky denies spy agency work

Moscow-based security company Kaspersky Lab has denied working with Russian intelligence agencies, following US media and government suspicion. News website Bloomberg said it had seen emails showing Kaspersky had developed tools for Russia’s intelligence agency. And, on Tuesday, the US government’s General Services Administration removed Kaspersky Lab from a list of approved vendors. But the company has now insisted it ...

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Overwatch: Bigger than the Premier League?

Could Overwatch be the game to take e-sports mainstream? Its developer Activision Blizzard has just announced the first seven team owners for a forthcoming league. It believes, in time, the tournament could prove more lucrative than the UK’s Premier League – football’s highest-earning competition. Several of the successful bidders have made their mark with traditional sports teams, and the buy-in ...

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Facebook shuts down 'legal pot shops'

Facebook has shut down pages offering marijuana for sale in Alaska, angering the businesses that run them, who say they were licensed to sell it. It highlights the problems faced by social networks trying to set boundaries for what users can post. The National Cannabis Industry Association said it was seeking “clearer guidelines” from Facebook. Affected businesses should appeal to ...

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Giant iceberg splits from Antarctic

One of the biggest icebergs ever recorded has just broken away from Antarctica. The giant block is estimated to cover an area of roughly 6,000 sq km; that’s about a quarter the size of Wales. An US satellite observed the berg on Wednesday while passing over a region known as the Larsen C Ice Shelf. Scientists were expecting it. They’d ...

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President Trump sued for blocking people on Twitter

President Donald Trump has been party to an eye-watering 4,000 lawsuits over the last 30 years, US media say. And now the mogul turned commander-in-chief has attracted one more, after seven people sued him for blocking them on Twitter. Mr Trump is an avid user of the social media forum, which he deploys to praise allies and lambast critics. The ...

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Lark or night owl? Blame your ancestors

Our ancestors could be to blame for the wide variety of human sleeping habits, from larks to night owls. Staggered sleeping patterns would have been an advantage in the distant past, when we lived in groups and needed someone to look out for wild beasts, say researchers. Anthropologists monitored sleep in the Hadza people of Tanzania who still live a ...

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Big cash boost for UK satellite sector

The UK government formally announced a more-than-£100m investment in the space sector on Tuesday. It is putting £99m into the Harwell science campus near Oxford to extend its satellite test facilities. A further £4m is going to Wescott in Buckinghamshire where rocket motors are built and tested. “It’s a fast growing sector – 8-10% per year; and it’s clearly important ...

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