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Why did 'power surge' hit BA computers?

0SHARESShare It is one of the worst IT meltdowns to hit British Airways in recent memory – thousands of passengers had flights disrupted or cancelled at the weekend and there were chaotic scenes at London’s Heathrow and Gatwick airports. Some travellers are still waiting to be reunited with their luggage, five days later. But what really went wrong? No-one seems ...

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Facebook shareholders press management on fake news

0SHARESShare For Facebook, it’s fake news. But shareholders say it’s a real issue. Owners of Facebook stock were rebuffed on Thursday after they called on company leaders to share more information about what they are doing to address the circulation of fake news. They asked the firm to prepare a report on the subject. Facebook maintained a report was unnecessary ...

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Putin: Patriotic Russians may be involved in hacking

0SHARESShare Russian President Vladimir Putin has suggested “patriotic” Russian citizens might be engaged in hacking. Such individuals might be joining “the justified fight against those speaking ill of Russia,” he said. Like “artists” who get up and paint all day, he added, hackers spend their day attacking adversaries. Mr Putin also denied once again that his administration hacked the US ...

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ViaSat-2: Satellite goliath goes into orbit

0SHARESShare The most powerful commercial broadband satellite ever built has just gone into orbit on an Ariane rocket. ViaSat-2, which is to be stationed above the Americas, has a total throughput capacity of about 300 gigabits per second. The spacecraft was part of a dual payload on the Ariane flight. It was joined by Eutelsat 172B, a UK/French-built platform to ...

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Tech leaders defy Trump on climate deal

0SHARESShare The biggest US tech firms are rallying behind the 2015 Paris climate agreement, despite President Trump’s decision to leave it. Mr Trump’s move has been met with dismay from other world leaders signed up to the accord – but much of the outcry can be heard on the west coast of his own country. The chief executives of Apple, ...

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US can ask visa applicants for social media history

0SHARESShare The Trump administration has approved plans to ask US visa applicants for details of their social media use. Consular officials can now ask for social media usernames going back five years via a new questionnaire. It also allows authorities to request email addresses, phone numbers and 15 years of biographical information. This can be requested when “more rigorous national ...

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YouTube clarifies 'hate speech' rules

0SHARESShare YouTube has clarified its rules on hate speech to enable video-makers to know which content it considers to be “advertiser-friendly”. In a blog post, the video-sharing website said it would not allow adverts to appear alongside “hateful” or discriminatory content. YouTube said it was making the changes to “address advertiser concerns around where their advertisements are placed”. But some ...

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London attack: PM's condemnation of tech firms criticised

0SHARESShare Prime Minister Theresa May has been warned that her promise to tighten regulation on tech firms after the London attacks will not work. Mrs May said areas of the internet must be closed because tech giants provided a “safe space” for terrorist ideology. But the Open Rights Group said social media firms were not the problem, while an expert ...

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Google to let publishers charge users for ad-blockers

0SHARESShare Google will let publishers ask people who use ad-blockers to either enable advertising or make a payment to view content without ads. “Funding Choices” will roll out first in North America, UK, Germany, Australia and New Zealand, Google said in a blog. Google is also working on an ad-blocker of its own, which will function in its Chrome browser. ...

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Schiaparelli: Crashed lander was ill-prepared for Mars

0SHARESShare The crashed European spacecraft Schiaparelli was ill-prepared for its attempt at landing on the surface of Mars. That’s the conclusion of an inquiry into the failure on 16 October 2016. The report outlines failings during the development process and makes several recommendations ahead of an attempt to land a rover on Mars in 2020. That mission will require more ...

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