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Bitcoin hits $2,000 trading high point

0SHARESShare The value of Bitcoin has hit a new high with each individual coin now worth more than $2,100 (£1,615). The valuation caps a strong month for the virtual currency, with its value growing by more than 65% in a month. The steady rise in value is believed to be linked to policy changes in Japan and China that have ...

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Intersex patients 'routinely lied to by doctors'

Media playback is unsupported on your device Doctors in the UK routinely lied to patients with disorders of sex development known as intersex conditions, the BBC has found. A leading paediatric consultant told BBC Radio 4 that withholding the truth of patients’ diagnoses had been “widespread”. Jeanette, now 71, was operated on at the age of 16 to remove her ...

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Mental health deaths probed at Essex NHS trust

Up to 20 deaths at an NHS-run mental health unit are being investigated as part of a police inquiry, the BBC has learned. It follows fresh investigations into the death of Matthew Leahy, who was found hanged at Linden Centre in 2012. His mother, Melanie Leahy, said her talks with Essex Police suggested the cases had taken place in the ...

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General election: Theresa May social care plan rethink

Media playback is unsupported on your device Theresa May has said proposed changes to social care funding in England will now include an “absolute limit” on the money people will have to pay. The prime minister denied claims of a U-turn, saying she was responding to “shameful” claims that people would be forced to sell their family home. Last week’s ...

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Microwave mushrooms 'to keep their goodness', scientists say

The healthiest way to cook mushrooms is to microwave or grill them to preserve their goodness, researchers say. These cooking methods significantly increase levels of antioxidants which protect cells against diseases, but boiling or frying reduces them. A study, from Spain, looked at the properties of four different types of mushrooms before and after cooking. Adding a little oil when ...

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All three chicks at Cairngorms osprey nest die

0SHARESShare All three chicks being raised by a well-known female osprey in the Cairngorms have died, RSPB Scotland has confirmed. EJ has weathered a snow storm and harassment from rival ospreys while incubating her clutch of three eggs. All hatched over the past few days. The RSPB suspects mate Odin, who was bringing fish to the chicks, was frightened off ...

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UK firm designs 'world's most affordable solar lamp'

A UK design consultancy has teamed up with a giant Chinese manufacturer to produce what they say is the world’s most affordable solar lamp. Manchester-based firm Inventid designed the SM100 solar light, which retails for $5 (£3.85) in African countries. It was developed in collaboration with China’s Yingli and charity Solar Aid. The hand-sized lamp runs for eight hours when ...

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Leaks 'expose peculiar Facebook moderation policy'

How Facebook censors what its users see has been revealed by internal documents, the Guardian newspaper says. It said the manuals revealed the criteria used to judge if posts were too violent, sexual, racist, hateful or supported terrorism. The Guardian said Facebook’s moderators were “overwhelmed” and had only seconds to decide if posts should stay. The leak comes soon after ...

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Windows 7 hardest hit by WannaCry worm

0SHARESShare The majority of machines hit by the WannaCry ransomware worm in the cyber-attack earlier this month were running Windows 7, security firms suggest. More than 97% of the infections seen by Kaspersky Lab and 66% of those seen by BitSight used the older software. WannaCry started spreading in mid-May and, so far, has infected more than 200,000 computers around ...

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Brexit barriers 'would harm science', say universities

0SHARESShare Barriers to research collaboration in Europe as a result of Brexit would harm scientific progress, says a group of leading UK universities. Science and research should be a priority in the talks between the UK and the EU, says the Russell Group of research intensive universities. Any barriers “would be bad for the UK and bad for Europe”, said ...

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