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'Fossil' groundwater's modern secret

0SHARESShare Media playback is unsupported on your device The world’s oldest and deepest waters are not immune from contamination, warn scientists. It had been assumed that “fossil” reserves found hundreds of metres underground would be largely untouched by modern water sources. But sampling from some 10,000 wells shows this not to be the case. The new study reveals that about ...

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Builders 'behind UK flooding risk'

0SHARESShare New housing developments that contribute to the risk of flooding are still being built, MPs say. House builders are supposed to create housing schemes that catch water with features like green roofs and porous road surfaces. The government has frequently said it’s committed to reducing flood risk. But the Commons Environment Food and Rural Affairs (Efra) committee says rules ...

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Twitter users up but 'headwinds' forecast

0SHARESShare The number of people using Twitter has risen and the firm’s losses narrowed in the first three months of this year. Its most famous frequent user, Donald Trump, is taking to Twitter less since assuming the US presidency, but active users of the message-in-brief platform have still risen by 14%, the firm said. However, revenue from advertising fell by ...

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UK protests Twitter's block on user data

0SHARESShare The British government is protesting against Twitter’s decision to withdraw access to user data used to investigate potential terrorist plots. The information was previously used by the police and the MI5 intelligence agency. However, the Telegraph newspaper cited industry sources, in a report on 25 April, saying the government’s access had been “blocked”. Twitter did not immediately respond to ...

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Fitbit investigates report of 'exploding' tracker

0SHARESShare Fitbit has said it is investigating a report from a Wisconsin woman who said she suffered second-degree burns when her fitness tracker caught fire. Dina Mitchell told ABC News that the Flex 2 began to combust on her wrist while she was reading a book. “It burned the heck out of my arm,” she said. Fitbit has said it ...

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Game guide malware 'targeted more than 500,000 users'

0SHARESShare App-based guides for games, including Fifa and Pokemon Go, were used to target more than 500,000 Android users with malware, a cyber-security company has said. The apps, discovered on the Google Play Store, were designed to take control of devices before downloading malware. Unwanted ads could then be displayed to users, for example, according to researchers at Check Point. ...

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Mental health care cuts in England 'to total £4.5m'

0SHARESShare Mental health spending is being cut by £4.5m in five English regions this year, new figures indicate. The largest cut, of £1.9m or 3.6% , will be made in Walsall, in the West Midlands, Pulse magazine data shows. Two Merseyside clinical commissioning groups (CCG) in Sefton and St Helens as well as Isle of Wight and Scarborough, North Yorkshire ...

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Alcohol binge can upset heart's rhythm, say researchers

0SHARESShare Drinking lots of alcohol in a short space of time will not only get you drunk but may also upset your heart rhythm, say researchers. They did a field experiment in Germany with 3,000 adults at Munich’s famous annual Oktoberfest. The odds of heart arrhythmia increased as beer consumption went up. Most of the arrhythmias were “apparently harmless” sinus ...

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General election 2017: Labour promises pay rises for NHS staff

0SHARESShare NHS staff will get higher pay and there will be no tuition fees for student nurses and midwives under a Labour government, the party is promising. Labour said the policies would help address staffing shortages in England that had become a “threat to patients”. The promises mark the first of what are expected to be a series of policy ...

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Last male northern white rhino joins Tinder to raise money

0SHARESShare Media playback is unsupported on your device The last male northern white rhino on earth has joined the dating app Tinder – as part of fundraising efforts by conservationists to save the species. At 43 (or 100 in rhino years), Sudan is described as “one of a kind”, who likes to eat grass and chill in the mud. Attempts ...

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