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Adobe to kill off Flash plug-in by 2020

Adobe Systems has said that it plans to phase out its Flash Player plug-in by the end of 2020. The technology was once one of the most widely used ways for people to watch video clips and play games online. But it also attracted much criticism, particularly as flaws in its code meant it became a popular way for hackers ...

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Electric Mini to be built in Oxford

A fully electric version of the Mini will be built at the Cowley plant in Oxford, BMW has said. The carmaker said the model would go into production in 2019, with Oxford the main “production location” for the Mini three-door model. However, the electric motor will be built in Germany before being shipped to Cowley for assembly. BMW said it ...

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Google SOS Alerts added to search results and maps

Google has begun rounding up information about unfolding natural disasters, terrorism and other crises within its Search and Maps tools. Visitors will be shown updates from authorities, news articles, emergency telephone numbers and other useful information in a single place. The SOS Alerts facility can also be set to trigger mobile notifications to those nearby to affected locations. However, it ...

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India says no to driverless cars to protect jobs

India is resisting the push towards driverless cars in order to protect jobs, its transport minister has said. Nitin Gadkari said the government would “not allow any technology that takes away jobs”. He said India needed to recruit about 22,000 more commercial drivers and would be opening 100 training facilities to address the need. India’s road system and sometimes chaotic ...

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Microsoft Paint avoids brush with death

Microsoft has confirmed that it will continue to offer its graphics program Paint. In a recent update, it had listed Paint as a feature that would be either removed or no longer developed. Paint, renowned for its simplicity, has been part of the Windows operating system since its launch in 1985. Microsoft suggested it would not remain on Windows 10 ...

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Alphabet profits rocked by EU fine

Profits at Alphabet, the parent company of search giant Google, have been hit by the record fine imposed by the European Commission last month. The firm said it saw strong growth in the second quarter, with revenues of about $26bn (£19bn), up 21% compared to the same period in 2016. But profits for the three months to the end of ...

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Wisconsin company Three Square Market to microchip employees

A Wisconsin company is to become the first in the US to microchip employees. Three Square Market is offering to implant the tiny radio-frequency identification (RFID) chip into workers’ hands for free – and says everyone will soon be doing it. The rice grain-sized $300 (£230) chip will allow them to open doors, log in to computers and even purchase ...

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Staging security at the National Theatre

Step through the stage door of the National Theatre on London’s South Bank and you will find yourself in a corridor with a bright yellow floor. “We call it the ‘yellow brick road’,” said George Tunnicliffe, the theatre’s head of IT operations, who could be considered the wizard at the heart of this venerable institution. But Mr Tunnicliffe has little ...

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Cash machine hacked in five minutes

After cash machines were hacked in Thailand and Taiwan in 2016, Click asks if the same thing could happen again. Leigh-Anne Galloway, a security expert with Positive Technologies, says most cash machines are effectively a Windows XP computer attached to a safe. BBC Click’s Spencer Kelly joins her with a cash machine to find out more. See more at Click’s ...

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Rehab camp aims to put young cyber-crooks on right track

Media playback is unsupported on your device Teenagers caught carrying out hacking and cyber-attacks could soon be attending a rehab camp that aims to divert them away from a life of crime. The first weekend camp for offenders was held in Bristol this month as part of the National Crime Agency’s (NCA) work with young computer criminals. Attendees learned about ...

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