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China claims breakthrough in mining 'flammable ice'

China has for the first time extracted gas from an ice-like substance under the South China Sea considered key to future global energy supply. Chinese authorities have described the success as a major breakthrough. Methane hydrates, also called “flammable ice”, hold vast reserves of natural gas. Many countries including the US and Japan are working on how to tap those ...

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UN looks to protect birds from green energy threats

The global boom in renewable energy is posing new threats to birds say experts. At the UN climate conference in Bonn, researchers said wind turbines and power lines were a particular problem for migratory soaring birds. Shutting down wind farms on demand is one of the methods being tested to protect these birds from collisions. Other ideas being tried include ...

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Greece battles locust plague on Agios Efstratios island

Villagers on a tiny Greek Aegean island, Agios Efstratios, are battling a plague of locusts and a state of emergency has been declared there. The island has about 200 residents who rely on agriculture and fishing. Locust infestation is a recurring problem. A member of the local administration, Stella Spanou, told the BBC that sheep were starving as so much ...

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FCC votes to overturn net neutrality rules

0SHARESShare The US Federal Communications Commission has voted to overturn rules that force ISPs to treat all data traffic as equal. Commissioners at the agency voted two-to-one to end a “net neutrality” order enacted in 2015. Ajit Pai, head of the FCC, said the rules demanding an open internet harmed jobs and discouraged investment. Many Americans and technology firms filed ...

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London City first in UK to get remote air traffic control

0SHARESShare Media playback is unsupported on your device London City is to become the first UK airport to replace its air traffic control tower with a remotely operated digital system. Instead of sitting in a tower overlooking the runway, controllers will be 120 miles away, watching live footage from high-definition cameras. The new system, due to be completed in 2018, ...

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Text-to-switch plan for mobile users

0SHARESShare Mobile phone users will be able to switch operators by sending a text to the provider they want to leave, under plans drawn up by the regulator. Ofcom said customers could avoid an awkward and long call to their operator and instead send a text. In turn, they will be sent switching codes. The proposal means Ofcom’s previously preferred ...

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BBC fools HSBC voice recognition security system

0SHARESShare Security software designed to prevent bank fraud has been fooled by a BBC reporter and his twin. BBC Click reporter Dan Simmons set up an HSBC account and signed up to the bank’s voice ID authentication service. HSBC says the system is secure because each person’s voice is “unique”. But the bank let Dan Simmons’ non-identical twin, Joe, access ...

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Nasa seeks experiment ideas for Europa lander

Nasa is seeking the best ideas for experiments to fly on a mission that will land on Jupiter’s moon Europa. The jovian satellite has a deep subsurface ocean beneath its ice crust and is considered one of the top targets in the search for alien life. After decades of work, a pair of missions to the moon have been taking ...

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Trump 'can't escape climate change' impacts says Fiji PM

Fiji’s Prime Minister has issued a coded warning to Donald Trump about the dangers of climate change. The US leader is due to decide on future US participation in the Paris climate agreement after next week’s G7 meeting in Italy. But Frank Bainimarama told delegates here that whether you lived in Miami or New York, you wouldn’t be able to ...

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Electoral Commission wants powers to tackle election meddling from abroad

0SHARESShare A probe into the political use of private data has been opened by the information commissioner. Elizabeth Denham announced the review amid concerns over allegations involving an analytics firm linked to a Brexit campaign. It follows calls for an investigation into claims that Leave.EU had not declared the role of Cambridge Analytica (CA) in its campaign. The Electoral Commission ...

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