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Literally 471 Sex Tips You'll Wish You Read Sooner

Sex advice that’s fun, informative, and actually useful. Sometimes that’s a sex therapist or a sexual health provider. Other times it’s a sex-having adult who can tell you first-hand what worked for them. We’ve shared a lot of great sex advice over the years, so we decided to pull a few gems together in one list. Behold, the big list ...

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30 Super Honest Stories About Watching Queer Porn For The First Time

“I felt like I was walking into Narnia.” Everyone remembers their first time — watching porn, that is. Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed It’s no secret a ton of people enjoy watching porn . But for people within the LGBT community, watching (or accidentally stumbling upon) queer porn for the very first time can be educational and affirming — or it ...

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The FBI And Defense Department Are Investigating America's Biggest Psychiatric Hospital Chain

The UHS-owned Shadow Mountain Behavioral Health facility in Oklahoma. Rosalind Adams / BuzzFeed News America’s largest chain of psychiatric hospitals is the target of a multi-agency federal investigation into whether it systematically holds patients longer than necessary to maximize revenues — an allegation two nurses at one of its facilities raised following a protest at its headquarters last week. According ...

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Why Americans Are So Damn Unhealthy, In 4 Shocking Charts

Stand by for another round of partisan warfare, as Senate Republicans grapple with a replacement for Obamacare. You can expect to hear a lot about access to health insurance and coverage for preexisting conditions. Those are important issues, for sure. But there are much deeper problems with health in America, which the current fight will do little to address. Americans ...

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Flint Isn’t Ready To Trust Anyone Yet

In the 1,000-plus days since Flint, Michigan, had (federally acceptable) potable water, a lot more than the pipes has eroded. Trust, like dependably clean water, is not easy to come by in this slightly careworn city of just under 100,000 people. For residents, the knowledge that a toxic cocktail of contaminants had been inadvertently released into their water supply is ...

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While You Were Watching Trump, The Democratic Party Changed

Fotosearch / Getty Images Donald Trump has already changed the Democratic Party more than his own Republican Party. While the president has merely reduced his own party into a panicked mess, the Democrats’ trajectory seems to have moved subtly and decisively away from the center-left Clinton liberalism toward a politics whose planks make Barack Obama look like Al Gore. I ...

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No, Impeachment Doesn't Work That Way

Jonathan Ernst / Reuters Despite the fact that most Democratic leaders insist that talk of impeaching President Trump is premature, some liberal corners won’t stop talking about it. On May 17, Rep. Al Green of Texas called for the impeachment of the president in a floor speech. Rep. Ted Lieu tweeted that he was going to be reading a 2015 ...

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Two New Facebook Live Features Just Launched To Use With Friends

0SHARESShare Facebook live videos are super popular now – Facebook says that one out of every five videos watched on the site are live videos. Which is nuts! And today, the company is adding two new features to make live videos better for both filming and watching. Katie Notopoulos is a senior editor for BuzzFeed News and is based in ...

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US International Tourism Market Share Is Falling Under Trump, Foursquare Data Shows

0SHARESShare The United States’ slice of the international tourism pie is declining, according to a new report from Foursquare that looks at data from millions of phones worldwide.The US share of international tourism dropped 16% in March 2017 compared with the previous year. And it declined an average of 11% year over year in months spanning October 2016 to March ...

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Muslim Leaders In Manchester Are Fearful That Their Communities Will Experience A Backlash

0SHARESShare Aisha Gani / BuzzFeed News Imams from mosques in Manchester, after gathering Tuesday to offer prayers for the families and victims of a terror attack in their hometown, have expressed fears of a backlash on Muslim communities. With images of a suspected arson attack on a mosque circulating on social media in the wake of the suicide bombing, which ...

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