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9 Secretly Gross Things That Happen To All Girls Who Run

Period or sweat? The eternal question. You don’t just get boob sweat patches, but legit boob sweat rivers. Taking off your sweaty sports bra should count as part of your workout. Flo Perry / BuzzFeed And you’ve definitely taken a sweaty sports bra out of the wash to wear again. Because no runner is capable of keeping on top of ...

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Mitch McConnell Just Wants To Repeal Obamacare Now That Replacing It Won't Happen Anytime Soon

Andrew Harnik / AP Senate Republicans are making a dramatic last-ditch effort to salvage a health care bill after their latest effort was killed on Monday night. Months of trying for a full repeal and replacement of Obamacare came to an end as Sens. Mike Lee of Utah and Jerry Moran of Kansas announced they would vote against the latest ...

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What If Trump TV Was Good?

On BuzzFeed’s podcast NewsFeed with @BuzzFeedBen, a conversation about news in Russia’s shadow, and the vibrant pro-Putin media. American journalists watching the rise of an aggressive new quasi-official Trump media have been able to take solace in one thing: Much of it is laughably bad. The websites are drowning in bizarre popup ads. The grainy Periscopes have a few thousand ...

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After 2016 Hack, House Democratic Committee Switches To Encrypted Messaging

DCCC chair Rep. Ben Ray Lujan leads congressional candidates offstage at the DNC last summer. Gary Cameron / Reuters The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, the target of last year’s sweeping cyberattack on House Democrats, has transitioned to Wickr, an end-to-end encrypted software, for all internal communication and for communication between the DCCC and the 20 most vulnerable House incumbent campaigns. ...

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Trump Election Commission: A White House Team Will Handle Voter Data

Vice President Mike Pence Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images Since President Trump’s Election Integrity Commission was last in court, the commission has announced plans to dramatically alter how it plans to collect state voter information in an attempt to avoid a potential legal ruling that could require it to conduct a privacy assessment before collecting the data. The plan, more ...

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Egg-Freezing And IVF Are Tech’s Hottest Perk

When Upeka Bee applied to the startup Gusto this spring, she had recently turned 33, and was thinking about freezing her eggs. The engineer didn’t feel ready to have children yet, so she was prepared to shell out at least $15,000 of her own savings for the procedure.To her surprise, Gusto informed her during the hiring process that it subsidizes ...

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Tinder's New Look Puts Even More Emphasis On Your Profile Pics

Get ready to start tapping through Tinder photos the same way you move through Snapchat Stories.The widely used dating app is introducing a redesign today, one that brings Snapchat-like tapping gestures into its swiping screen and lets you flip through someone’s photos without diving into their profile page. (You can still make a decision on a potential mate without tapping ...

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Uber Is Giving Thousands Of Employees Raises

Today thousands of Uber employees learned they’ll be getting a pay bump.At an all-hands meeting held Tuesday morning, employees across Uber’s tech teams — that’s product, engineering, and design — learned they’ll be seeing a small increase in their annual salaries, sources familiar with the situation tell BuzzFeed News.These employees will receive either a 5% increase in their total salary, ...

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Twitter Is Still Dismissing Harassment Reports And Frustrating Victims

Ariel Davis / BuzzFeed News On July 3, Maggie H. opened up her Twitter mentions and found her face photoshopped into the crosshairs of a gunsight. The image was a screengrab of her Twitter profile page, taken by a user she had blocked. It showed her face directly in the center of a target above a caption that read, “@[username ...

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Why You Should Care That Coral Reefs Are Dying

There are many resources that will help you to figure out how much you or your family are personally contributing to the warming of our planet. Whether it’s rethinking your commute to work, recycling, switching lightbulbs, planting trees, conserving water, lowering your meat intake — every little choice you make adds up! (Don’t know where to even begin? Try this Carbon ...

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