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ICE Arrested An Undocumented Domestic Violence Victim Moments After She Obtained A Protective Order

An undocumented woman alleging to be the victim of domestic violence was arrested last week in Texas by federal immigration agents moments after she obtained a protective order against her abuser, who may have tipped off agents in the first place.Documents filed Friday state that the victim was in the El Paso County Courthouse on Feb. 9 to obtain a ...

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Federal Prosecutors Are Investigating Fox News Over Sexual Harassment Payouts

Federal investigators are looking into whether 21st Century Fox should have told its shareholders that the company spent millions of dollars settling claims of sexual harassment at Fox News, a lawyer said Wednesday.The ongoing investigation was revealed in court on Wednesday by the lawyer representing former Fox News on-air host Andrea Tantaros, who said she was sexually harassed by former ...

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Secret Witness In Robert Durst Murder Trial Says Wife Was Afraid Of The Millionaire

View this image › Robert Durst appears in the Los Angeles County Superior Court. Afp / AFP / Getty Images Prosecutors in the murder trial of real estate heir Robert Durst unveiled their secret witness to a packed Los Angeles courtroom Wednesday: a longtime friend of the woman the millionaire is accused of killing 17 years ago.Nathan Chavin, 72, arrived ...

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This Guy Made An Awesome Visualization Of Donald Trump's Weirdly Aggressive Handshake

1. So, in the last few weeks you may have noticed that the handshake of the President of the United States of America is… interesting. View this image › C-SPAN/Imgur 2. World leaders have fallen victim to his unusual grasp — with its sudden, aggressive tugging motion, accompanied by a not-at-all-reassuring pat — while others seem to have grown wise ...

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Uber’s Engineers In India Are Working On Mapping For Self-Driving Cars

Uber has quietly assembled a team of engineers in India to work on the ride-hail giant’s mapping and autonomous vehicle efforts. The size of the team and how its efforts dovetail with Uber’s broader autonomous vehicle R&D could not be learned, but Amit Jain, president of Uber India, confirmed its existence to BuzzFeed News.“All I can say about the team ...

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Corey Lewandowski’s Potential Clients Say He’s Bragging About Access To Trump's Twitter Account

View this image › Former Donald Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski Afp / AFP / Getty Images WASHINGTON — The former campaign manager for President Donald Trump’s White House bid has told prospective lobbying clients that he has access to Trump’s Twitter account, four sources told BuzzFeed News.In discussions with representatives from at least two different potential clients — Facebook ...

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26 Reasons To Add Knoydart To Your Travel Bucket List, Stat

1. Because you can spend your free time wandering through landscapes like this. View this image › Like the beautiful, unspoilt Inverie Bay, which looks stunning from above. 2. In fact, Knoydart is full of gorgeous hikes. View this image › M.H. Photographic Keen hillwalkers can participate in the hallowed activity of “Munro bagging” (a Munro is a mountain in ...

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24 Underrated Tourist Attractions You Need To See Instead Of The Usual Ones

We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their favorite underrated alternative to overrated tourist attractions. Here are some of the best suggestions. 1. Hightail it past Hollywood and cruise over to Santa Monica and Beverly Hills. View this image › Stellalevi / Getty Images “Hollywood is basically a shadier version of Times Square. There’s nothing to even do ...

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Australia Accused Of Committing Crimes Against Humanity In Offshore Detention Centres

Crimes against humanity have been committed in Australia’s offshore immigration detention centres, a petition before the International Criminal Court has claimed. Handout / Reuters The submission, from the Global Legal Action Network and the Stanford International Human Rights Clinic, urged the court to investigate potential “crimes against humanity” committed against asylum seekers by “individuals and corporate actors” within the island ...

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29 Tweets About Animals That Are Both Wholesome And Hilarious

Maybe he’s born with it Maybe it’s maple leaves — erin chack (@ErinChack) My dogs maternity pictures warm my heart up 💕 — Karla (@Karlaaa2293) im on a date with this dude & he’s so hot idk what to say — riley (@dicaprison) diagnose: very good dog — samoyeds (@samoyeds_) I think he has a quest for me — pro ...

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