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Take This Quiz To Find Out If You Deserve A Promotion

Yes, but I wasn’t able to do so. Yes, once or twice. The trick is, you turn off your cell phone so they can’t even get in touch with you. It’s genius. They’ve stopped asking me because I never do. I’m always the first one they hit up because I’m so reliable Of course, I don’t have the option to ...

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Only True "Hamilton" Fans Can Score 100% On This Lyrics Quiz

“Say No to This” “That Would Be Enough” “Satisfied” “Stay Alive” “Cabinet Battle #2” “Guns and Ships” “Cabinet Battle #1” “Helpless” “Arron Burr, Sir” “A Winter’s Ball” “The Story of Tonight (Reprise)” “Cabinet Battle #1” “I Know Him” “Wait for It” “Meet Me Inside” “Farmer Refuted” “One Last Time” “The Room Where It Happens” “Burn” “Take a Break” “Wait for ...

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Can You Guess The "Survivor" Season Based On The Contestant?

Andrea Boehlke 17. “Gabon” 22. “Redemption Island” 27. “Blood vs. Water” 12. “Panama” Aubrey Bracco 33. “Millennials vs. Gen X” 20. “Heroes vs. Villains” 28. “San Juan Del Sur” 32. “Kaôh Rong” Brad Culpepper 27. “Blood vs. Water” 10. “Palau” 19. “Tocantins” 7. “Pearl Islands” Caleb Reynolds 16. “Micronesia” 32. “Kaôh Rong” 30. “Worlds Apart” 14. “Fiji” Ciera Eastin 24. ...

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14 Truths Anyone Who Fastens Their Bra In The Front Will Agree With

Total no-brainer. People who fasten their (back-clasping) bras by reaching behind their backs seem to think they’re doing it “right,” the way nature/God/bras intended. But just because the CLASPS are in the back, doesn’t mean you have to FASTEN it in the back. Sachin Kumar / Via youtube.com Anyone who’s hacked the strapping in process by clasping in the front ...

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21 Genius Ways To Track Your Mental Health

Staying on top of your feelings is so, so satisfying. So, we rounded up some ~bujo~ layouts perfect for tracking your mood, symptoms, medications, sleep, and anything else that can help you stay on top of or improve your mental health. That said, you don’t have to go full bullet journal junkie to use these — a lot of them ...

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This Guantanamo Detainee Argued He Should Go Free Because The War Is Over — A Judge Disagreed

A guards at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba John Moore / Getty Images WASHINGTON — President Obama’s pronouncements in 2014 and 2015 that the US combat mission in Afghanistan was over didn’t end the government’s right to hold prisoners at the US military facility at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, a federal judge ruled this week. Moath al-Alwi has been held by the US ...

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White House Strongly Defends Move To Withdraw Guidance Protecting Transgender Students

Jonathan Ernst / Reuters WASHINGTON — The White House strongly defended the Trump administration’s decision to withdraw Obama-era guidance aimed at protecting transgender students on Thursday as a states’ rights issue that had already suffered a court loss this past summer. “It’s a states’ rights issue,” White House press secretary Sean Spicer repeatedly said at the daily press briefing on ...

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Immigration Court Backlog Could Pose Problems For Trump's Enforcement Plans

Charles Reed/U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement / AP ARLINGTON, Va. — In a small, windowless courtroom on the second floor of an office building, Judge Rodger Harris heard a string of bond requests on Tuesday morning from immigrants held in jail as they faced deportation. The detainees appeared by video from detention facilities elsewhere in the state. Harris, an immigration ...

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At Least 746 People Were Held Over The Weekend After Trump's Travel Ban Was Issued

Scott Olson / Getty Images WASHINGTON — The Trump administration, under a court’s order to do so, turned over information Thursday night suggesting that a far greater number of people had been held by government officials as a result of the refugee and travel ban than previously acknowledged by the White House. The federal government held 746 people in between ...

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