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Here Is What We Know About Manchester Attacker Salman Abedi

Police outside the suspected home of the Manchester Arena attacker, Salman Abedi, on Elsmore Road, south Manchester. Hannah Al-Othman The attacker who detonated a bomb at a pop concert in Manchester on Monday , killing 22 people and himself, has been named by police as 22-year-old Salman Abedi. Ian Hopkins, chief constable of Greater Manchester police, said: “I can confirm ...

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US Officials Keep Talking About The Manchester Attack And It’s Freaking Out European Allies

Jeff J Mitchell / Getty Images BRUSSELS — UK and European intelligence officials are expressing concern over the fact that much of the information that emerged in the wake of the Manchester bombing has been sourced back to US officials. The information first came in the hours after the attack — including a US official saying that the leading theory ...

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This Letter From A Boy Who's Blind Thanking Nintendo For His Favorite Game Will Leave You In Tears

This is Hibiki Sakai, a fifth-grader from Osaka, Japan. He’s a big fan of the Nintendo game series “Rhythm Heaven,” which challenges players to keep up with complicated beats . @kentarock1020 / Via Twitter: @kentarock1020 “Rhythm Heaven” is particularly special for Hibiki because it’s the only video game he’s been able to play since losing his eyesight as a toddler. ...

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Women Were Pleasantly Surprised When A Natural Hair Ad Aired During "The Bachelorette"

“We are proudly born with hair that grows as strong as a storm, and doesn’t conform to a beauty norm that isn’t our own,” the narrator of the ad says. “So many wrong things are said about how it grows from our head, but to think that beauty is only sleek or wavy is crazy.” The ad was released in ...

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Direct The Perfect Rom-Com And We'll Reveal If You're Going To Fall In Love This Summer

Direct The Perfect Rom-Com And We’ll Reveal If You’re Going To Fall In Love This Summer You got: You’ll have a summer fling You’re going to meet someone and immediately fall into a romance of passion and excitement. You’ll know that it has an expiration date, but you won’t mind. Sometimes things are best when kept short. It’ll be a ...

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The ACLU Wants The Documents From This Meeting With Trump Made Public

The American Civil Liberties Union wants the documents that Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach was photographed carrying after a meeting with President Trump during the transition to be made public — a move that could potentially shed light on Kobach’s intentions as one of the president’s leading advisers on voting issues. The ACLU has filed a motion in a ...

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19 Faces Only Someone Searching For A Job Will Recognize

[unable to retrieve full-text content] Hi, I’m interested in pursuing a career that helps me pay my rent. When you describe yourself as organized in your cover letter: I can’t even find a matching sock. Via giphy.com When the interviewer asks for an example of how you’re creative: *drops the mic* *walks away* Via giphy.com When you have one shot ...

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Answer These Nine Questions And We'll Tell You Which "Heavyweights" Character You Are

0SHARESShare Answer These Nine Questions And We’ll Tell You Which “Heavyweights” Character You Are You got: Gerry You’re the new kid! You can be hesitant about trying new things and making new friends, but when you put your mind to it, you’re a true Apache Relay Champion! Buena Vista Pictures Take quizzes and chill with the BuzzFeed app. Get the ...

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