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The First Round Of The French Presidential Election Has Redrawn The Country's Politics

STR/AFP / Getty Images It’s a result that has completely redrawn French politics. For the first time since Charles de Gaulle founded the Fifth Republic in 1958, none of the traditional centre-right and centre-left parties has a candidate in the final run-off in two weeks for the Elysée Palace. Instead, the second round will be between a former economics minister ...

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French Jews Fear What's Next After Marine Le Pen Makes It To The Second Round

0SHARESShare Annabelle Azadé for BuzzFeed News PARIS — Members of the Jewish community in Paris expressed their fears for the future after the far-right National Front candidate Marine Le Pen made it to the second round of the French presidential elections. Around 100 people gathered at an event at Les Salons Bench, on the Rue des Rosiers, in the heart ...

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9 Reasons Austin Ames Was The Worst Guy In "Cinderella Story"

0SHARESShare FIRST OF ALL if you went to high school, you would know that football games are a huge deal. This was a big night and Austin thought that out of all the times to apologize to Sam, that the middle of a football game would be the PERFECT time to?! YEAH, OKAY. And honestly, I am just upset at ...

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This Dad Made A Bunch Of Little Tables In Anticipation Of His Retirement And It's So Pure

0SHARESShare “I think people like seeing others do what they love, no matter what the age,” the daughter said on the response. And the dad said that he’s a fan of the attention. “It’s always nice to have your work appreciated,” he said. The retiree said that in addition to making and selling furniture with his new freedom, he also ...

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28 Memes You'll Love If You Love Ruining Your Own Life

[unable to retrieve full-text content] There’s nothing I could have done differently. Overthinking all your social interactions: Ugh I just thought of the perfect joke. Instagram: @problematiqueer Ignoring your patterns: This is such a surprise! Passing up fun opportunities: I’m actually like…really busy all of a sudden. Instagram: @weareallmemes View Entire List › Click here to Read from the source

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How Did You Actually Get A Job Your First Year Out Of College?

0SHARESShare [unable to retrieve full-text content] What worked for you? Did you actually get a job within a year of when you graduated from college? Yes? Nickelodeon HOW DID YOU DO IT? What’s the ~secret~? forgothowtowrite.tumblr.com Maybe it was a particular piece of job advice (from a book, a professor, or somewhere else) that actually worked for you. What was ...

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