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Women Try The Booband

0SHARESShare I’m always really self-conscious at the gym because I think everyone is only looking at my boobs. Boldly / Via youtube.com 0SHARESShare Click here to Read from the source

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Supreme Court Says Race Was Improperly Used In Creating North Carolina Congressional Districts

The Supreme Court on Monday morning upheld a lower court’s decision that two North Carolina congressional districts were improperly created — with an eye to the race of the voters too heavily controlling those districts lines. The entire court held that one of the districts was unconstitutionally devised, with five of the court’s eight members voting in the case holding ...

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Michael Flynn Refuses To Comply With Senate Subpoena, Citing Fear Of Prosecution

Carlos Barria / Reuters Michael Flynn will invoke his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination in refusing to comply with a Senate subpoena seeking records relating to the intelligence committee’s investigation into the Trump campaign’s Russia connections, a source close to Flynn tells BuzzFeed News. The subpoena called for a response by Wednesday, but the source told BuzzFeed News that Flynn ...

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How One Pro-Trump Site Keeps A Debunked Conspiracy Theory Alive

In July, a few days before the WikiLeaks release of thousands of DNC emails, staffer Seth Rich was killed in what police says was an attempted robbery. Far-right conspiracy theorists have claimed Rich was the leaker, and his killing was ordered by the Clintons in retaliation.For the last week, the story has dominated far-right media — even as it’s dismissed, ...

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There's Now A New Kind Of Snapchat Story

Like with regular Stories, videos and photos in a custom Story will display for 24 hours, and a custom Story will stay active until no one has contributed to it for 24 hours. You can be a contributor to an unlimited number of custom Stories simultaneously, but you can only have three that you’ve created running at any one time. ...

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The New Surface Pro Is Just A Little Better Than Last Year's

Today, at a special event in Shanghai, Microsoft took the wraps off its new, fifth-generation laptop-tablet hybrid, called just “Surface Pro,” dropping the number in previous models (eg. Surface Pro 4) because, well, they can.For those with last year’s Surface Pro, there isn’t that much to upgrade to. The new device looks nearly identical to the previous model (save for ...

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Instagram Is Introducing Algorithmically Curated Stories

Instagram is at it again, reaching into Snapchat’s bag of features and pulling out yet another for use in its own product.Today, the Facebook-owned app is introducing Location Stories and Hashtag Stories, its version of the algorithmically curated stories you can find via Snapchat’s search feature. These new features consist of images and videos gathered from public stories, and stitched ...

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What's The Most Awkward Thing You've Done In Front Of A Crush?

[unable to retrieve full-text content] *cringes* Crushes! They’re a thing that lots of people have. Paramount Pictures And if you have had them, chances are you’ve spent ~a lot~ of time thinking about the perfect one-liner or perfect situation for y’all to get together. New Line Cinema But what if that doesn’t happen and something…awkward AF takes place instead? Well, ...

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17 Golden Retrievers Who Will Massively Improve Your Life

[unable to retrieve full-text content] You need something to break up all those pictures of avocados and eggs. Antonio, who is the most perfect, golden angel. Instagram: @antoniothegolden Ollie , who’s clearly a very skilled escapologist: Instagram: @oliverandcmpany Mango , a beautiful boy with the most perfect dog name: Instagram: @sunshine Lana is a sweet ball of fluff: Instagram: @goldie ...

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