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Trump's Wavering Promises And Scandals Complicate Israel Trip

President Donald Trump  arrives in Israel Monday in the midst of political turmoil, following news that he revealed classified information to Russian officials. The Israeli leg of the president’s trip abroad, his first since taking office, has also seen tension over shifting plans and diplomatic stumbles. Even Trump’s arrival at the airport became a contentious event, as Israeli media reported ...

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More Than 31 Million People Were Internally Displaced In 2016: Report

0SHARESShare Crises of violence, conflict and disaster caused more than 31 million people to flee their homes in 2016. That’s about one person internally displaced per second, a new joint report from the Norwegian Refugee Council and Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre  reveals. There are currently twice as many internally displaced persons, or IDPs, as refugees worldwide, but the issue of internal displacement ...

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Here's How Long Your Trash Will Hang Around After You're Dead

0SHARESShare This story is part of a series on ocean plastics . Some things you toss in the trash will have a longer life span on this planet than you will ― and that’s not good news for the environment.   Americans generated 258 million tons of trash in 2014, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. While some of ...

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Roger Stone On Trump's Saudi Award: 'Makes Me Want To Puke'

0SHARESShare Long-time Donald Trump pal and former campaign adviser Roger Stone says seeing the president receive an award from Saudi Arabia’s King Salman “makes me want to puke.” Stone, like many other conservative Trump backers, believes the president may be softening his hardline stand against Islamic terrorism. Trump eased his own harsh rhetoric in a speech in Riyadh at the ...

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Man Set On Fire During Protest In Venezuela's Capital

0SHARESShare CARACAS, May 21 (Reuters) – Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro excoriated opposition protesters on Sunday for setting a man on fire during a demonstration, accusing them of targeting him for being pro-government. “A person was set on fire, beaten up, stabbed… They nearly lynched him, just because he shouted out that he was a ‘Chavista’,” Maduro said, referring to the ...

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WHO Suspects A Fourth Person Died Of Ebola In Congo

0SHARESShare A fourth person is believed to have died of Ebola in an outbreak of the disease in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the World Health Organization said on Sunday. The WHO first confirmed the discovery of the new outbreak on May 12, after a 39-year-old man who had died on his way to the hospital in a remote region ...

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Trump Touched A Glowing Orb In Saudi Arabia And Folks Found It Just A Bit Odd

0SHARESShare It was already a lot for any news consumer to take in. And then came the orb. On Sunday, the Saudi Embassy tweeted a photo showing Trump, Saudi Arabia’s King Salman bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud Salman and Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi with their hands on a basketball-sized glowing orb. The embassy wrote that the men were there to “inaugurate ...

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Standing In Solidarity With Bahrain's Blindfolded Political Prisoners

0SHARESShare Close your eyes and imagine what it’s like to be blindfolded as a prisoner. Do it for just a few minutes. When you’ve finished reading this article tightly shut your eyes and try to picture yourself in a jail in a repressive country known for torturing prisoners. In a country like Washington’s military ally Bahrain, where the authorities routinely ...

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With Rouhani, Iran Has Extended Its Hand. Now The World Needs To Unclench Its Fist.

In a region rife with wars, occupation and a distinct lack of democratic freedoms, Iranian voters overwhelmingly re-elected pragmatist President Hassan Rouhani to a second four-year term. They did so knowing that fulfilling their long-standing political, economic and social aspirations will be a marathon, not a sprint. To that end, their willingness to double down on Rouhani demonstrates savvy, strategic ...

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Saudi Arabia, UAE Donate $100 Million To Women’s Fund Proposed By Ivanka Trump

Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are donating $100 million to a women’s empowerment fund proposed by Ivanka Trump , President Donald Trump ’s elder daughter and a senior White House adviser.  World Bank President Jim Yong Kim announced the contribution to the World Bank Women Entrepreneurs Fund at a meeting in Riyadh between Ivanka Trump and 15 Saudi ...

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