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Helen Mirren Zings Donald Trump In Most Badass Commencement Speech Of 2017

0SHARESShare Helen Mirren  peppered her address to graduating students at Tulane University in New Orleans on Saturday with the occasional risqué joke and dig at President Donald Trump . The Academy Award winner  also explained her road to becoming a “declared feminist” and shared her own “top five rules for a happy life” ― from ignoring people who judge the ...

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Billy Bush Says He Let Donald Trump's Lewd Comments Slide Because He Was Insecure

0SHARESShare Former “Today” co-host Billy Bush blamed his own insecurities for that conversation with President Donald Trump in which he bragged about groping women . “People also say, ‘You should have stopped it,’” Bush told ABC’s “Good Morning America” co-anchor Robin Roberts in an interview that aired Wednesday. “I didn’t have the strength of character at the time to do that. ...

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Climate Change Is Turning Antarctica Green

Antarctica , the desolate southernmost continent boasting the coldest climate on Earth, usually brings to mind visions of ice, snow and penguins . But global warming is transforming Antarctica’s icy expanses, new research from the University of Exeter in the United Kingdom shows. Parts of the continent are “greening,” researchers say — and fast. Matt Amesbury Moss, as seen on ...

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Taiwan Makes History As Court Rules In Favor Of Same-Sex Marriage

Taiwan’s constitutional court declared on Wednesday that same-sex couples have the right to legally marry, the first such ruling in Asia, sparking celebration by activists who have been campaigning for the right for years. The court, known as the Judicial Yuan, said current marriage laws were “in violation of both the people’s freedom of marriage … and the people’s right ...

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New Details Emerge About Manchester Attacker

Greater Manchester Police said they were now confident they knew the identity of all the people who lost their lives and had made contact with all the families. They said they would formally name the victims after forensic post-mortems, which would take four or five days. The bombing also left 64 people wounded, of whom 20 were receiving critical care ...

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Pope Francis Looking Super Sad With The Trumps Is A Divine New Meme

A picture is worth a thousand words, as the phrase  goes. And after this snap of Pope Francis looking miserable while standing beside President Donald Trump at the Vatican began circulating online Wednesday, many people rushed to social media to suggest what some of them might be: Vatican Pool – Corbis via Getty Images This photograph of President Donald Trump, ...

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Donald Trump's Meeting With Pope Francis Was Full Of Awkward Moments

President Donald Trump ’s meeting with Pope Francis on Wednesday was mostly cordial, but there were still plenty of uncomfortable moments. The meeting was already fraught with prior tensions , given that Trump lashed out after the pope criticized him during his campaign . The Wall Street Journal’s Carol Lee, the White House pool reporter documenting the scene, noted that the ...

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Trump Revealed Location Of U.S. Nuclear Subs In Call With Duterte

U.S. President Donald Trump told his Philippine counterpart that Washington has sent two nuclear submarines to waters off the Korean peninsula, the New York Times said, comments likely to raise questions about his handling of sensitive information. Trump has said “a major, major conflict” with North Korea is possible because of its nuclear and missile programs and that all options ...

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Yankee Stadium Plays 'God Save The Queen' To Honor Manchester Attack Victims

0SHARESShare The New York Yankees honored the victims of the recent deadly terrorist attack in Manchester by playing the U.K.’s national anthem at the start of Tuesday’s game. Players, officials and fans stood as “God Save The Queen” echoed throughout Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, paying tribute to the 22 people killed and at least 59 others injured in the ...

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Greenpeace Shines Message For Trump On Vatican Before His Visit With The Pope

0SHARESShare The dome of St. Peter’s Basilica was cast in a remonstration early Wednesday aimed at President Donald Trump  just hours before his visit to the Vatican. Greenpeace’s Italian and German offices teamed up to project a message in lights on the Vatican to criticize the president’s recent actions ignoring climate change and his expected decision regarding U.S. involvement in ...

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