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Whistling Caterpillars And 5 More Surprisingly Musical Species

0SHARESShare Some people can’t whistle at all, much less whistle without lips.The walnut sphinx caterpillar has no such trouble. When disturbed, say by a predator, these North American insects compress their bodies and squeeze air out of holes in the sides of their bodies, called spiracles. The result is a shrill sound that can last for several seconds.Now Jayne Yack, ...

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12 Penguin Portraits Show Personality

0SHARESShare With their charismatic nature, signature tuxedo look, and unique mating rituals, penguins are among Earth’s most beloved creatures.The 18 species differ greatly in size, from the four-foot-tall emperor penguins, regal birds native to the rugged coastlines of Antarctica, to the little blue penguin of southern Australia and New Zealand, which grow to just 13 inches tall. (See “On World ...

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Watch This Octopus Use Shells as a Shield

0SHARESShare A video taken during a dive in Lembeh Strait, Indonesia, shows an aggressive coconut octopus walking across the ocean floor with the bivalve shell it uses for protection and lurching at the person holding the camera.The octopus’s behavior in the video resembles another octopus we wrote about in 2015, which carried two halves of a coconut shell across the ...

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