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US foreign aid saves money as well as lives

0SHARESShare John Freidah/MIT Amos Winter works on desalination plants in India, but USAID projects such as this are threatened by budget cuts. With severe cuts proposed for US agencies that handle environ­mental and health research, it might seem that scientists can’t prioritize the possible dismantling of US foreign-aid programmes. But they should. President Trump’s proposed 37% budget cut to the ...

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Unravelling why shoelace knots fail

0SHARESShare Oliver O’Reilly was teaching his daughter to tie her shoes when he realized something: he had no idea why shoelaces suddenly come undone. When he went looking for an answer, it was apparent that no one else knew either. So O’Reilly, a mechanical engineer at the University of California, Berkeley, roped in two of his colleagues to help work ...

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Republican scientists negotiate the Trump era

0SHARESShare Will Yurman for Nature Richard Alley is a geologist — and a Republican — who studies climate change. When physicist Michael Stopa decided to run for the Massachusetts state senate in 2010, he didn’t expect much encouragement from his “overwhelmingly liberal” colleagues at Harvard University in Cambridge. He was acutely aware of his minority status as a conservative Republican ...

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Global coalition chips away at neglected tropical diseases

0SHARESShare Maggie Steber/The Washington Post/Getty Elephantiasis is the result of a neglected tropical disease that overwhelmingly afflicts poor people. As a physician in Tanzania, Upendo Mwingira has little to offer people suffering from elephantiasis, an incurable condition characterized by swollen, wrinkled limbs. “When they enter the clinic, they smell, their wounds are oozing and, as a doctor, the best thing ...

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French-election fears unite scientists in defence of liberal democracy

0SHARESShare Pascal Rossignol/Reuters Supporters of Front National leader Marine Le Pen hand out campaign leaflets in the northern town of Hénin-Beaumont. It is the strangest French presidential election that mathematician Cédric Villani can remember. “It has been like no other,” he says: “hectic, hysterical, and full of twists and turns”. With a few days left before Sunday’s first round of ...

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French scientists focus on the big political picture

0SHARESShare Marlene Awaad/Bloomberg/Getty Marine Le Pen has dominated discussions ahead of the French presidential elections. As France prepares to vote on Sunday in the first of two rounds to elect a president for the next five years, it’s worth recalling the shock waves that reverberated across the country on 21 April 2002, when Jean-Marie Le Pen, the leader of the National ...

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Drivers gear up for world’s first nanocar race

0SHARESShare Hubert Raguet/CEMES/CNRS Photothèque Molecules as seen through a scanning tunnelling microscope at the Centre for Materials Elaboration and Structural Studies in Toulouse. The same instrument will be used to drive molecules in the world’s first nanocar race. Six teams from three continents are preparing for a unique race on a polished gold track in the south of France this ...

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Doom and gloom won't save the world

0SHARESShare Once upon a time, a career as a marine biologist conjured images of days spent diving amid beautiful sea creatures. These days, it can often feel like being an undertaker for the oceans. Early in my career, I witnessed first-hand the depressing side of the job. The coral reefs off the north coast of Jamaica, where I had spent ...

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Social networks push runners to run further and faster than their friends

0SHARESShare ZamoraA/Getty Running is contagious, according to apps that track exercise progress. In his 1959 short story The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner, the writer Alan Sillitoe used solitary exercise as both a metaphor for life’s journey and a literary device to explore the thoughts and feelings of his young and troubled protagonist. “The long-distance run of an early ...

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Fake-drug crackdown, tackling misconduct and Europa’s plumes

0SHARESShare Events | Policy | Research | Space | Technology | Business | Trend watch | Coming up EVENTS Green activists sue over US border wall An environmental group is suing the US government, seeking to force it to perform an environmental assessment of President Donald Trump’s plans to build a wall on the US–Mexico border. Congressman Raul Grijalva (Democrat, ...

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