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China’s genomics giant to make stock-market debut

0SHARESShare Daniele Mattioli/Anzenberger/eyevine BGI in Shenzhen has shifted its focus from serving researchers to medical applications of genome sequencing. China’s genomics giant BGI, once the world leader in DNA sequencing for basic science, is going public — capping off a dramatic transformation into a mainly biomedical firm with a focus on reproductive health. A financial prospectus document released to support ...

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Teeth tell tale of hippo’s quick spread across Africa

0SHARESShare Getty Images The common hippo spends its days in rivers and nights on land. Quick, huge and deadly, the common hippo is the king of Africa’s rivers. Now fossils suggest that hippos assumed power swiftly and that changes in vegetation helped to propel their rise. An analysis of hippo teeth excavated at an Ethiopian fossil site suggests that the ...

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New concerns raised over value of genome-wide disease studies

0SHARESShare Sandor Csudai/Getty Images Genome-wide association studies search through huge groups of people to find DNA variants linked to diseases or traits. Compare the genomes of enough people with and without a disease, and genetic variants linked to the malady should pop out. So runs the philosophy behind genome-wide association studies (GWAS), which researchers have used for more than a ...

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Space | Policy | Publishing | Facilities | Research | Events | People | Trend watch | Politics SPACE Lift-off for China’s first X-ray telescope China launched its first astronomy satellite on 15 June, an X-ray telescope that will look for black holes, pulsars, neutron stars, γ-ray bursts and other high-energy phenomena. The 2.5-tonne Hard X-ray Modulation Telescope (HXMT), known as ...

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Macron consolidates electoral victory

0SHARESShare Martin Bureau/AFP/Getty Images President Emmanuel Macron shakes hands at a Paris event dedicated to technology start-ups on 15 June. A wave of fresh faces — including the flamboyant mathematician Cédric Villani — rose to victory in the French parliamentary elections on 18 June. Together with the science- and innovation-friendly policies announced by President Emmanuel Macron, the results have stoked optimism ...

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Ancient oak's youthful genome surprises biologists

0SHARESShare Abaddon1337/CC BY-SA 4.0 The ‘Napoleon’ oak has few single-letter mutations in its genome.  The towering 234-year-old ‘Napoleon’ oak on the campus of the University of Lausanne in Switzerland has weathered storms both meteorological and political. The tree was young when Napoleon’s troops passed through town in 1800, and has grown into a majestic city landmark. But through it all, ...

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Protect funding for US earthquake early-warning system

0SHARESShare Ben Cooper/Getty The northwest coast of the United States is vulnerable to seismic activity. On a winter night three centuries ago, so a Native American legend tells, the Pacific Northwest of the United States and Canada was rocked by a ferocious clash between supernatural creatures. The Thunderbird and the Whale battled for hours. Thunderbird went to grab Whale in ...

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Heatwaves to soar above the hot air of climate politics

0SHARESShare Roberto Schmidt/AFP/Getty Keeping cool will get more difficult as heatwaves soar. Scott Pruitt achieved something of a political first last week. The controversial head of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was grilled by the officials who control his budget and told that he had asked for too little cash. In fact, the officials insisted, they were determined to ...

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A year on, Brexit brings lessons in uncertainty

0SHARESShare The anniversary this week of the UK vote to leave the European Union comes amid the political fallout of another British election surprise two weeks ago. Witness, too, the extraordinary success of Emmanuel Macron in the French presidential elections. What do these unexpected outcomes mean for those of us who strive to understand voting behaviour? Since the start of ...

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Don’t let Europe’s open-science dream drift

0SHARESShare Erik Isakson/Getty Europe has ambitious plans for continent-wide digital access to research data. The European Commission has its critics, but no one can doubt it has ambitious plans. For example, by the year 2020, the commission says, all European researchers will be able to log in to an enormous virtual repository that will eventually provide access to the collective ...

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