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Can Plants Hear?

0SHARESShare Pseudoscientific claims that music helps plants grow have been made for decades, despite evidence that is shaky at best. Yet new research suggests some flora may be capable of sensing sounds, such as the gurgle of water through a pipe or the buzzing of insects. In a recent study, Monica Gagliano, an evolutionary biologist at the University of Western ...

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Scientists Think They're More Rational Than Other People

0SHARESShare What’s your mental image of a scientist? Chances are you picture not only a wild-haired, bespectacled, older man in a lab coat but also someone who is more rational, objective and intelligent than other people. Yet do scientists themselves subscribe to this stereotype? That is the question researchers at Tilburg University in the Netherlands investigated in a study published ...

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Bronze-Age "Beaker Culture" Invaded Britain, Ancient-Genome Study Finds

0SHARESShare Around 4,500 years ago, a mysterious craze for bell-shaped pottery swept across prehistoric Europe. Archaeologists have debated the significance of the pots—artefacts that define the ‘Bell Beaker’ culture—for more than a century. Some argue that they were the Bronze Age’s hottest fashion, shared across different groups of people. But others see them as evidence for an immense migration of ...

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Science Diplomacy Is More Vital Than Ever

0SHARESShare The U.S. appears to be plunging headlong into a new era of isolationism. The White House wants to pull out of international agreements, including the Paris climate deal and the North American Free Trade Agreement. It has issued executive orders trying to halt or slow the flow of refugees and immigrants to the nation. This is bad for the ...

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When Emergency Pediatric Surgery Is Anything But

Perhaps the most terrifying aspect of parenthood is the realization that, at some point, you’re going to screw up. From birth methods to feeding types, from sleeping arrangements to education and daycare options, raising a child is a veritable minefield of choice. Nowhere are parental decisions more fraught than for the caregivers of intersex children—kids who are born with biological ...

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Follow-Up: The Reasons People Don't Return Their Shopping Carts

It seemed like a simple question: Why don’t people return their shopping carts? It turned into a full discussion in many corners of the web. Shopping carts are pervasive, and it turns out we have a relatively nuanced relationship with them. Many of the responses fell in line with the original categories but revealed complicated assessments of morality, civility, and ...

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Baby Louie Gets a New Name

The Dinosaur Renaissance was one of the greatest moments in vertebrate paleontology. Dinosaurs went from being sluggish peabrains who deserved extinction to vibrant, complex animals that could teach us new lessons about evolution and extinction. The wave of scientific and public interest crested in a way not seen in decades. But all the Mesozoic attention had a dark side. During ...

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Dissecting the Magic behind the Looking Glass

There is something deeply disconcerting about mirrors. The myriad reflecting surfaces that surround us in our everyday lives help us conduct many necessary tasks, such as applying makeup, shaving, or driving a car. But despite our constant use of mirrors, our nervous systems remain surprisingly ill-equipped to grasp the mechanics of refraction and reflection. Some magic tricks take advantage of ...

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The Rising Trend of Pets at Work

This article is part of the Workplace Anthropology series. It’s growing increasingly common to see pets at work, especially at smaller companies settings in New York City. LinkedIn has 178 results for “dog friendly” jobs in NY, which presumably means they either have a designated “office dog” or multiple employees may bring their dogs in. And dogs do seem to ...

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