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10 years as an iOS dev: One developer's take on a decade with the iPhone

It’s officially been 10 years since the iPhone launched, and whether you like Apple’s smartphone or not it’s hard to deny that it has changed the tech world—and not just as a consumer device. Many developers looking for a niche have struck gold with iOS, in turn leading others to the mobile world. The result has been a revolution in ...

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Petya ransomware: Where it comes from and how to protect yourself

The Petya ransomware attack that crippled computers in 64 countries worldwide was spread by accounting software, according to Microsoft, highlighting the dangers posed by compromised third-party apps. The outbreak started in Ukraine, where more than 12,500 machines were infected, and there is now evidence this new Petya malware variant was initially spread via an updater for the tax accounting software ...

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The revolution in your pocket: How the iPhone changed everything

Today, for billions of people in the world, it’s impossible to imagine not having a smartphone. But even more than that, it’s impossible to imagine working without a smartphone. When I think about how I worked 10 years ago—in the days before the original iPhone was released—it seems like a century ago. It’s not that there weren’t “smartphones” in the ...

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Video: The history of iPhone innovation, model by model

Video: The history of iPhone innovation, model by model – TechRepublichttps://tr3.cbsistatic.com/fly/bundles/techrepubliccore/js/libs/html5shiv.js Video: The history of iPhone innovation, model by model Related Most Recent 0SHARESShare Tweet Click here to Read from the source

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10 years of iPhone innovation: The top features Apple launched with each new iPhone

The iPhone made smartphones easy enough for anyone to use, put the internet in the palm of our hand, and unleashed a revolution in mobile software. More about Apple Apple wasn’t always the leader in bringing the newest technologies to the smartphone—Android originally replicated the iPhone but then Android vendors regularly pioneered new hardware advances. However, the iPhone often popularized ...

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Fit productivity apps to the individual with Microsoft Office 365 Centralized Deployment

0SHARESShare Image: Microsoft News Despite all the media buzz surrounding concepts like machine learning and cloud computing , for most enterprise employees, the technology where the real work gets done is in the office productivity suite. In the Microsoft ecosystem that means Office 365, namely Word, Excel, Outlook, and the other supporting applications from the suite. But for some enterprises, ...

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10 more quick tips to make Windows 10 work the way you want

0SHARESShare The default configuration of Microsoft Windows 10 is adequate for most situations, but for many of us there is always some tweaking that can, and should, be done. And just like every version of Windows that has come before it, Windows 10 configuration settings can sometimes be difficult to locate because they reside deep down the rabbit hole of ...

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Aged Windows XP spotted aboard brand-new $3.8bn aircraft carrier

0SHARESShare A brand-new £3bn ($3.8bn) aircraft carrier is reportedly running Microsoft’s 16-year-old Windows XP. The obsolete and out-of-support OS was spotted on a computer in the operations room on board the HMS Queen Elizabeth , a 65,000-tonne UK warship that launched yesterday. The military’s reliance on legacy software and appliances often results in armed services operating systems after they stop ...

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Three web-based tools to facilitate systems thinking

Image: Andy Wolber / TechRepublic Models help us understand—and predict—behaviors of systems. A budget model predicts how advertising and staffing investments result in sales. A network bandwidth model shows how increased use of mobile devices and video impacts traffic. Must-Read Cloud Unfortunately, many models exist only in spreadsheets. And most spreadsheets hide assumptions, logic, and relationships—as anyone who’s had to ...

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How to use Snapseed for easier mobile photo editing

Image: Jack Wallen I do a lot of work with images. Most often, I am doing said work at a standard desktop workstation, simply because I have yet to find a mobile tool that can stand up to the power of, say, GIMP or Photoshop . Although that may still hold true, I have found an image editor for Android ...

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