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Windows 10: How to lock down the OS to install only Windows Store apps

Since its early days, Windows has typically allowed PC owners to run whatever software they want, even if those apps were buggy, insecure and slowed the computer to a crawl. Following the next major update to Windows 10, expected in April, it will be possible to curtail that freedom, via a new setting that allows the OS to block the ...

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4 handy iOS 10 Phone app tips and tricks

Cory Bohon / TechRepublic Ever since its introduction, the iPhone has gone through numerous changes , but one thing that has mostly remained the same is the Phone app. With iOS 10, Apple added new features to this app, including saving voicemail and voicemail transcription. Here are four tips (two of which highlight new features in iOS 10) to help ...

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Why Apple shouldn't force two-factor authentication on iPhone users

Image: CNET Recent reports indicate that Apple may be gearing up to require additional security measures like two-factor authentication for iOS users. As reported by 9to5Mac , some iOS 10.3 beta users are now being prompted, via a push notification, to enable two-factor authentication. According to the report, users are presented with a notification that they can swipe on to ...

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5 Google Chrome extensions for saving yourself valuable time

Image: Google Google Chrome has changed a lot since 2011, which is when we last created a list of five timesaving Chrome extensions . It’s now 2017 and those original five extensions may not be as handy as they used to be, if they’re even supported anymore. What’s Hot at TechRepublic More than 50 percent of internet users browse the ...

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How to improve business communication with Microsoft's AI-powered Office 365 Editor

Image: Microsoft Microsoft Editor, the company’s intelligent proofreader, recently got some usability updates, the company announced via a blog post on Tuesday. A new Editor pane will complement the existing Editor menu, providing more context and options for word choice when working in Microsoft Word. Microsoft originally rolled out the feature in the summer of 2016 , but the new ...

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How the Test Pilot program could help save Firefox

Image: Jack Wallen Quite some time ago (2009 to be exact), Mozilla launched an add-on for Firefox called Test Pilot. This now legacy add-on allowed users to test out new features. After some time, the developers have decided to bring the program back with a new Test Pilot add-on . Once you install the add-on, you’ll be prompted to enter ...

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How to use OverSight to track when hackers access your webcam

Image: Josh Miller/CNET One of the biggest concerns for webcam users is that their camera and mic could be hacked and used to spy on them without their knowledge. While once thought to be an irrational fear, the sight of tech leaders like Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg with tape over their webcams has likely caused concern for even more users. Apple’s ...

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Relaxed policies and outdated devices are the biggest BYOD threats

Image: iStock/scyther5 I wrote about 10 ways to reduce insider BYOD threats last week, which focused on some security tips to help IT professionals and users get the most out of BYOD deployments. There is a wealth of deeper information within what constitutes a forest representing the nuances of good security, since often there are no absolutes. Speaking of absolute, ...

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Video: Top 5 ways 5G will change things

The first real world tests of 5G wireless service are happening. And in a few years we’ll all be surfing on multi-gigabit wireless connections. More about Mobility So what will that mean—besides the end of Netflix buffering? Here are the top five ways 5G’s gonna change things: 1. Mobile first will go from a new way of looking at usage ...

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