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How to add two-factor authentication to your WordPress site

Image: Jack Wallen WordPress is one of the most-used blogging tools in the world. As we have witnessed with Windows, along with that popularity comes security risks. And since WordPress can be used for much more than blogging, your company might be deploying such sites for various purposes. With that in mind, you should take security seriously with your site…lest ...

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How to access Microsoft Remote Desktop on macOS Sierra

Image: Apple the most seasoned Mac users sometimes need to access Windows applications to get their work done. While the two ecosystems were at odds with each other for most of their early days in the enterprise, there are now many options for Mac users who need to access a Windows app or server. Tools like Parallels and Virtualbox are ...

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How to master macOS whois command basics

Image: Apple Simple tools are often hidden at our fingertips. Like the arrow adjacent to an auto’s fuel gauge revealing which side of the car possesses the gas cap (which is especially handy when driving rentals), the macOS whois command can save Mac users time and trouble. The whois command is particularly helpful for Mac users who regularly fulfill web ...

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10 ways to reduce insider BYOD threats

Image: iStock/Rawpixel Device management used to be so simple for IT professionals. New hires would arrive and you would order a Blackberry (or possibly an iPhone or Android, though Blackberry’s mobile device management ecosystem was superb) for them, provision it, configure their account and apply the security settings they needed. Everything ran on one carrier which provided device support and ...

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Windows 10 Mail and Calendar updates could be a boon for enterprise users

Windows 10’s new Focused Inbox allows a user to differentiate between emails that need their attention and those that do not. Image: Microsoft New updates to Windows 10 Mail and Calendar apps aim to help business users better stay on top of their emails and meetings. Microsoft principal group program manager Lynn Ayres unveiled the changes in a blog post ...

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Why automation doesn't necessarily remove the need for QA

Image: iStock/VectorStory In software development, the rise of automation tools has largely eliminated human involvement. ON one hand, it’s easy to say that automation has further eliminated the need for QA but that’s not the case. As experts have noted, QA is still essential, as is human intervention in some cases, to ensure a quality product is deployed. What’s Hot ...

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How to use the Delay feature in Windows 10's Snipping Tool

Image: iStockphoto.com/panossgeorgiou I’ve been using TechSmith Snagit for years to take screen shots for my articles. However, on a recent consulting gig, I decided to write a how-to article to help my client perform a new operation and I didn’t have access to Snagit. I had just upgraded upgraded an application on my client’s system and wanted to take some ...

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How to add Siri integration to iOS 10 apps

One of the final frontiers for mobile app extensions was the ability to interact with Siri —many developers have been wanting this functionality for years. Now that’s possible with SiriKit . SiriKit, which was released at WWDC 2016, is a way for developers to add voice interaction through Siri into their iOS 10 apps. This is done through the use ...

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Why Microsoft's new Skype Lite could help more remote workers stay connected

Image: Microsoft At the Future Decoded event in India Wednesday, Microsoft revealed Skype Lite , a lightweight version of its popular Skype messaging platform initially targeting the Indian market. According to its website, Skype Lite is “optimized for 2G and unstable network connections,” which could make it a good option for rural and remote workers in the future. Skype Lite ...

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Windows 10 desktop on the Raspberry Pi: NComputing launches $99 RX300

The RX300 thin client. Image: NComputing NComputing has launched a Windows thin client built around the $35, credit card-sized Raspberry Pi 3 Model B . The RX300 thin client provides access to a variety of Windows desktops, including Windows 10, which are streamed from a central machine by NComputing’s vSpace Pro 10 desktop virtualization software. The software allows firms to ...

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