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How the NFL and NRG Stadium are preparing for record-breaking data usage during Super Bowl 51

NRG Stadium will be home to Super Bowl 51. Image: Extreme Networks Super Bowl 51 is on track to be a historic event, regardless of what happens on the playing field, with data usage records expected to top all previous levels when the New England Patriots go up against the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday. Last year, Super Bowl 50 at ...

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How to view and control Wi-Fi data usage on Android

Image: Jack Wallen We are growing ever more connected to our mobile devices—so much so, that many users have shunned the desktop . To that end, we’re using data by the GB. So, it’s nice to be able to see, at a glance, how much data you are using and to control what is using the data. SEE: 6 ways ...

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How to decide if you should stick with Hangouts or switch to the new Google Voice

Image: Andy Wolber / TechRepublic In January 2017, Google updated Google Voice on the web, Android, and iOS after years of minimal public changes. The update: Embraced Material Design elements on all three platforms, to provide a simpler, more streamlined user experience Added group and photo MMS capabilities Offered 3D touch support for the iPhone, with options to place a ...

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Verizon buys XO for $1.8B to boost its 5G wireless gigabit plans

Image: iStockphoto/ca2hill On Wednesday, telecom giant Verizon announced that it had purchased the fiber optic network business of XO Communications for $1.8 billion. The acquisition, announced via press release , could help bolster Verizon’s efforts in 5G connectivity and next-generation wireless technology. “XO’s fiber network will add ever greater capacity and reach to Verizon’s networks, a combination that will lead ...

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Windows 10 Cloud: Could this mystery OS be Microsoft's answer to Chromebooks?

Image: The Walking Cat When Apple founder Steve Jobs coined the phrase ‘It just works’ , he was trying to sell the idea of a computer so simple that anyone could pick it up and start using it. Over the years Microsoft Windows has become more user-friendly, but as anyone who’s had to help a relative reinstall printer drivers or ...

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How to migrate settings, printers, and networks between Macs

Image: Josh Miller/CNET Getting a new Mac is exciting—new machines are usually a little sleeker and faster than the predecessor. However, users must typically first clear the hurdle of migrating needed settings to the new system before they can begin making true use of the new Mac. Here are several ways to make the migration process easier. SEE: Home usage ...

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Five ways to skip content when checking a Word document for spelling errors

Image: iStockphoto.com/gvictoria Word’s Spelling & Grammar feature relies on a large internal list of words stored in a specialized data file. If a word isn’t in that file—a dictionary file—Word stops and highlights the word as misspelled. You get to decide what to do at that point. Most users discover this feature early on and encounter no problems, but it ...

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Friendly for Facebook might be the app you and your business need

Image: Jack Wallen So many businesses, small and large, use Facebook. It has always been a great way to connect your business with clients and, in some cases, gage the needs of consumers or prospective clients. It’s far from perfect, but when used correctly, it can be effective. Thing is, when Facebook decided to isolate Messenger from the official Facebook ...

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Ford SmartLink offers new path to connectivity for road warriors, fleet vehicles

Image: Ford On Friday, Ford announced a new OBD II plugin that will allow Ford owners to add modern connectivity features to their cars. The Ford SmartLink, announced via a press release , can add features like remote start, remote lock and unlock, 4G LTE Wi-Fi, and vehicle alerts to Ford cars between model years 2010-2016. As a complement to ...

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President Trump using unsecured Android phone in office, report says

Image: whitehouse.gov US President Donald Trump is still using his unsecured Android phone in office, despite a past report claiming that he turned it in for a secure, encrypted device with more limited features. The news comes by way of a New York Times report that said Trump has kept the phone, despite “protests of some of his aides.” The ...

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