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Android users beware: New AI can crack your Pattern Lock from afar

Image: CNET Video and computer vision algorithm software can now be used to crack the Pattern Lock on your Android home screen—and can do so without even seeing the screen itself. University researchers used the software to track fingertip movements and produce options for a potential adversary to use to gain access to the device, as noted in their research ...

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How to use the Google app's handy offline search feature

Image: Jack Wallen In the Google app’s latest iteration, you can enter a search phrase and, if you don’t have a network connection, Google will save the result; once your connection is reestablished, the app will open an alert that your search results are available. This feature is called offline search, and it’s really handy. Say, for instance, you’re on ...

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Windows 10: Explore the new Start menu and other changes in the Creators Update

0SHARESShare Tweet Image: Nick Heath / TechRepublic Windows 10 will soon be getting a new look and feel, courtesy of the forthcoming Creators Update. The extent of those tweaks is starting to become apparent from the early builds of Windows released under the Insider program. Here’s how the Windows 10 will change after the update arrives in April, beginning with ...

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If Windows 7's security is so outdated, why doesn't Microsoft make it as good as Windows 10's?

0SHARESShare Tweet Microsoft hardened Windows 10’s protections against future attacks with the Anniversary Update last summer. Image: Nick Heath / TechRepublic As time goes by, Microsoft seems to be making it more difficult to justify sticking with Windows 7. First Microsoft announced it will scale back support for Windows 7 on new machines and more recently it began a campaign ...

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As Moscow considers ditching Outlook on 600,000 PCs, how hard could Russia's anti-US software laws hit Microsoft?

0SHARESShare Tweet Moscow city hall believes the move away from Exchange and Outlook will cut costs by 30 percent. Image: Sergey Borisov/Getty Images/iStockphoto Last year Microsoft was faced with the threat of Moscow replacing Outlook on 600,000 PCs , as Russian laws designed to boost domestic software began to bite. Since June 2015, government organizations in Russia have been obliged ...

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How to import Access web app data into an Excel workbook for reporting

Image: iStockphoto.com/Ca-ssis If you’ve steered clear of a cloud-based database solution because you think they’re too complicated, you should consider creating an Access web app. These apps are a great way to offer easy data entry and viewing via a browser. Unfortunately, the interface is limited, and that means you can’t manipulate your data into a meaningful report on the ...

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Windows 10: Microsoft's enterprise upgrade push 'will pay off in 2017'

Coming to Windows 10 Enterprise users early this year, Windows Defender Application Guard is designed to help protect firms against online threats. Image: Microsoft Microsoft is using both the carrot and the stick to persuade firms to begin production deployments of Windows 10 this year—with analysts predicting these tactics could be about to pay off. Redmond’s latest incentive to businesses ...

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Two ways to set up a one-click shortcut for creating a restore point in Windows 10

Image: iStockphoto.com/LDProd System Restore works by automatically taking snapshots of your system’s state before any operation that makes significant changes to the operating system. These snapshots are called restore points and include crucial operating system files and certain parts of the registry that could be altered by the pending change operation. While System Restore does a good job of automatically ...

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How to become a Unity developer for VR and AR

Image: iStockphoto/Jacob Ammentorp Lund Tech giants including Facebook and Google are investing heavily in VR and AR—but few people in the industry actually have the skillset needed to develop games and enterprise experiences on the platforms, experts say. Enter Unity : Originally launched in 2005 as a game engine, the platform has since garnered millions of users. It allows developers ...

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Microsoft's Brexit warning: We could halt UK datacenter expansion if tariffs are too high

Image: Evgeny Gromov, Getty Images/iStockphoto Microsoft has spelled out its hopes and fears following the UK’s vote to leave the European Union. Speaking days after UK prime minister Theresa May made it clear that Britain would be leaving the European single market, Microsoft’s UK government affairs manager Owen Larter, set out Redmond’s position. Microsoft is concerned that loss of access ...

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