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Gallery: 10 major organizations affected by the WannaCry ransomware attack

​Ransomware apocalypse, brought to you by the NSA WannaCry, a ransomware program that has hit hundreds of thousands of machines in the past week, leverages a Windows exploit used by the NSA that was leaked to the internet in April 2017. The attack works by using a flaw in Windows’ SMB (server message block) protocol, allowing nefarious packets to make ...

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How to automatically dial extensions for your iPhone contacts

0SHARESShare Image: Conner Forrest/TechRepublic If your work requires a lot of phone calls, extensions can add to the frustration of trying to get ahold of the right person at the right time. Even though your phone may save the phone number for you, you still need to remember that pesky four-digit number. For iPhone users, though, there’s an easier way. ...

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Why Windows 10 S won't run Linux distributions

0SHARESShare Image: Windows/Linux If you were wondering whether or not you’ll be able to run a Linux distribution on Windows 10 S, the answer is a resounding “No!” In a Thursday blog post , Microsoft senior program manager Rich Turner explained that Windows 10 S wasn’t created to be used as a primary tool for hackers and IT pros. In ...

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Microsoft is getting closer to completely modernizing Windows 10's native applications

0SHARESShare Image: iStockphoto.com/littlehenrabi It’s been a while, I know, but you may recall that two years back, in the article Should Microsoft replace the rest of Windows’ native applications with modern apps? , I said that Microsoft had replaced the majority of Windows’ native applications with what used to be called modern apps. (Microsoft is now calling them Trusted Windows ...

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5 top takeaways for Android developers from Google I/O 2017

0SHARESShare Image: Jack Wallen Google I/O 2017 is over and the future roadmap of Android, Google Assistant, Google Home, virtual reality, and so much more has been set. The event was a spectacle of information for developers. Boring? For consumers maybe. But for developers, I/O 2017 offered a plethora of possibility. With Android now surpassing 2 billion monthly active devices, ...

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How to get Google Assistant on your iPhone

0SHARESShare Image: Conner Forrest/TechRepublic Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced at the 2017 I/O developer conference that the Google Assistant was coming to Apple’s iPhone. The addition of Google’s AI-based digital voice assistant gives iPhone users disenchanted with Siri a new option, and keeps them more connected to Google’s ecosystem of products and services. Google Assistant is available through the Apple ...

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73% of enterprises will run almost entirely on SaaS by 2020, report says

0SHARESShare Image: iStockphoto/koo_mikko Special Feature The Cloud v. Data Center Decision This ebook, based on the latest ZDNet/TechRepublic special feature, takes a close look at the current enterprise trends surrounding cloud migrations. Enterprises are rapidly shifting to Software as a Service (SaaS), with the industry poised to generate more than $112.8 billion in revenue by 2019, according to IDC. Enterprises ...

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Google weaves AI and machine learning into core products at I/O 2017

0SHARESShare On Wednesday, at the 2017 Google I/O developer conference in Mountain View, CA, Google CEO Sundar Pichai said that the company is rethinking all of its products with a renewed focus on machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI). One recent example of the company’s use of machine learning is in Google Home , the company’s smart speaker powered by ...

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Google rolls out AI-powered Smart Reply for Gmail to iOS and Android

Image: iStockphoto/diego_cervo Google’s Smart Reply, a feature that suggests smart responses to a received email, is coming to Gmail on Android and iOS, Google announced on Wednesday. The feature was already available on the Inbox by Gmail application and Allo, Google’s smart chat app. When a user receives an email, Smart Reply presents them with three responses to choose from, ...

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How to change default visualization formats in Microsoft Power BI

Image: iStockphoto.com/Mckyartstudio Creating a data visualization in Microsoft Power BI using the default settings for each graphical type is fine as a starting point for your reports, but it is not generally good enough for the final product. For the final report, you are going to want to add personal touches, highlight specific data points, and maybe even add some ...

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