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USDA to ease school meal standards

Newly minted Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue is expected to unveil a new rule Monday aimed at giving schools more flexibility in meeting federal nutrition standards for school lunches. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced Friday that Perdue and Sen. Pat Roberts Pat Roberts USDA to ease school meal standards Trump tax plan prompts GOP fears about deficit Overnight Energy: ...

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Wash Post reporter: Trump asked us to run electoral map on front page

A Washington Post reporter says President Trump asked the newspaper to run the 2016 electoral map on the front page to mark his 100th day in office. The Post’s White House Bureau Chief Philip Rucker on Friday said that Trump pulled out a copy of the map during an interview this week and asked for it to be included on ...

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Maher on Obama speaking fee: Isn’t that what cost Clinton the election?

HBO host Bill Maher on Friday slammed former President Obama for reportedly accepting $400,000 for a Wall Street speech this fall, asking, “Isn’t that what sort of cost Hillary the election?” The “Real Time” host faced off with panelists on the “Overtime” segment of his show over reports that Obama will speak at Wall Street firm Cantor Fitzgerald LP’s healthcare ...

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Social media users rip Fox graphic on economy under Trump, Obama

0SHARESShare Fox News posted a series of graphics Saturday on Twitter comparing the economic records after the first 100 days of the past four presidents, but social media users quickly pointed out missing context about each president’s time in office. The first graphic highlighted the unemployment rate after 100 days in office for the past four presidents. President Trump was ...

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Trump floods the zone for 100-day anniversary

President Trump has been flooding the zone at the end of his first 100 days in office, generating a final burst of activity meant to send signal a vibrant White House. Trump has signed a flurry of new executive orders while sending policy signals on trade, taxes and North Korea. The president conducted a string of interviews with major publications ...

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Trump says rally crowd broke records despite empty seats

President Trump claimed his 100-day rally in Pennsylvania on Saturday night broke attendance records, though journalists pointed out rows of empty seats at the expo center where the event was held. Trump says “we have a lot of ppl standing outside” and he “broke the all time record” in this arena. There are rows of empty seats here pic.twitter.com/ixbErKjrQu — Jonathan ...

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Obama shamefully lines pockets with $400K for Wall Street speech

0SHARESShare It has now been revealed that former President Barack Obama is receiving a $400,000 fee to give a paid speech to Wall Street trading and investment firm Cantor Fitzgerald. Has he no shame? Lets agree about one thing regarding Obama: he sure gives great speeches! Remember his speeches about “hope and change” and “change we can believe in” that ...

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New bill tests GOP promise on pre-existing conditions

0SHARESShare The revised Republican ObamaCare replacement bill is testing the party’s pledge to preserve protections for people with pre-existing health conditions.  House Republicans’ own website states that people should “never” be charged more for having a pre-existing condition, but the revised bill would allow just that in states that are granted a waiver from some of ObamaCare’s protections.  An amendment ...

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Democrats exploring lawsuit against Trump

0SHARESShare Senate Democrats are exploring a lawsuit against President Trump on the grounds that his vast business empire has created conflicts of interest that violate the Constitution. The effort is being led by Sen. Richard Blumenthal Richard Blumenthal Democrats exploring lawsuit against Trump Overnight Finance: Dems explore lawsuit against Trump | Full-court press for Trump tax plan | Clock ticks ...

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Why the polls are wrong about Trump. Again.

Today we live in a polling bubble – surveys taken from the perches in New York, Washington and Los Angeles may be obscuring rather than illuminating many of the underlying views and trends of the American electorate. How else can one explain that although many polls showed a close race last November, almost no one (myself included) predicted a lopsided ...

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