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Asus reportedly killing its ZenWatch line of Android Wear watches

Asus is reportedly ending development on its ZenWatch line of Android Wear smartwatches, according to a report today from Digitimes that cited sources in Taiwan’s supply chain. The report is unconfirmed and The Verge has reached out for comment. The Digitimes source claims that Asus is shipping an average of just 5,000 to 6,000 ZenWatch units per month across the ...

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Lowe’s prototype exoskeletons give warehouse workers a boost

Hardware chain Lowe’s is outfitting employees with a simple exoskeleton to help them on the job. The company has partnered with Virginia Tech to develop the technology, which makes lifting and moving heavy objects easier. The non-motorized exoskeletons are worn like a harness, with carbon fiber rods acting as artificial tendons — bending when the wearer squats, and springing back ...

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Samsung and Intel join FTC’s antitrust lawsuit against Qualcomm

Qualcomm continues to have a rough start to the first half of the year after being sued by Apple and the United States Federal Trade Commission in separate lawsuits over anti-competitive practices. On Friday, Samsung and Intel both filed briefs backing the FTC in its case against Qualcomm, claiming they have been “harmed” by the misconduct. Although Samsung develops its ...

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Tonight, watch SpaceX launch one of its heaviest satellites yet

This evening, SpaceX will attempt to launch its sixth Falcon 9 rocket of the year, sending a communications satellite into orbit for the company Inmarsat. But don’t expect one of the company’s signature landings after launch this time. Unlike most of its missions these days, SpaceX will not try to recover the Falcon 9 post-takeoff . That’s because the requirements ...

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Samsung’s Bixby assistant is coming to smart fridges

0SHARESShare Samsung announced yesterday that it’s now preloading its Bixby virtual assistant on its Family Hub 2.0 refrigerator. The company will also roll it out via an over-the-air update for units that have already shipped, according to Pulse News Korea . The assistant will let users search for recipes and weather information with their voice. This definitely makes more sense ...

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Who is MasterClass for? Talking to the people who take online classes with big-name celebs

0SHARESShare Nick Kennicott lives in rural Georgia, so when Gordon Ramsay asked him to go buy truffles and sea urchin to make an omelette, he balked. “I can’t get sea urchin and white truffle,” he said. “They’re like $500 per ounce.” Kennicott is a student in Ramsay’s MasterClass , an online course made up of 20 videos, each under 10 ...

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Delta Air Lines plans to use facial recognition to speed up bag drops

0SHARESShare In an effort to speed up bag drops for priority customers, Delta Air Lines will be testing facial recognition technology at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport starting this summer. Customers will be required to scan their passports at specially equipped kiosks, where a camera will scan their face to confirm their identity. Four new self-service bag drop kiosks are being ...

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Philips’ new Hue lamps still look like space jellyfish

Philips has been extending its Hue range of smart home light bulbs with a variety of table lamps for a while now. But the existing selection of lamps, like the Hue Beyond or the Hue Phoenix , all have the similar issue of looking more like strange, glowing space jellyfish than, you know, actual table lamps. Today, the company has ...

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RHA’s newest headphones will compete against Apple’s Beats X

RHA is releasing two new headphones this summer, the MA650 and the MA750, and they’re both inspired by Apple’s Beats X. Both headphones feature the flexible, contoured neckband popularized by Apple’s latest headphones, and both come with the usual slate of midrange headphone specs including aptX, noise isolation, and 12 hours of playback. The MA650 features a 380.1 dynamic driver ...

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King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword review: the exact point where lazy meets frantic

During the opening moments of Guy Ritchie’s frantic, sloppy fantasy-babble epic King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword, viewers may wonder whether the theater somehow got the reels out of order. In an age of digital presentation, that shouldn’t be possible. But it’s otherwise hard to explain why the movie opens so abruptly, with an epic-scale battle that appears to be ...

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