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The first 4K TVs running Amazon’s software and Alexa launch today for under $500

Like Roku before it, Amazon is working with TV makers to release smart televisions with the company’s own software filling in as the main operating system . Today we’re getting a much better idea of what that looks like with the inexpensive Element Amazon Fire TV Edition 4K TV lineup. These TVs will also be sold under the Westinghouse brand ...

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Where are the Daydream VR phones Google promised?

When Google announced the Daydream virtual reality platform at its 2016 I/O conference, the system was pitched as a core feature of Android Nougat, with strong support from manufacturers. Almost every major Android phone maker was supposed to be releasing a Daydream-ready phone, which would work with any Daydream-compatible mobile headset. But one year later, the platform is still niche, ...

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Free Chelsea

0SHARESShare When she’s released tomorrow, Chelsea Manning will have served one week short of seven years in federal prison, shuttled between facilities in Kuwait, Quantico, and Fort Leavenworth. The level of isolation varied from prison to prison, but certain restrictions have been constant. For the full length of her sentence, she’s been forbidden from accessing the internet or meeting with ...

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The tech sector is leaving the rest of the US economy in its dust

When Donald Trump was elected president last November, share prices for America’s big banks and construction firms rose sharply. The bet was that the Trump administration would deregulate the financial sector and approve a massive infrastructure bill. Prices in commodities like steel and copper ticked up in anticipation. Six months later, little of this Trump Trade has come to fruition. ...

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Apple patented a pizza box, for pizzas

Apple’s brand-new campus is starting to open up to employees, and Wired got to step inside for an early look at the incredibly elaborate building . The article highlights a bunch of thoughtful and often excessive architectural touches — from making sure rain doesn’t streak on the glass to using water cooling so that the air conditioning rarely kicks on ...

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Google Assistant could launch on the iPhone tomorrow

Google’s digital assistant may be about to move in on Siri’s turf. According to Bloomberg, a Google Assistant app is ready to launch on iOS and will likely be made available this week during Google’s I/O developer conference. Android Police also said the app should be available soon, but only in the US. The Google Assistant launched last year on ...

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The first trailer for The Orville promises Star Trek crossed with Family Guy’s humor

Seth MacFarlane is a huge Star Trek fan. You don’t have to look hard to see the proof: the cast of The Next Generation once appeared on an episode of Family Guy, and he played Starfleet officer Rivers in two episodes of Enterprise. Now, he has his own Trek parody set to debut this fall, and, judging from the show’s ...

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Get your fill of gun-toting primates with War for the Planet of the Apes’ final trailer

The rebooted Planet of the Apes series has long nestled itself somewhere between an interesting look at conflict and an absurd action franchise. Do you want to watch primates wielding guns while riding horseback ? Then War for the Planet of the Apes still has you covered. 20th Century Fox posted the final trailer for the third film, which features ...

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Tour Black Panther’s reimagined homeland with Ta-Nehisi Coates

Written by Kwame Opam Edited by Chris Plante, Michael Zelenko, and Tasha Robinson Copy-edited by Kara Verlaney Audio by Andrew Marino Illustrations by Brittany Holloway-Brown Produced by Kelsey Scherer, Frank Bi, Ryan Mark, and Casey Miller QA by Steven Leon, Jon Douglas A Storytelling Studio Collaboration Click here to Read from the source

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George R.R. Martin blogged a bunch of teasers about the Game of Thrones spinoffs

George R.R. Martin did some Sunday night Livejournal blogging yesterday, addressing his involvement in four in-development Game of Thrones spinoffs recently announced by HBO. Uncommonly for Martin, who loves to tease fans with vague promises about the long-awaited sixth book in the A Song of Ice and Fire series, the post contained some useful and specific information. For starters, there ...

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