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Samsung responds to complaints about HDMI switching, will offer a firmware update

A real feel-good story here: Samsung has responded to the 33 pages (now 34) of forum complaints from frustrated but mostly polite Samsung TV owners who think there’s something wrong with how the company’s modern TVs do automatic HDMI input switching. When The Verge described the situation last week, we requested a comment from Samsung, and yesterday Samsung gave us ...

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Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass subscription service launches in June

Today Microsoft revealed that its new Xbox One game subscription service will be available on June 1st. Called Game Pass, the service was first announced back in February , and it offers access to more than 100 Xbox One and 360 games for $9.99 per month. (You can check out the full list here .) Unlike PlayStation Now, which offers ...

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Alien: Covenant leaves much better lingering questions than Prometheus

In 2012, the science-fiction / horror film Prometheus brought Ridley Scott back to the film franchise he launched in 1979 with Alien. There have been many Alien sequels, spinoffs, and multimedia franchise additions over nearly 40 years, but Scott’s return to the series was big news. It raised fans’ hopes that the series could return to its earliest, most chilling ...

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PSA: don’t bop cuties on Tinder with Master of None’s ‘going to Whole Foods’ line

In Master of None, Dev Shah (Aziz Ansari) has honed the perfect message to break through the clutter of unoriginal dating app one-liners. While most men greet potential dates with the dreaded “hey” or “hi” (the height of unoriginality), Dev takes a lighter approach: “Going to Whole Foods, want me to pick you up anything?” “First Date,” season 2’s episode ...

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A White House proposal would let police shoot down drones

The Trump administration wants Congress to let law enforcement crack down on drones, according to a document published by The New York Times . The proposal, which apparently circulated yesterday, would let government agencies monitor any unpiloted aircraft system (UAS) flying over an American “covered facility, location, or installation.” They’d be given wide latitude to intercept wireless signals going to ...

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And now, a brief definition of the web

What exactly is the web? It seems like a stupid question because we all know the answer: the web is the thing Tim Berners-Lee invented in 1989. It’s not the same thing as “the internet,” which is what we use to access the web, apps, and streaming video. It’s what we visit every day with our web browsers on our ...

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Watch Roborace’s self-driving racecar lap a circuit for the first time ever

The original plan for Roborace, the world’s first racing series for self-driving cars, was to have 20 of its fantastically futuristic vehicles compete against each other before each race in Formula E’s third season. Teams of engineers would program the cars , (all provided by the series) and the algorithms in their computer brains with slightly different takes on how ...

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DJI's $499 Spark is the company's cheapest and tiniest drone yet

Over the last six months the biggest trend in the drone industry has been shrinking the size of the units to make them more portable and accessible. Today DJI unveiled its latest aircraft, the Spark, a mini drone that weighs in at less than a single pound (0.6 pounds, to be exact.) But just as it did with the Mavic ...

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Intel is making it cheaper to build great USB-C ports

0SHARESShare Intel is planning to get rid of the royalties it charges third-party chipmakers that use its Thunderbolt 3 specification sometime next year, according to a report from Wired , which could make it easier for hardware manufacturers to use Intel’s data transfer specification. USB-C is a complicated specification — just because a port is physically a USB-C port, doesn’t ...

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Elgato’s Thunderbolt 3 dock supports two 4K displays

0SHARESShare If you’re looking to run two 4K displays side by side, Elgato’s new Thunderbolt 3 Dock may be the solution for you. The $299 dock comes with two USB-C ports, two USB 3.0 ports, a DisplayPort, and an Ethernet port for the Wi-Fi adverse. Photo: Elgato You can charge your laptop over USB-C and run two 4K monitors at ...

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