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Catch up with all of this summer’s blockbuster movies with this mash-up trailer

0SHARESShare In December, you can reliably count on a whole bunch of fan-edited movie retrospectives that collect the year’s films into one long trailer. YouTuber AMONymous (Amon Warmann) is getting a head start this year by putting together a fun mega trailer for all of this summer’s big blockbuster films. The list of movies included in the mash-up are the ...

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Facebook is reportedly working to debut premium TV shows next month

Facebook is reportedly closer than expected to making a big push into television. The company is developing around 24 shows and plans to premiere them in mid-June, according to a big new report from Business Insider . There will apparently be two tiers of show: a small number of longer, prestige shows on the order of House of Cards, and ...

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The Galaxy S8's beautiful design means a good case is hard to find

0SHARESShare I’m normally not a phone case person, but a few factors made me decide I should get one for the Galaxy S8. I trust that it’s not any more fragile than other phones, but the broad expanses of curved glass have me a little worried about scratches. I’m also worried about full-on cracks, as I cracked the hell out ...

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One Video: Quit by Cashmere Cat ft. Ariana Grande

0SHARESShare Every week, a slew of new music videos hits the web. Watching them at your desk is not time theft because you deserve it; think of it as a nice reward for surviving another work week. But what if you don’t have time to watch every video — maybe you have a deadline, a hungry pet, or other grown-up ...

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Emails leaked in ‘massive hacking attack’ on French presidential campaign

0SHARESShare An anonymous group has posted nine gigabytes of emails and other data, purportedly taken from the campaign of French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron. In a statement to the BBC , the Macron campaign said it had been the victim of a “massive hacking attack” and confirmed that some of the documents were taken from campaign officials, although it claimed ...

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FCC opens investigation into Stephen Colbert’s controversial Trump insult

0SHARESShare Stephen Colbert apparently provoked the ire of more than just Trump supporters and the LGBTQ community when he made a controversial joke on The Late Show earlier this week. According to The Hill , the Federal Communications Commission has opened an investigation into Colbert’s comments to see if the joke, which illustrated a sexual act between the president and ...

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The Moto Z2 Play is losing what made the first version so great

0SHARESShare Details on the next iteration of Lenovo’s Moto Z Play leaked today, thanks to VentureBeat , and one of the device’s key specs seems to be getting a big downgrade. Lenovo is reportedly dropping the next Z Play’s battery from 3510mAh to 3000mAh, meaning it’ll go from 50 hours of expected life to 30 hours. The decrease in battery ...

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A rubber ducky phone case only appeals to babies, the occasional Starbucks barista, and me

Weird Phone Case of the Month is a monthly series in which we live with, and subsequently review, our time with a phone case. Phone cases are one of our only ways to express individuality with our smartphones, so what do our phone case choices say about us? The rubber ducky was the obvious choice. My friend Casey visited me ...

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BBC is making a Victorian-era War of the Worlds TV series

Earlier today, the BBC announced a number of new shows, including a three-part series based on H.G. Wells’ novel The War of the Worlds. The show is scheduled to go into production next spring, and it appears that, unlike most modern adaptations, it will be set in the Victorian era. The series will be written by screenwriter Peter Hartness, who ...

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Android apps on Chrome OS — and the Chromebook Pro — are delayed

Just about a year ago at Google I/O, amid much fanfare, Google announced that Android Apps would be able to run directly on Chrome OS. It launched as a pretty rough-around-the-edges beta and has pretty much stayed that way ever since. Then, at CES, we were told that these apps would become more official alongside the launch of the Samsung ...

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