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Oculus is closing its VR film studio

Oculus is closing Story Studio, the in-house virtual reality film studio known for producing the Emmy Award-winning short Henry alongside other pieces. In a statement, Oculus VP of content Jason Rubin explained that the Facebook-owned company was shifting its focus to funding outside creators, putting $50 million toward artists making non-gaming “experiential” VR. Oculus will also provide resources like tutorials, ...

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ACLU says demanding US citizens unlock phones at the border is unconstitutional

The American Civil Liberties Union has filed an administrative complaint with the federal government after a US citizen was detained at the border and forced to unlock his iPhone SE. Aaron Gach, an artist and activist who was holding an exhibition in Belgium, was subjected to interrogation by US Customs and Border Protection upon his reentry into the country at ...

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YouTube is spending millions to make new original shows you can watch for free

YouTube is planning a new slate of ad-supported original programming to start this year, the company announced at the NewFronts conference in New York today. The shows, which will be free to view and not part of the company’s YouTube Red subscription service, are part of a broader push from the Google-owned video site to establish itself as a place ...

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Uber is under criminal investigation for building software to avoid regulators

0SHARESShare Uber is facing a criminal probe from the US Justice Department over a piece of software it used to evade law enforcement and transportation regulators, according to Reuters . The program, known internally at Uber as “Greyball,” was first disclosed by a March report in The New York Times . Uber used the software tool to hide cars from ...

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Microsoft will ‘show the world what’s next’ at May 23rd event in Shanghai

0SHARESShare Microsoft is holding an event this month, the company announced tonight , at which it says it will “show the world what’s next.” The event will take place in Shanghai on May 23rd, but Microsoft didn’t specify either the precise location of the event, nor exactly what it will be showing. The company did tell The Verge to expect ...

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Now’s your chance to help Elon Musk name his tunneling machine

0SHARESShare Elon Musk is building a boring machine , and he needs your help to name it. The SpaceX and Tesla CEO tweeted tonight that he was considering potential titles for the tunneling machine, currently in production by his latest venture, The Boring Company . He’s not actively soliciting names, to be fair, but Musk has already replied to a ...

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Poll: Will your next laptop be a Surface?

0SHARESShare “Oh my,” I said to myself just seconds after Tom Warren posted the first leaked images of Microsoft’s new Surface Laptop . You know, the under-three-pound stunner that Microsoft announced on Tuesday. Microsoft’s first real laptop even feels beautiful thanks to an aluminum finish and Alcantara microfibre material that surrounds the keys and trackpad. And if the Windows 10 ...

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Palmer Luckey returns to public life sporting a new goatee

0SHARESShare It’s been an odd half-year or so for Oculus founder Palmer Luckey. After admitting last September that he’d funded a pro-Donald Trump group dedicated to “shitposting in real life,” he became something of a liability for Oculus’s parent company Facebook. He apologized for “negatively impacting the perception of Oculus,” dropped out of the public eye, and eventually parted ways ...

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Waymo lacks a “smoking gun” in case against Uber, judge says

A federal judge is weighing Waymo’s request to prevent Uber from using self-driving vehicle technology the Google spinoff claims was stolen by a rogue ex-employee, according to multiple reports. The ruling in favor of the injunction could undermine Uber’s ability to operate its fleet of autonomous cars on public roads in Pittsburgh and Tempe, Ariz. It’s the next hotly closely ...

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Meet the snot-dwelling sea creatures who help move food through the ocean

Hundreds of feet below the ocean’s surface, animals smaller than the palm of your hand make their houses out of snot. These bizarro creatures called larvaceans keep the oceans teeming with life by gobbling up anything nutritious that’s floated down from the surface. These little guys, which are shaped like tadpoles, filter a truly shocking amount of water in a ...

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